Encoute iOS music player free limited time.
Not tried it myself, but hopefully useful to someone. Plays iTunes Match tracks as well as any on your iPhone.

See link for more details.


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Music player even! Can't seem to edit on phone for some reason. Oh well.

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Sort of related, found this app called bop.fm allows you to stream from various services to your iPhone. Worth a look too. Oh and it's free. Check it out on the App Store and here's some details: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/cnet/tcoc/~3/pU6w7Vkp1Ac/story01.htm

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found this player last night through another app and it's really nice - simple gesture controls and very easy to navigate around. will certainly try it as a replacement for the main music player for a while

Thanks op heat added

Back up to £1.49 now!


Back up to £1.49 now!

search for "appzapp" on iTunes. it's an app that can monitor the app store and alert you if any apps change price or drop to free. very handy for things like this.
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