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Endless Space Definitive Edition (Steam) FREE via Amplifiers

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Endless Space Definitive Edition is currently being given away by it's developer Amplitude Studios as part of it celebrating 14 years as a developer and to drum up a bit of interest ahead of launching Endless Dungeon in a few months. Sadly you can't just claim it direct on Steam so there are a couple of hoops to jump through first.

  • Go to their forum - Deal link - community.amplitude-studios.com/
  • Create an account
  • Link your Steam account
  • Go to the Rewards page on your profile - can be accessed by clicking the gift icon in the top right of the screen.
  • Claim the game

Currently it is also possibly to claim Dungeon of the Endless for free, along with DLC for it and some other Amplitude games.

On Friday last week (20th Jan) Sega sent out emails about the Dungeon of the Endless giveaway - same steps. The site ran out of keys very quickly and there seemed to be little support until the deal technically expired on the 23rd. However it still shows today and as of earlier today made more keys available.

For those accessing via mobile the website scales poorly so you may only see Dungeon of the Endless and Love Thyself. There should be a button below that to scroll to the right and reveal the third game Endless Space. See Doczee comment below with a picture on mobile.
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    One of the worst websites I've ever used - really not clear how to navigate - finally managed to find rewards tab and game is still coming up as £2 to buy - given up now
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    Not seeing this myself..
    Once you have an account there go to your profile, across to Rewards and click that.

    You should see "Claim your freebies" and below that is a section called Full Game.

    There I see Dungeon of the Endless, Love Thyself and Endless Space Collection - click on them to open a panel with an option to claim them (if account linked to Steam).
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    At the section where you see the games: Dungeon of Endless, Love Thyself - click the arrow and it won't scroll the images but on the second click right - you'll get to Endless Space Collection which will be showed above the scroller.

    49393378-69oMP.jpg (edited)
    That button doesn’t work on iphone
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    There’s a problem linking epic games accounts and nobody helps (edited)
    This needs you to link your account to Steam, not to the Epic Games Store.
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    Won't give me reward until I link to epic games. When I try linking I get internal server error on my phone but will try later on the pc
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    After all the problems reported above, I can confirm I followed the instructions at the top of the page and it is now showing in my Steam inventory.
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    I can't even register on the site. Apparently yahoo.com email addresses aren't allowed.
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    Yeah yesterdays one worked but this one doesn’t want to
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    Only managed to claim Dungeon of the Endless. Nowhere to find the Endless Space Definitive edition
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    Nope, not seeing it. Just Dungeon of the endless and Love thyself.
    Looks like the page scales poorly to mobiles. Where you see the 2 games there are 3 on the row - visible on desktop, not my phone.

    Click right to scroll through Dungeon of the Endless to Love Thyself then to Endless Space.
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    Linked my steam account and could claim the dungeon of the endless but the endless space is not showing anywhere ? Anybody having these issues?
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    Kept on saying already claimed for me but didn't show in library. Did a bit of messing about and worked.
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    Is the game any good?
    Haven't played it but 8/10 on Gamespot tells me it's worth it for free!
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    Thanks for this. Reasonably straight forward on desktop. It's not 100% clear where to click but following your guide and subsequent comments it wasn't rocket science.
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    Thanks worked for me on phone, had to "view as desktop site" then click "unlocked on steam" then click the "Steam" button on the bottom left.
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    Thanks OP, worked fine with the instructions above
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    Thanks OP. Took some fiddling about on mobile but worked eventually.
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    Cheers! Already had Endless Space in my library from years back but didn't have Dungeon so appreciate the heads up.
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    Website sucks B@lls! Created account then can’t do anything just timing out
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    Make a giveaway where the disgruntled web designer doesn’t want to give anything away