End of month sale @ SVP !
End of month sale @ SVP !

End of month sale @ SVP !

says it all in the newsletter! ive taken advantage of the dvd cases @ £5.99 per 100


[SIZE=2]Cant see any sale apart from the newsletter :roll: [/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]May be its yet to start ?[/SIZE]

That's the sale i'm afraid!:-(
Says on the bottom of the newsletter:
Quote:That's it for our first SVP end of month sale. I hope that you manage to grab yourself a couple of bargains.

I used to get the SVP newsletter every week, but I've not had one for months now.
I have to rely on seeing the deals on Hotukdeals. (Just as well as I wanted some DVD cases!)

Is anyone else not getting their SVP newsletters?
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