Endless Ocean for £17.99 at Morrisons
Endless Ocean for £17.99 at Morrisons

Endless Ocean for £17.99 at Morrisons

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A new game/experience for the Nintendo Wii(formerly known as Forever Blue), this is more relaxing diving sim than true game but is supposed to be very enjoyable. It even plays your MP3's off the SD card while you are playing. £16 at Virgin but if you want to pick up a copy this is the cheapest I have seen so far. Asda want £27 and Blockbusters want £19.99.

It was not out on the shelf in my local store so you might need to ask for it.
Unless anyone knows of a cheaper store offer?


It's RRP is £20, and that price for a reason. All you do is pet fish.


It's RRP is £20, and that price for a reason. All you do is pet fish.

FPS -All you do is shoot? whats your point?

Voted Hot as thats a great instore price

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I appreciate it is not a full price release but then £17.99 is not it's full RRP either. Probably gonna be a 'marmite' release; you'll either love it or hate it but it is getting pretty good initial previews/reviews and for that price maybe worth a punt? Certainly something different anyway, and it will take some of the pain out of the wait for Galaxy next week.

I'm confused - If its £16 at virgin why go to Morrisons (see original post)

I think for some people, the convenience of picking it up with your shopping for £2 extra is better than ordering online and waiting for delivery? Also, some people might not like paying online and may only deal with cash?

Many reasons..

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Correct, tried to edit that first post. Price is for Virgin online, as BillyBob pointed out, i just passed Morrisons, got some shopping and picked this up. Kids love it and for not much more than a new DVD release...I guarantee this will last longer than a movie too.

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What a great little game. Don't expect anything too intense and you get a nice relaxing experience ideal for the winter months. Read this review, pretty much spot on:

Not a bad price in store. Mine shipped yesterday from Powerplay Direct for £15.49. No rush though - won't back in Europe until next week now

yeah i went 16 virgin with the 10% code, makes it 14.40
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