Energenie Amazon certified Alexa smart plugs 3 pack £56.99 Amazon

Energenie Amazon certified Alexa smart plugs 3 pack £56.99 Amazon

Found 28th Jul 2017
Product Description
MiHome by Energenie is the smartest way to buy smart plugs. This starter kit includes 3 smart plugs and the MiHome Gateway to get you going. Add additional smart plugs, or other MiHome devices such as smart radiator valves, sensors and light switches.

Buying a system rather than individual smart plugs has many advantages. The more smart plugs you buy, the cheaper they become as the cost of the control gateway is split over the smart plugs.

If you have set timers for your smart plugs, these are stored on the Gateway, so if the internet goes down your timers will still work.

MiHome connects to other platforms such as Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, Works with Nest and more.

MiHome is so simle to set up. Download the App, connect the Gateway to your router and its powersupply and follow the in-app pictures to complete set up in just a minute or two.
MiHome uses the internet for all communications, so broadband is required. Energenie suggest common sense is applied to switching of certain electrical devices such as heating appliances. If you would not normally leave devices on unattended, then this should be no different when controlling devices with a smart plug. Use of the MiHome App uses data, this includes mobile data when you are away from home; check you have access to mobile data and understand the costs involved befoe using. The range of the MiHome gateway to devices such as smart plugs can vary depending on the construction of your building and the location of your router. Just like WiFi there will be good signal areas and bad signal areas within your home whihc may affect the typical range, which in a masonary and timber building is around 25M

Manufacturer's Description

Mi|Home Starter Pack
The Mi|Home starter pack is a place to start with building a smart home. It includes the Mi|Home gateway, Mi|Home remote control and 3 Mi|Home Adapters

Mi|Home current system
Mi|Home is a whole ecosystem of products. Mi|Home can control your heating, lighting and appliances. This product is for switching and monitoring energy use of individual appliance. A confirmation of action and the status of the adapter is reported in the Mi|Home App

Simple Set up
The whole system is super easy to set up and you can be up and running in minutes. The gateway has a QR code on the back and the app has a built in code and its just a quick swipe to get you on your way. The Mi|Home devices set up with a press of a button, it really couldn't be easier.

The Mi|Home system has a number of great features. Also well as simple on/off commands and monitoring energy usage and temperature. You are able to set up timers and programmes within the app. This is great for your radiators as you only ever need to heat the rooms you are actually in. It can also be great for kids bedrooms in the evening and even turning the kettle on in the morning.

The Mi|Home system also allows you to control Mi|Home devices through geofencing. This is the ability to switch product on or off via your phones location. Again great for conserving energy by making sure everything is turned off or for making sure you return home to a warm home.

About this item
3 Smart Plugs and control hub
Add additional smart plugs from less than £10 each
Includes MiHome Gateway - build your smart home system
Free iOS and Android App; super simple set up in minutes
Ask Alexa, or use the App from anywhere in the world
Product information
Manufacturer Energenie
Manufacturer reference MIHO027
Package Dimensions 35.6 x 19.8 x 14.2 cm; 980 g
Shipping Weight 980 g
Best Sellers Rank 1858

Box Contains
1 x Mi|Home Gateway, 3 x Mi|Home plug-in adapters, 1 x hand controller, 1 x power supply, 1 x 1M ethernet cable, 1 x USB power lead, 1 x battery for hand controller
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Will this turn my girlfriend on?
Great price for amazing product. I have the full range at home, including plugs, door door and movement sensors. Works flawlessly with Amazon Alexa and IFTTT.

Very affordable way to automate your home.
Edited by: "funkybudda" 28th Jul 2017
Can someone explain to me what does the plugs do I have amazon echo dot with Alexa what will it do for me

Can someone explain to me what does the plugs do I have amazon echo dot … Can someone explain to me what does the plugs do I have amazon echo dot with Alexa what will it do for me

Allow you to turn stuff off and back on.
TheUrbis2 m ago

Allow you to turn stuff off and back on.

Like what

Like what

Look at the photo... anything you plug in.

I'm not Google.

Like what

Electrical stuff

Like what

Life support machines? Are you being serious?

If you have a power cut will these still work
Edited by: "powerbrick" 28th Jul 2017
When I was looking for a WIFI replacement for my old X10 and Home Easy system, I looked at these. But they don't get very good revues. Nearly as many one stars as what there are fives.
I went for the TP-Link in the end, a little more expensive but no problems at all from the six I have. Plus if you wait and shop around they can be found for just over £20 each and no hub is needed.
Edited by: "Sholan" 28th Jul 2017
19DembaBa1919 m ago

Like what

The rain. If alexa says it is raining outside you can ask it to turn off the rain. But can also turn it back on at night.
This is cheaper at the BT Shop shop.bt.com/pro…tml
Will this turn my girlfriend on?
It work for me last night . (:-)

It work for me last night . (:-)

I'm in then
ceebs20 m ago

Will this turn my girlfriend on?

If she's called Alexa it's almost guaranteed mate...

But, seriously, got an Echo on Prime Day (I mean, why wouldn't you??) and so surprised at what it can do. We have Evohome and can now turn the temps in each room up/down by voice command. plus we are also edf energy customers so can send meter readings in through voice command. Just surreal, the possibilities are endless. The wife was very sniffy about me buying it but is now actively looking for a Philips Hue set up. Amazing...
Edited by: "bellboys" 28th Jul 2017
Cold. Cheaper elsewhere.
Edited by: "Turret" 28th Jul 2017
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