Enemy Territory: Quake Wars  £8.40  DELIVERED (PC)

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars £8.40 DELIVERED (PC)

Found 22nd Apr 2008
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

Two playable armies, each delivering a totally unique gameplay experience, with distinctive technology, abilities, weapons, vehicles, and structures

Combat focused on key capture, construct and destroy objectives, but open-ended to allow limitless strategy and improvised missions and tactics

Complete individual assignments and objectives to gain experience and rank during a single mission or an overarching campaign of three linked missions

An array of land, sea, and air vehicles, with multiple combat positions including driver, gunner, passenger, and even commander

Unlimited strategic options with deployable radar, fire support and defensive turrets

Cutting edge technology, where stunning visuals, realistic physics, and optimized networking combine to deliver an unparalleled online gaming experience

Earth: 2060 - The dawn of a hellish new age, the marauding Strogg, cyborg soldiers of the evil Makron, have left the world's major cities as abandoned smoking ruins. The Strogg come in greed - to stroggify humanity into spare parts and protein food. The GDF must defeat the ravaging alien hordes, or face extinction.

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is the Quake Zero of the Quake universe, set in the early days of the Strogg invasion of Earth, years before the events of Quake II, pitting the combined humand armies of the Global Defense Force (GDF) agains the vastly technologically superior Strogg. Enemy Territory: Quake Wars chronicles the epic battles waged around the world in humanity's desperate war for survival.


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Why is this game so cheap everywhere, especially at shopto.net ?

Yeh it is crazy cheap! I'm a big fan of the old Battlefield games and apparently it's quite similar to that. Been meaning to get a couple of copies for me and my mate for ages now so this seems the right time to go for it. Shoptos cashback scheme for recommends is pretty good to, raking up a fair bit recommending from my girlfriends acount to mine :P Anyone got the game already? Is it any good?

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ok seems a bit of a bargin and ordered, and the IGN and Gametrailers reviews look good as well. Strange how its so low, I guess thats PC gaming for you.

Yeh i wanted it for the 360 because my laptop is pretty dated now, but it's pretty hard to find for much less than £30
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