Eneloop D Size Battery Adaptor just £2.99 delivered @ Play.com

Eneloop D Size Battery Adaptor just £2.99 delivered @ Play.com

Found 5th Mar 2009
Bought these at a good price for a good brand, thought I would share as they could be useful for someone and saves buying D size which can be pricey.


Used to be 1.99 I think on 7dayshop but can't find them now. They are great though as 2500maH + AAs are cheaper to buy.

cheaper on fleabay - these are just a casing that changes an AA battery to a D size, nothing special and not specific to eneloop. You can get ones that convert to C size as well, I've used cheapo fleabay ones for years and had no problems.

If this is just for 1 or 2 convertors then it's a poor buy.
Maplins used to do a 4 pack of these for under £2
May still do!
Got some here, and they are very useful

As I much as I prefer smaller batteries, some items may require D size for the extra grunt they can provide, particularly if its got spinning motors in or something... just something to consider before buying
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