Enchanted Arms PS3. 19.99. @ John Lewis

Enchanted Arms PS3. 19.99. @ John Lewis

Found 13th Jan 2008
Sorry for the multiple posts- I kept on getting error messages so had to refresh the page, when it finally seemed to wor there were 4 posts!

Saw this in John Lewis. Hope it's not been posted before, I did a search and couldn't see it.
This is 49.99 on Amazon and out of stock on Play.com.
Seemed like a bargain to me!

Product Information
In Enchanted Arms, you'll embark on an epic adventure and escape to a fantasy world filled with beautiful cinematic quality graphics, unique characters and bizarre creatures. Take the role of Atsuma, Enchanter in-training and transform from a na? student to the most powerful saviour in a war 1,000 years in the making. Immerse yourself in a deep storyline as you face increasingly difficult challenges and learn to master Atsuma's special fighting and magical abilities. Key Features

Genre Adventure

Operating systemPrograms that manage the hardware and software of a computer PS3

PEGI age rating 16


I think this has been posted before - it's actually £9.99 INSTORE !


**** game and you posted 4 x the same thing ???

Original Poster

Actually, the websites error posted it 4 times. Unless of course I have the speediest listing skills of all time to list 4 deals all in a minute?
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