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Free Cherry Red Records Sampler for emusic members - 10 free tracks including Blancmange and Suzi Quatro
Found 22nd Nov 2014Found 22nd Nov 2014
10 full tracks sampler of Cherry Red Records. Free to download for emusic members. 01 Spitfire - Inspiral Carpets 02 Fields Forever - Jack Bruce 03 Living On The Ceiling - Blancm… Read more

Same old HUKD, vote cold before actually reading the offer! Free music always welcome, regardless of the T&C's.


Yeah I said in the title and description "for emusic members". It is a bit like the way that you need to have an O2 sim to get the free priority moments offers or have a PlayStation 3/4 to obtain free Playstation Store offers etc. Emusic is not for everyone but excellent for those who know what to do. Membership entails buying a minimum of £5.99 credit per month, which can be used in full during that month but expires and does not roll over after (a bit like inclusive minutes in a contact phone sim). If you use all the credit, though, it is great value as tracks only cost 42p, so less than half the price of many tracks on itunes (although sometimes they don't have stuff that is available on iTunes and other stores). There are also offers to get extra credit for free, e.g. if you buy the £12.50 credit booster pack, you get £15 to spend or if you join the £30.99 membership you get £34.99 to spend etc. and it is very flexible. I use etunes a lot as I am starting DJing and often find tracks I want to download to add to my collection. Using it has saved me a fortune compared to buying many tracks from iTunes and beatport. For those who only download music occasionally, though, emusic may not be for you.


You need to activate free trial then costs not for me


it looks like you need an active account to download this....


No such thing as a free lunch. 8)

Free £10.50 credit from eMusic 7 day trial
Found 18th Mar 2014Found 18th Mar 2014
A few days ago I registered on eMusic and got £10.50 free credit to spend on for the 7 day trial. There is a lot of good independent music on there! Remember to cancel the account … Read more
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I've been a member for years and not had this problem. It does have its own downloader tool, but this automatically imports them into iTunes for you!


Be careful I did this once and the tunes wouldn't play on iTunes. It needs it's own music player downloaded to of it and when I cancelled I couldn't listen to the tunes I'd 'supposedly' bought. Bit like when you record a movie on sky but once you get rid of the movie channels can't watch them..... Brrrrr far too chilly!!!!


I take it that it's one per credit card? I did this a while back so I doubt it'd let me do so again...


After a quick look, it seems like a good deal. Tracks are 42p each so you should be able to get about two albums for free. Just remember to cancel like the OP says

Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend! by Godspeed You! Black Emperor - MP3 download - 1.68
Found 2nd Dec 2012Found 2nd Dec 2012
MP3 download of Godspeed You! Black Emperor's latest album Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend!

this is also only £2.49 at Amazon to download if you don't use emusic...


I think emusic is a bit odd with their pricing. Pricing albums by the number of tracks is really quite stupid. Good if the album has few tracks, and horrible if it has lots. That being said, I did buy my GY!BE albums on emusic except for their newest, which I decided to pre-order. I think it's worth supporting them with a bit more cash because they're not exactly sellouts.


30 second clips aren't really the best 'sample'... The first track is available to stream for free: http://soundcloud.com/constellation-records/mladic/


Not heard of them before just had a listen to the samples and it sounds a bit like a BBC sound effects album. Good price though if that's what you like though, voted hot.


Their other albums are also available: http://www.emusic.com/listen/#/album/godspeed-you-black-emperor/yanqui-u-x-o/13031173/ - £2.10 http://www.emusic.com/listen/#/album/godspeed-you-black-emperor/slow-riot-for-new-zero-kanada/13740344/ - £0.84 http://www.emusic.com/listen/#/album/godspeed-you-black-emperor/fainfinity/13740417/ - £1.26 http://www.emusic.com/listen/#/album/godspeed-you-black-emperor/lift-your-skinny-fists-like-antennas-to-heaven/13740382/ - £1.68

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Get some music from Emusic
Found 19th Feb 2012Found 19th Feb 2012
Signed up from Facebook and got £12 in my account for a 5 day trial. then Bought an album. The next day I canceled and they offered me another £5 to continue my account for 90 days… Read more

Hi guys, don't do it. I had same offer and after I accepted the extra £5 free for 90 days two separate charges have appeared on my account from emusic.com, £7.99 and £9.99 so I'm very disappointed. Hope to get it sorted out.


Who needs it...you can find any kind of music free online,if you know how to do it :)


Think it's £12 for free.


It gives you £12 credit plus an extra £5 when you click cancel account.


does it cost £12 or is it free? i dont get it.

£14.70 FREE credit on eMusic.com, 14 days free trial.  Keep MP3's after cancellation.
Found 9th Dec 2011Found 9th Dec 2011
Got this on a leaflet with Lovefilm DVD, eMusic are offering £14.70 credit with them if you take out a trial membership. All mp3s downloaded are apparently yours to keep after can… Read more
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Thank you for the info, it avoided a costly mistake


emusic is utter rubbish frankly :(


Oh dear - does not bode well lol!


some of the worst mp3 encoded tracks on the net, once tried to tell me that a track which was 7 minutes long and only 500k in size was correctly encoded at 96k sounded like listening to it underwater.


It's in the small print at the bottom of that last link. For reference: Get a £14.70 music credit free with your eMusic trial subscription. Offer available to first-time eMusic music customers in the UK, 18 years of age or older. Internet access, registration, and credit or debit card required. Your free trial expires 30 days after registration or when you exceed your free trial credits (whichever comes first) at which time you will automatically become a paying eMusic member. Plans start at £9.99 per month. Cancel your subscription before the end of your free trial period or before you exceed your free trial credit and you will not be charged. To cancel visit www.emusic.com/cancel. Limited time offer. Offer and eMusic's prices are subject to change and are subject to eMusic's terms of use located at http://www.emusic.com/legal/terms.html.

Upto 25 Free songs from Emusic trial for new users!
Found 4th Sep 2011Found 4th Sep 2011
Hey guys first post here, was scouring the net for some music and came across Emusic. They are currently offering £10.50 credit for songs available to any MP3 player in which you … Read more

very poor selection on that site


Get a £10.50 credit free with an eMusic trial subscription. Offer available to first-time eMusic music customers in the US, 18 years of age or older. Internet access, registration, and credit or debit card required. Your free trial expires 7 days after registration or when you exceed your free trial credit (whichever comes first) at which time you will automatically become a paying eMusic member. Cancel your subscription before the end of your free trial period or before you exceed your free trial credit and you will not be charged. To cancel visit www.emusic.com/cancel. Music plans start at £9.99/month. Limited Time Offer. Offer and eMusic's prices are subject to change without notice and are subject to eMusic's terms of use. eMusic and the eMusic logo are trademarks of eMusic.com Inc. in the US or other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners, none of whom is a partner or sponsor of eMusic.


Yes available in Uk, im from UK and have just used it


not available in the uk?

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Up to 50 free songs (£21 credit) @ emusic with Metro
Found 30th Aug 2011Found 30th Aug 2011
Get up to 50 free songs with a free trial at emusic with Metro. Choose from over 9 million tracks All available on MP3 Up to 50 free songs Cancel anytime & keep your downloads… Read more

Go through a cashback site and get the money that Metro are being paid for your signups as well.


Is this 9 million reasonably up to date songs? Or just 9 million assorted to boost the figure? In my experience with these sort of things most tend to be absolute garbage from unknown artists.




Link fixed :)


here is the link http://www.emusic.com/metro

Free 1 Month of Music + 35 Downloads @ eMusic
Found 29th Mar 2011Found 29th Mar 2011
Got a small flier thing in my lovefilm trial envelope with this in it.

Yeah you do, unlucky :(


I used this promotion about a year ago. They don't have everything you're looking for but that forced me to unearth some, previously unknown, gems. Heat from me.


Do you have to have a debit card to sign up with? Only asking at i dont have any form of online payment... hot btw :)

Surfin' Bird - FREE or 42p @ eMusic
Found 12th Dec 2010Found 12th Dec 2010
***CURRENTLY SHOWING AT NO 3 IN THE CHARTS*** www.livehits.co.uk **YOU CAN ALSO GET £10.50 (OR 25 SONGS) OF FREE CREDIT ON EMUSIC JUST FOR REGISTERING...... http://www.emusic.com/… Read more
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can this be expired? Hardly a deal now


Well, hardly anyone has heard about the word... bu..bu...bu..bu... bird, bird bird bird is the word.


I like lady gagaX)


Or just get it from mp3raid and stick on your phone too


Clearly Bird wasn't the Word.

50 free MP3s and 1 free audiobook
Found 28th Jun 2010Found 28th Jun 2010
This is an offer on emusic for lovefilm users, however, it may well work with individuals who are not on lovefilm. The database of MP3s is lacking somewhat, but you could save a co… Read more
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fantastic deal. Yes doesnt have everything, but I found loads of decent stuff on there. Colour Revolt, The XX, The Undertones.......


Will try this when I get home - if it works, it is a scorching deal

50 Free MP3 Music Downloads + 1 Free Audiobook, eMusic.com 14 Day Free Trial + £4 Quidco?
Found 16th Apr 2010Found 16th Apr 2010
Get 50 Free MP3 Music Downloads + 1 Free Audiobook with an eMusic.com 14 Day Free Trial. You get £4 Quidco, but their link takes you to a page offering only 25 free tracks. Howeve… Read more

I just dont like giving my card details for freebies, thats against the 'rules'. I'll vote neutral though, nice try. :thumbsup:


It's pretty easy, all done online! :thumbsup: And I don't get how £4, 50 free music tracks and a free audiobook can count as a bad deal? Is there something I missed?


how easy is it to cancel? I did similar and had to phone an 0850 number to cancel and they tried the old hard sell on me!


Cheers for that, worth mentioning :thumbsup:


i tried the free trial a few months back because it seemd quite good. there is a lot of current popular music that wasnt available on here which was the biggest dissapointment for me. i just want to write though that you MUST download all of the songs before the trial ends. i cancelled the trial before the end (after 9-10 days) so i didnt get charged and was unable to download the rest of my free tracks (about 14 i think). 2 free albums and a couple of singles wasnt too bad though :)

50 free MP3's & 1  Free audiobook
Found 9th Mar 2010Found 9th Mar 2010
According to the leaflet I got in my lovefilm latest envelope; get 50 free MP3's & 1 Free audiobook when you sign up. The sign up period is 14 days, after which you will be ch… Read more
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^^ The Chairman of eMusic? :w00t: ^^


As someone who has a emusic subscription the range of music is brilliant. But they only sell music that is on independent labels not the big four.


I did this trial recently, it's a horrible website, really difficult to navigate and most of the songs are either unavailable or karaoke versions, avoid like the plague. If you want free music, try dirpy.com. You just past a link from youtube into it and download songs for free.


This keeps coming up, its a good deal if you remember to cancel before they take any money. They dont have much choice of music but if you can find something to your taste then its a good deal

35 FREE MP3s from emusic.com part of cdwow
Found 22nd Dec 2009Found 22nd Dec 2009
35 FREE MP3s from emusic.com part of cdwow http://www.emusic.com/cdwow1 Start downloading your FREE MP3s today and take two weeks to decide if you like eMusic. If you're not 100… Read more

This is a better deal https://www.hotukdeals.com/item/535843/50-free-tracks-plus-a-free-mp3-spea?


Definitely worth joining to get your free 35 tracks. It's quite nichey, but there's plenty of decent stuff on there and you can listen before you buy. I did this last year - downloaded the tracks and cancelled my membership and I still kept the tracks. I've just re-joined for £13.99 per month for 35 tracks as they offered me 75 bonus tracks as a one off re-join bonus (ie 110 tracks in total). That'll do nicely!


emusic is very lacking in choice and mainstream music i found. its a good deal if you can find something


Or 25 free and 4 quid quidco too i believe.


Or 50 free +1 audiobook from http://www.emusic.com/cdwow50 Not one for me, personally - don't like the look of the Ts & Cs.

£50 free songs + one audiobook 14 day free trial with emusic
Found 9th Nov 2009Found 9th Nov 2009
Supposedly 6 million songs but I could not find anything I wanted on here, started and cancelled trial within 5 minutes. Can I vote my own deal cold? Might interest someone so po… Read more

50 free downloads (NOT £50 of credit), 50x 42p downloads=£21. Just to clear things up if there was any confusion, although when you click on 'go to deal' link things would have become clear.


The complete Pixies back catalogue. Friendly Fires. White Stripes. Are you mad?!?! hehe! :p


Need to have a credit card to sign up


not alot on this site when i joined, this has been posted many times before


Yes I can vote my deal cold, excellent

50 free music downloads + 1 free audiobook @ emusic
Found 23rd Jun 2009Found 23rd Jun 2009
Choose from 5 million tracks to download. 14 days free trial with 50 free tracks. Don't forget to cancel your subscription before the trial is up, and I believe that IF YOU DOWNLO… Read more
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Did this last week, every song I looked for wasn't there and I got charged for the audio book, £7.99 be very careful!


been posted before, My personal experience - AVOID LIKE HELL!!! I am not going to go with details as it would take too much time typing...


Just be careful with these as they tend to send you 'free' audiobooks, and if you choose to download them, you are instantly charged.


I had no problems. Downloaded 45 songs which was 4 albums. Don't know what your problem was.


i registered with them when they made this offer and they charged me before the end of the month and i only downloaded one song which wouldnt even play.

Found 23rd Apr 2009Found 23rd Apr 2009
CDWOW (emusic) is offering 35 free downloads, once registered. From what I can tell registration is needed and card details have to be provided, however this can be cancelled after… Read more

Sorry to hear about that :( I've not had any problems with the promotion so far but thanks for the warning...maybe stay away from this one


Thanks for the warning.


AVOID LIKE HELL !!! I got similar promotion code, did registration and AFTER I got confirmation with full account details etc it turned out that there was NO 35 free downloads and 14 days free trial but stright charge of 10.99£ on my credit card. It took me over a week to get those chages back and they DID NOT honor the original offer just cancelled account ( and I sent screen shots of all sign up process). I needed to threaten to report them to my credit card company until they offered a refund.

£4 free Quidco & 25 free music tracks
Found 26th Oct 2008Found 26th Oct 2008
Just done this myself no problems and got two albums i wanted Go through Quidco to the emusic site and select the free trial - this will give you £4 in your Quidco you will be th… Read more

how long did every one have to wait to get there quidco from this?


i found some free codes (quick google) so was able to download enough tracks / complete album. then i cancelled it a couple days later. easy peasy.


be careful. i mistakenly downloaded one extra track outside my free trial allowance and was immediately charged 10.99. not worth the bother in my opinion


e-music in quidco seems to track as £0 then gets validated as £4.


Did this a few weeks ago and had given up on Quidco tracking but it's just tracked now :)

35 free songs plus 1 1 audiobook @ emusic
Found 5th May 2008Found 5th May 2008
got sent this with a dvd from love film 35 free songs plus one audiobook not realy shure how to post threads on here but i thought id post it anyway
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so long as the subscription is cancelled on time then this is a good deal - therefore hot.


which you can cancle within 14 days and not pay a penny so no i didnt forget VOTED COLD whats with the caps ?


did you just forget that you had to sign up to a monthly subscription to get these!!! VOTED COLD

25 Free Downloads when you sign up with emusic. FREE TRIAL
Found 5th Apr 2008Found 5th Apr 2008
Get 25 free songs to download with your free trial on eMusic the great new site to get all your mp3 music for your ipod or mp3 player. The 25 songs you download are yours to keep w… Read more
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Brilliant. I've found so many tracks that I never knew existed, 25 free downloads and then a bargain price per track on pay monthly terms (compared to iTunes or DJdownload.com)


Have to jump to the defense of emusic here - i've been a subscriber for around 9 months now, with their £14.99 per month subsription (75 tracks). There are lots of things worth downloading if you look hard enough, but it doesn't really cater much to the mainstream market. However, as a fan of Indie/Alternative music, its got most of the music I want. For instance they have pretty much the entire catalogue of the 'XL', Rough Trade', 'Matador', '4AD' and 'One Little Indian' label so they have the latest albums from Adele, Jack Penate, and Vampire Weekend, the entire White Stripes, Belle & Sebastien, Pixies, Strokes and Bjork back catalogues, both Raconteurs albums, albums from Thom Yorke, MIA, Cat Power, Interpol, and Dizzee Rascal. It doesn't look so great for rap/hip-hop (save for the latest Wu Tang Clan album), and in terms of dance/electro its mainly pretty leftfield stuff (Boards of Canada, Carl Craig, Miss Kittin). I gather its pretty good for classical and jazz, though I wouldn't be able to comment on that as i'm not a fan of either genre. Anyway, I think it is a very good deal. It should also be noted all the tracks are DRM free, meaning you can play the mp3 on any player - most download providers do not offer this service yet (it is in the pipeline for amazon.co.uk, and a very limited selection of the itunes catalogue is DRM free).


Yep, I tried a free trial with them. Absolutely nothing worth downloading. All of the stuff that appears at first glance to be real? Turns out to be cheap cover versions by people you've never heard of.


Got 50 songs free when I signed up directly from the main page. If you continue the cheapest (per-track)monthly rate is 100 tracks/£20 = 20p a track (without counting your free 50 tracks to drop the price further). I signed up in the last few months btw, and the year before that, before both times quitting due to getting all the strange/eclectic/'alternative' music I could find for that time and not having anything else to download... but even someone like Tori Amos or Mike Oldfield has nothing there, only 2 or 3 compilation or cover albums (by someone else)...