Enchanted Blu Ray £3 @ Tesco

Enchanted Blu Ray £3 @ Tesco

Found 19th FebMade hot 20th Feb
As it says, 3 quid for a Disney Blu Ray.

Haven't seen the film in yonks but I hear it is good and the sequel is on the way so why not scrub up!

£8.99 on Amazon.

Free delivery to your home as well, so feel free to stay indoors and prepare to be enchanted (feel free to add in your own enchanting puns).


Thanks OP, picked up a copy

good find op, heat added


Amy Adams proving she is an actor of incredible range. HOT.

For clarity, the picture used is the US blu-ray. While there was UK blu-ray + DVD set released in '09, the Tesco listing is for the 1 disc '08 release. So don't expect a DVD copy too.

Just to mention this when I got this it wasn't the Blu-Ray but the DVD and have contacted their twitter page to find out what happened.

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Yeah I also got a DVD instead, have been issued a refund and kept the DVD. Dam.

Boo DVD received, not a blu ray

Same got a DVD

Bloody received a DVD not the blu-ray

Just looked up this thread because I also go a "DVD blue rey disc" as the stupid people would say.

I complained this afternoon and they refunded the £3 and said to keep the DVD!!
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