Empire Direct Clearance
Empire Direct Clearance

Empire Direct Clearance

Worth a look at the clearance section.
Not much been changing for a while but there
seems to be a load of stuff put in lately.
Just got a 26" jvc LCD telly for £199


youll be lucky to get one just look at the camcorder thread on this compANY

I ordered a Air Conditioner from them a few years ago without any hassle at all.

Voted Hot, some half decent deals on there, nothing amazing, but I haven't seen it all.

yh a few years mate youve decided to wake up then lol only joking nah companies change.

Empire Direct are a great company to deal with!

Don't forget, these are clearance items so of course there aren'y gonna be that many items about!

The only 26" JVC LCD TV I can see there is £299. Which one did you get for £199?

Don't order online, phone them and jump straight to the front of the queue if anything available.

So much for clearence items can only be ordered online as per webpage. Wouldn't bother as they take your money immediately then will ring up and offer you a poorer alternative. Stay well clear, stock system is not live so most offers will now be up all weekend even if sold.Slow to refund as well
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