Empire Total War (PC) £10 instore @ HMV!

Empire Total War (PC) £10 instore @ HMV!

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Not the latest game in the series, but still a cracking game, and about a fiver cheaper than the best online price by the looks of things.


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Heat added.

heat, but i doubt my local will have it.

Not got this yet, still playing modded versions of Med2. But at this price, it's got to be worth a punt.

I bought this a long time ago quite cheap, has it just 'kept it's value'? Not looking forward to having to use Steam with it, it makes you sit there and not play your game every time it wants to update games which is often

do people still buy pc games?

Empire was a massive disappointment for me, if you've already got Medieval 2 then stick with it as it's clearly the pinnacle of the series thus-far.
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