Emmi doll & accessories reduced in tesco INSTORE £1-£1.50

Emmi doll & accessories reduced in tesco INSTORE £1-£1.50

Found 5th Sep 2014
Tesco have changed the packaging on their "Emmi" doll collection and accessories so the items in the older packaging are reduced by a lot here's what I got instore
Emmi doll £1.50
Stroller £1.50
Change bag £1.25
Change mat £1
Nappies & cream £1
Doll outfits £1.25 each
Hope this helps someone out these were from meir store in stoke on trent


fantastic value ideal stocking filler.

Do you know if these outfits fit the first baby annabell (as oppose to the bigger baby annabell!)?

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One of the outfits fits dolls up to 35cm and the other one fits dolls upto 45cm hope that helps

Is it all tescos

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Yes but it will be what's left in stock so I wouldn't make a special journey

These were still full price in my local on Thursday OP, but even at full price they're still great value! I'll have another look though. Heat added xxx

Looks lovely, will have a look locally x

Anyone has seen them in Bradford Canal Road recently? In Tesco Great Horton on tuesday (?) they only had new packaging

Wow thanx op looking at sets like these for daughter Xmas will go n see if my local has these ta x heat added

Just bought one

tesco in Stourbridge have quite a few of the strollers, there on the shelf with a £7 price ticket but scanning at £1.50. unfortunately thats all they have tho no dolls or other accessories.

full price for the whole range at Tesco prescot

Chelmsford have quite a few of the strollers left at £1.50 i picked up the last 2 dolls today at £1.50 and 2 changing bags at £1.25 and 2 of the strollers for my girls x
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