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Posted 23 August 2022

Encore 100% Natural Wet Cat Food, Multipack Fish Selection for Adult Cats 70g (Pack of 32) £9.50 (Save more with S&S) @ Amazon

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About this item
  • 100% natural adult cat food that your pet will love
  • 75% real fish with tuna, shrimp, sardine and mackerel
  • High protein Promotes lean muscle tissue
  • Encore complimentary, nutritious wet cat food is perfect with any dry food
  • Pack contains 12x Tuna Fillet with Shrimp, 12x Ocean Fish and 8x Sardine with Tuna Fillet. Total 32 tins
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Pet Cat
Type Fish, Shrimp
Package Dimensions‎14 x 13.8 x 7.2 cm; 850 Grams
Item model number‎ENC1108-1EN
Breed Recommendation‎ All Breed Sizes Pet
Life Stage ‎Adult
Flavor‎ Fish Selection in Broth
Item Form ‎Flake
Allergen Information‎ Allergen-Free
Size‎70g ( Pack of 32 )
Number of Items ‎32
Storage Information ‎Dry cupboard
Specific Uses ‎Sensitive Stomach
batteries required ‎No
Item Weight‎850 g


At Encore we believe that our pets deserve better, healthier food that tastes great.

If we can’t make a better pet food, we won’t make it at all. Our food is so good we made an entire range and named it Encore.

Every pouch, tin and pot is filled with more real meat and absolutely no unnecessary cereals, fillers or additives. We pride ourselves on the quality of our ingredients that your pet will love.


Each recipe is made to the highest quality standards, so when you buy Encore, you know your pets are getting the very best.

Important information Ingredients:

3xTuna Fillet: Tuna Fillet 75%, Fish Broth, Rice. 3xTuna Fillet with Salmon: Tuna Fillet 70%, Fish Broth, Salmon 5%, Rice. 2xOcean Fish: Mackerel 45%, Tuna Fillet 30%, Fish Broth, Rice.

Directions: Wet Cat Food
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  1. Avatar
    Got this today and received 4xboxes (8 tins per box) fantastic deal, thank you.

    Replying to

    Just 1 box of 32 tins for £9.50 and received 4 boxes of 8 tins. Ordered via the link provided.
  2. Avatar
    Anybody who has bought this previously (in tins or pouches) from anywhere will surely NOT think that they will get 32 x 70g tins for £9.50
    Bargain of the year if this was correct but, as others have already confirmed, it's a pack of 8 tins.
    I got 4 packs of 8
  3. Avatar
    70gram and just 32 pouches....hmmm, not the best deal around I suspect

    Replying to

    Yes but I only got 8 tins the shipping weight is only 1 pack aswell ‎14 x 13.8 x 7.2 cm; 850 Grams. It was on my deal look I posted the other day (for a different brand) so I took a gamble had a hell of a time getting a refund yesterday aswell (edited)
  4. Avatar
    So is it 32 or 8 pack?

    Want to clarify as cba messing around if it's only 8 pack tbh
    So far everyone only got 8 tins but Amazon may change it
  5. Avatar
    Got mine delivered today, ordered four times so was expecting 128 cans. Only 32 cans have arrived though. Amazon have refunded me for the other 3 quantities and a further £5 promo credit. Would’ve liked the 128 cans but getting 32 cans for £5 ain’t bad. Well done to those that got all the cans!
    Exactly the same myself unfortunately 😞
  6. Avatar
    Brilliant price for 32 tins, Asda is £8.10 for 8 tins.
    Ordered 4 packs and saved another 5%.

    Cheers OP
  7. Avatar
    Just over £8 with 15% subscribe and save. Maybe not the "best deal around" compared to lower-quality budget options, but this is a great price for a good cat food with quality ingredients.
  8. Avatar
    I only got 8 and got a refund. Be prepared to be disappointed
  9. Avatar
    It will be 8 tins don’t waste your time
  10. Avatar
    Cheers OP - got it for £8.55 on S&S and our cat loves this stuff. Great price when compared to the likes of Wilkos!
  11. Avatar
    Very hot deal!
  12. Avatar
    Looks like subscribe & save is not available anymore😞
    £9.50 is still a good price for 32 tins?!
  13. Avatar
    Thank you OP for this, ordered some, nice to be able to feed my guys better quality stuff for a change
  14. Avatar
    Hi just to let you all know, I ordered this from Amazon and only a box of 8 tins came through even though it says 32 it’s a wee bit of a con in my opinion, false advertising 😡 (edited)
  15. Avatar
    I finally received mine today, there was 4 boxes of the 8 tins. So fab bargain, thank you to the op!
    Nice one. I must be at the back of the queue as mine are arriving on Monday
  16. Avatar
    Received mine yesterday, 32 tins. Just ordered again as price has dropped to £8.10.
    Dispatched within 1-2 months. (edited)
    we did the same.
  17. Avatar
    They Only sent me 1 box of 8 yesterday
    48076672-A8p8R.jpg (edited)
    Me too
  18. Avatar
    The photos show 8 x 70g tins but description state 32 pouches, what is it? (edited)
  19. Avatar
    They've definitely screwed up the listing here. The description and title say 32 pouches but all of the artwork shows 8 tins.
  20. Avatar
    This stuff is not a complete cat food.
  21. Avatar
    my order arrived today. i got 32 cans.
  22. Avatar
    My order arrived today, got 4 packs of 32 tins all dated 18.01.25. Well worth £36.10 for 128 tins.
    I see the listing has been changed now to 8 tins though
  23. Avatar
    Received mine. Thanks O P.
    2 boxes of 32 tins 🏻
  24. Avatar
    Grrr just got notification mine is delayed as they don’t have stock
    if i was you i would cancel back to singles and having a hell of a time getting a refund off amazon this time
  25. Avatar
    Mine are being delivered today
  26. Avatar
    Cheers OP I’ve finally received my order and all 32 tins are present and correct. Interestingly the four boxes were in packaging with “Do Not Split” all over it so I’m not sure how anyone received one box of eight tins! (edited)
    I wonder if it depends on what wherehouse the order comes from I see they have changed the tile of the cat food again