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Posted 28 November 2022

Encore 100% Natural Wet Cat Food, Multipack Fish Selection for Adult Cats 70g (Pack of 32) - £6.40 (Save more with S&S) @ Amazon

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About this item
  • 100% natural adult cat food that your pet will love
  • 75% real fish with tuna, shrimp, sardine and mackerel
  • High protein Promotes lean muscle tissue
  • Encore complimentary, nutritious wet cat food is perfect with any dry food
  • Pack contains 12x Tuna Fillet with Shrimp, 12x Ocean Fish and 8x Sardine with Tuna Fillet. Total 32 tins

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    I got all 32 tins last time and the sodding cat decided he doesn’t like it despite having eaten it before. (edited)
    these foods have different batches and the source keeps changing you might see the same packaging but the cats not fooled.
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    I got 32 last time, but I've had the issue with a single item delivered instead of multiple before (it happened with olives). I'm guessing sometimes at the distribution centre they split up the plastic-wrapped grouped items by mistake? Seems to be random when it happens. I just complained and Amazon re-sent the order.
    last time i got it all four boxes where sealed together in one big box
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    They best deliver 32!
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    hi yea i posted about this deal on the last thread where it was originally posted to revive it as a cheaper price and yea i got the full 4 x pack too
    Could see the stockpile
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    I've just had mine delivered from my order in September that I placed for me and my parents....ordered 4 lots of 4 as that was how it was advertised so supposed to get 16 boxes and only got 4 boxes total not contacted Amazon about it yet but going to do so this evening.
    Same for me, delivered last Friday. A couple of advisors and 10mins on online chat and cost refunded and told I could keep the 'defective' product. Amazon is pretty good with stuff like this.
    Ps - I've had the full x4 packs in the past, normally has a plastic wrap on the boxes saying not to split.... Hopefully will have that this time. Good luck all.
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    I received my final S&S order at the weekend, multipacks of 4 boxes. The next day I noticed that the description has now been amended to single box of 8 tins.
    Got mine eventually too. We only received 1 complete order with 4 boxes, which is a shame. At least we got the rest refunded & an ‘apology’ promo credit which was an unexpected bonus!
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    Great deal if 32. Ordered x4 thank you
    yea plus its 5% off if you get 4 i think too
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    No S&S options, although mentioned in the title.
    was defo there earlier and now i regret not taking it up

    just seen the option for s&s has gone and its gone slightly higher in pric
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    Interesting to see people's cats turning their noses up at other cat foods like this and Sheba.
    Like I said on the Purina/Felix threads that you bombed the other day, cats are just fussy

    Good deal if you get 32 cans for the price of 8 (edited)
    Cats are definitely fussy. We've got Felix, Whiskas, Purina Gourmet, Purina One, Harringtons, Iams, Ferlinga (From Zooplus) and Aldis own brand in the garage, 1 minute they'll love a particular one, the next day they turn their noses up at it...Why?? 😩
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    Just got this on s&s for £7.29
    £8.10 for single delivery

    ...And it looks like it is still available (edited)
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    I ordered some lily's kitchen kitten food, description said 4 x 8 x70g trays they only sent me I box of 8 so I complained, got to keep the food & also got a refund, 3 times they did this to me & 3 times I got a refund as they never changed the description.
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    Just had mien delivered u only get one box now was an oying
    so 8 cans not 32 cans??
  13. Avatar
    I got singles 2 days ago unfortunately and had a hell of a time with Amazon getting refund
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    First time took couple of weeks but got all 32. Ordered again at start of October and still waiting for delivery....
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    Argh was gonna leap on this in the hope...but just mentiones 8x not a pack of 32. Presume the page changed now
    Some conflicting product details on Amazon
    Says "8x 70g (Pack of 4)", which would be 32 cans?
    But the item weight says 850g, which would be around 12 cans or less if you include packaging. For 32 cans, it would be 2.24kg.
    I guess the only way to find out is to order and see what arrives.
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    X8 70g (pack of 4)
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    Given the number of disappointed customers over a period of time, this looks to be a deliberate deception. The seller/Amazon has had plenty of time to correct this deception and has chosen not to. The same criticism applies to the number of products that claim to have 'free delivery' yet require a minimum of 2 products ordered and then add a huge disproportionate deivery charge..
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    My order was delivered today. It contained only one pack of 8.
    Same here
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    I only got single boxes not a 4 pack.
    Amazon are offering a partial refund., and no replacement as they are out of stock.

    I suppose that still makes them cheap, but not the bargain we all hoped for!
    I don’t know why they don’t just update the description. When I received the full amount last time there was packaging that clearly said something along the lines of multipack not for individual resale. I wonder if the packs are being split in warehouses? (edited)
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    My remaining S&S orders have been delayed indefinitely
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    Out for delivery today, not expecting what I actually ordered but fingers crossed.
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    Just taken delivery of just 2 packs (16 tins)today (ordered 28/11/2022)..spoke to Amazon, they refunded me my money, plus an extra £4..result. anyway, opened a tin for our cat and she doesn't like it