Enemy Mine - £2.99 @ Play.com

Enemy Mine - £2.99 @ Play.com

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Next best is £4.43 (inc. delivery) at Amazon UK.

In this visually stunning sci-fi adventure, two warriors engaged in a savage, futuristic war between Earth and the planet Dracon, crash-land on a desolate, fiery planet. At first, the human (Dennis Quaid) and his reptilian, alien opponent (Louis Gossett, Jr.) are intent on destroying each other. But gradually realize that the only way either of them will survive is to overcome their undying hatred.


Great film if you are into sci-fi.

Thank you

:thumbsup:One of my kids favorite films - worth picking up at this price

Awsome film, i used to have this on VHS think i'll pick this one up for this price.

Great film but it hasn't aged well.

Fat Bird;3084257

Great film but it hasn't aged well.

the cover would proove your point is correct lol have seen this film around recently and i am tempted.Sound like a good one to remake with fancey 3D graphics..... dont want to get blamed for ruining what some people might see as a classic :thinking: hehe

You (hoo)ugly face!

Aw, I love this film. If I didn't already have it on dvd, I'd buy it

This film is a classic :thumbsup:

Great film...priced a bit high though.

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Great film...priced a bit high though.

Priced a bit high? They don't get much cheaper than this unless you count the ASDA £2 stand.

What were you expecting it for? A pound?

i dont think id pay even a quid - never heard of the film but it sounds cheap.

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Definetly not a cheap film by any stretch of the imagination - this is a 1985 big budget studio flick that was actually shot twice and went overbudget because director Wolfgang Petersen (Das Boot, Troy) did not like the film the first time and re-shot from scratch.

i dont think id pay even a quid - never heard of the film

At least take on board what people are saying or perhaps do a little research before writing off a film you've 'never heard of'. Other than studio films with huge publicity budgets there are many simply amazing films you've probably never heard of. Don't dismiss something out of hand just because of that.

I'm not saying ENEMY MINE is amazing, but it's very good (especialy if 'you were there' I suspect)
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