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Empath And Psychic Abilities: (3 BOOKS IN 1) - FREE Kindle @ Amazon

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⭐Have you ever called or texted someone, and they said, 'I was thinking about you; you read my mind'?
⭐Do you know that you have a higher sensitivity than others but do not understand how you can make full use of this gift in your daily life?
⭐Would you like to live a more fulfilling life by exploiting your innate abilities but don't know where to start?

This book will tell you how; read on...

Each of us is born with distinct psychic abilities like innate sensitivity and a great capacity for intuition... but then we get older and deal with modern society - and the negative people around us - these abilities are pushed away and not encouraged to grow, then we tend to forget about them.

Rember! These capacities are not lost; they are simply waiting to be reactivated and re-trained, like any muscle in our body. The society in which we live gives a lot of importance to physical training but very little to training our innate psychic and spiritual capacities.

You have a gift; you have to awaken it!

In this book, you will learn:
What are mental abilities, and how to recognize them
✅The 5 mental skills you would develop to improve your life
How to use empathy and sensitivity to your advantage and develop lasting relationships
✅How to discover the real you and the secrets of self-acceptance
3 techniques to heal your inner child
✅How to develop your innate abilities and achieve self-love
... And much more!

Even if you are hesitant and don't know how or if it will work, this book will provide you with proven techniques that will put you on the road to confidence, wealth, and inner balance by learning to accept who you are and developing your hidden abilities.
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    Psychic abilities? Clairvoyance? Telepathy?
    I'm not trying to be rude, but woo nonsense = auto-cold.
    Well some people think that anything free should be voted hot for some reason. Never heard of opportunity cost I guess.
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    Thank you
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    Gotta pay now... Gutted
    Thank you for flagging it
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