Empire of the Sun - Walking on a dream @ Tesco Digital
Empire of the Sun - Walking on a dream @ Tesco Digital

Empire of the Sun - Walking on a dream @ Tesco Digital

Download this MP3 album for free. Not sure if this is a mistake so the price may change - be quick - its a fantastic album!!

link if anyone unsure of the group
- wanderer


nice one

cool, cheers :thumbsup:

Great, downloading it now, Cheers !!

Good find! cheers

great album! hot!

Excellent thankyou.
Well spotted.

Can't download now


Can't download now

Why not? Downloading for me as I type..

Me too!! Thanks OP!!

I got it to work, but it was a bit of a mare.
eg the link needed altering, it doesn't work on mac, need to register, need to download download manager.

I had to register and download the download manager.... which shall be deleted as soon as the album has finished downloading

downloading it now... haven't even heard it and not sure if its any good, but its free!

Thank you!

:thumbsup: Cheers downloading now

Nice one, ta

Cheers :thumbsup:
Great first post.

myspace page from the group with player so you can hear the song

Great post-I have already bought this so no good for me but a fab deal for others.
Voted hot.



Downloading it now, cheers :thumbsup:

Cool - Cheers OP

I like being able to download music for free, without having to feel guilty about it :oops:


thanks very much, I love the album.


thanks this is not expired..

Not expired, you have to click the 'albums' tab on that page. URL links to the single EP which you do have to pay for, but album is still free as of 14:45

Why is this expired? Still works for me

Nice one. downloaded for free.JUST CHECKED AGAIN AND ITS GONE UP TO £7.50. sorry cant give heat cos expired but well spotted !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. leave rep instead.
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