Energinie Mi Home WiFi plug Starter Pack £49.99 or 3 pack without hub and remote for £27.99 Black Friday Deal

Energinie Mi Home WiFi plug Starter Pack £49.99 or 3 pack without hub and remote for £27.99 Black Friday Deal

Found 26th Nov 2017
Good price for a 3 pack of smart WiFi plugs, usually £79.99 so a healthy £30 saving. Comes with 3 plugs, a hub and remote.

It’s a good set for those of you who have taken advantage of the Smart Home devices as they work with the Amazon Echo and Google Home devices.

For anyone who already has these with the hub and are look for a few more you can get a 3 pack on their own for £27.99 below from the below link:

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So the hub is required for these to work?
Why would you need the remote for? Can they not be controlled via the Mi home app?
got them and they are really annoying. even when they work they lag so much. plus the plug set i got for £22 on amazon
Do you need the hub, I have Alexa?
just get the tplink HS110 with energy monitoring
20 quid at amazon or currys

no hub necessary and they work well
I've got it aswell, it was a bit of a pain to setup. Go for the Tplink hs110 or if its for lights then go for the Philips hue starter kit
Yeah you’d need the hub as it’s the bridge between the plugs and connecting to your WiFi. I think the control is just a little extra, I doubt many people would use it but I suppose it’s an alternative to picking up your phone and opening an app/web page
These are still 433MHz control aren't they, hence the remote. The hub is therefore like the Sonoff RF hub which is £7.50 odd from Banggood. If you have the plugs and a key remote, you can program them into the Sonoff, save around £12 on the whole setup.

But I like Energenie, been around for a while, and they do a nice 433MHz controller for the Raspberry Pi.
Anyone thinking about buying these please read some reviews first!
Same price on Amazon.
Mixed reviews,

Yes please dont buy these, I have them and wish I hadn't - the lag is LOOOONG before the switches respond, the hub is basically an rf transmitter - they dont always receive the rf singnal, app can't tell if the switch is actually on or not - just guesses.

Id far recc the 3 for 2 deal at 39.99 at argos right now for 3 TP Link switches that dont require a hub and will respond a lot faster too.. and threy have google assistant/home integration built in, whereas these need to work through IFTTT to work through assistant/alexa
Got this kit for £35 almost 2 years ago from Sainsbury in a sale.

£50 is a rip off for RF sockets even if it does come with a hub (which just sends standard RF signals). I sold mine on eBay after giving up on it after coming home to realise the plug didn't switch on or off while I was out (as there is no feedback).
I had these and had to send them back, the hub was not ideal and kept losing connection. Good if they suit others needs but wasnt for me.
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