Empre Direct Clearance Items *Be Quick*
Empre Direct Clearance Items *Be Quick*

Empre Direct Clearance Items *Be Quick*

I picked this up from another thread here for clearance Cameras but there are plenty of items on offer

Lots of items in the clearance sections.

Select the link and section you're interested in.

I managed to order a Canon 400D body for NET £297 after Canon cashback and also an LG 42" HD Ready Plasma TV for NET £520. Both delivered.

I hope then honour the order as I got the last ones of the above.

There is also 2% Quidco and maybe some codes you can use for additional discounts
- sootyvrs


Blimey- a half price Dreamcast vibration thingy majig

O, and the Panasonic HDMI Freeview DVD Recorder for under £120. Only question isasa clearance item,what is wrong with it (*returns and demos)

theyve always got stuff in the clearance section

Yes hardly a hotdeal , they have clearance items all the time , got a camera from them last time and the button was broke ....doubt ill bother again.

Yeah some of their stuff is ok but be careful, as a LOT is returns. This means your not really getting a "hot" deal

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I'm suprised that there has been a few bad experiences.

I purchased a Canon 30D w/18-55 lens back in April for £499 less £65 Canon cashback in Clearance section. The cheapest at the time was around £690 so I got a bargain.

I received a brand new item in a sealed box. It was on clearance because the stickers on it was from an older Canon promotion which had a free 512mb CF card and the new cashback promotions were out.

I hope it will be the same with the 400D I have ordered...
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