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Posted 4 January 2023

End of Jan/ start of Feb Return Flights - Birmingham to Barbados return £292 Adult / £208 Child @ TUI

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Update 1
24/01 - Small further price decrease now £292 return adult and £208 child
Some reduced direct return flight offers for end of Jan departures to Barbados for £300 adult / £216 child (other months are more than double the cost). These are flights only and based on 10kg hand luggage, departing from Birmingham for the lead price (also departures from Manchester and Gatwick for slightly more). Checked in baggage is extra. Would suit those looking to put together their own holiday, by pairing the cheap flights with accommodation. Flight dates listed below. Deal link goes to flights but use edit search to change for dates and passengers.

Average temp is around 26 degrees in Jan and Feb and very dry


Birmingham to Barbados £300 adult / £216 child return

Duration of 14 nights departing from Birmingham

  • 26th Jan to 9th Feb
  • 29th Jan to 12th Feb



Manchester to Barbados £304 adult / £220 child return

Duration of 14 nights departing from Birmingham

  • 29th Jan to 12th Feb


London Gatwick to Barbados £317 adult / £233 child return

Duration of 14 nights departing from Gatwick

  • 26th Jan to 9th Feb
  • 29th Jan to 12th Feb


Hand luggage

  • 10kg hand luggage per adult/child
  • Max hand luggage bag size: 55x40x20cm

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  1. Avatar
    Pointless post. 14 night duration with 10kg hand luggage, get real. Headline grabbing price that absolutely no-one will avail of for this reason.
    More than enough for me. Just depends on how you like to travel. It's not like you need clothing for all weather over there.

    Good price for the flights; heat added. Would echo the previous post about spiralling costs. It ain't cheap there. It's also got considerably unfriendlier over the past 10-15 years. Used to be a great place to visit, but less so now IMO.
  2. Avatar
    I was there in 2021 for a few months. Beautiful but very expensive although marginally better if you do self catered. Plus Massey's is like the marks and Spencer of Barbados you need to go to popular which is more like Tesco which saves a few pennies
  3. Avatar
    Avoid Tui if you can, they are always delayed by hours and they love to cancel flights last minute and not pay you any compensation.
    I've never had a problem with them aside from delays.
  4. Avatar
    Just got back from here. Cheap flights but everything is expensive. Just an example in pic 12 mini frozen corn on cobs worked out around £20 in a supermarket(shock) The Rum is cheaper than water though
    I remember being shocked at the price of cereal in 2015.......must be off the scale now in 2023.
  5. Avatar
    Was £259 last year feb time . Barbados is really really expensive form my experiences so worth paying extra for a check in luggage and fill it up with snacks/munchies to keep you going for however long your there .
    I haven't been for a while but used to be you could get good cheap food from the vans near the beaches and also at Oistins.
  6. Avatar
    Sample price for 2 weeks end of this month .. hmm
    That's all included, Barbados is affordable compared to the rest of the Caribbean - if you don't mind travelling and eating like a local... I stayed in the Raddison in December for just over £1k for 1 week, 2 adults and 2 children. Previously I stayed in Pirate Inn, which is cheaper..
  7. Avatar
    If you’ve not been to Barbados in a few years , inflation is high, I’d say prices have doubled for eating out and drinks and snacks compared to when I last went in jan 2019,
    2.35 to £1 , brilliant deal if you can get a good hotel deal
    Was their in December , such a great place
    We were there for 10 days in November, absolutely stellar in the resorts we were at.

    We managed to get an all inclusive for a very attractive rate, bearing in mind the cost of food and drinks whilst out all inclusive really does make sense. Spent a few days in a hovel whilst we did our sight seeing/Tours (pointless paying all inclusive money whilst out n about). Can whole heartedly recommend Turtle beach hotel

    The hovel we stayed at was the Monteray Apartments... jesus wept never again

    doors didnt close properly, banging with the slightest wind, the windows didnt shut properly (slats not windows) needed a 3 man team to close the patio doors due to how knackered they were, construction outside at the crack of dawn, dogs and cockrels too, not the best few nights we've had anywhere in the world lol
  8. Avatar
    I have access to free accommodation with my family in Barbados. These kind of deals make it hard to go to university lol
    Lucky man. I don't think you're boasting, it's not your fault you have family there and it just happens to be a lovely place.
  9. Avatar
    TUI is a joke, shocking customer service; Thomson holidays all over again…
    Went to Mexico with Tui last month and I would never set foot on one of their planes ever again.
  10. Avatar
    I won a trip to Barbados in January 2017. My first ever flight via virgin Atlantic plane.

    Loved it. Stayed at sugar bay Barbados. Beautiful place.
    Stayed there last September, was spot on 🏻
  11. Avatar
    End of next week I shall be there!
  12. Avatar
    Only £250s last year. Still a good deal though. Island itself is expensive so getting there cheap helps.
  13. Avatar
    I have traveled with TUI for over ten years and sadly since covid they have gone down hill massively. Good deal for flights but don’t expect anything spectacular
    Last time travelled with TUI the airplane was filthy so personal experience is not great!
  14. Avatar
    Might as well just include the £100pp or so extra for a hold bag in the advertised price, I doubt anyone will be taking just hand luggage for a 2.week holiday?!
  15. Avatar
    Was looking like a great deal until I saw it's with TUI lol
  16. Avatar
    Seeing the deal. Thought to myself I could always sleep on the beach pack a tent, make a fishing rod castaway style for my food = sorted
  17. Avatar
    TUI been using a company called WAMOS recently for flights to/from Barbados certainly for cruise passengers. They don’t get good reviews.
    Jet 2 sent us to Turkey in September on a Wamos plane. We had paid to pick our seats on the original jet2 plane because the Wamos plane had a different layout jet2 put us in crappy different seats but never told us. They told us the staff on the plane would still be jet2 staff. On the way out they was but on the way back they were Spanish. Wamos are Spanish the plane was huge and not very clean
  18. Avatar
    flights to goa
  19. Avatar
    Stay at home, with all that RUM
  20. Avatar
    Quite fancied this until I saw the price of accomodation
  21. Avatar
    Price of the hotels will still be phenomenal and everything on the island is incredibly expensive. Not really a place for the deal website unless you were planning to fly over there and camp on the beach
    We were due to go for two weeks over Christmas stopping on the West Coast not far from Sandy Lane (Lufthansa messed that up). Holetown's nice too.

    The east coast is night and day compared to west.

    Glad we didn't get there now, as our accommodation was pay on arrival and with the pound plummeting, it would have made an already expensive location less attractive.

    There are some more cost effective hotels on the south coast near Ostins and Bridgetown, not the best location (still not cheap). But if you want to tick a box, worth considering.

    When shopping, stick to local brands, and not worth even looking at clothes. (edited)