Enchanted Arms @ Gamestation ( Online ) Ps3 - £12.98
Enchanted Arms @ Gamestation ( Online ) Ps3 - £12.98

Enchanted Arms @ Gamestation ( Online ) Ps3 - £12.98

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n Enchanted Arms, players take part in an epic adventure across a game world filled with magic and demons. Our hero Atsuma and his party travel across the land trying to rescue his friends and defeat the demons and monsters threatening to destroy the world he knows. As he travels, he must take part in battles that make use of an original and unique development of the familiar RPG battle mechanic. The use of a grid-based battle system adds an extra level of strategy to each battle you fight. The game looks gorgeous, and offers up to 50 hours of playing time.

As well as the typical RPG elements, such as characters to meet and interact with, skills and money to collect and experience to amass, Enchanted Arms also has Golems. These are robot characters that Atsuma can build and add to his battle group as he progresses through the game. Different Golems have different strengths and weaknesses - much like 'human' characters of the game, choosing the right characters to include in your battle party can make the difference between a glorious win or an ignominious defeat.

Enchanted Arms is sure to be a raging success with fans of the RPG genre, carrying enough of the usual elements to be familiar, but adding its own special twist of battle strategy

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6.5 on IGN. Meh.

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Hense £12.98 :P
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