Energiser 15min charger w. 4x2200mAh batteries £14.99 + £3.95 delivery (£18.94 total)
Energiser 15min charger w. 4x2200mAh batteries £14.99 + £3.95 delivery (£18.94 total)

Energiser 15min charger w. 4x2200mAh batteries £14.99 + £3.95 delivery (£18.94 total)

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The best price I've seen for such a fast charger, don't need one myself, but maybe somenoe out there does. Amazon are selling this for £28.19. Comes with a car charger too!

OUR FINAL FLING - An Amazing 7dayshop.com Deal - Winner of the Product of the Year 2006, the Energizer 15 minute charger is like no other battery charger available. In about the time it takes to have a shower, dry off (with a towel) and brush your chops your batteries will go from flat to fully charged, now that's pretty amazing !!

Top of the line features include:
Supplied with 4 x AA powerful/long life Ni-Mh (2200 mAh) batteries
Unit can charge both AA and AAA size Ni-Mh batteries
LED charging lights show battery charging status
4 individual charging channels for extra ease of use and convenience
Automatic on/off switching with built in safety timer and temperature sensor
May be used with all good quality Ni-Mh batteries. Batteries with a higher capacity of 2200 mAh will take a little longer to fully charge e.g. 2500 mAh will take around 18 Mins.

This brand new (blister packed) charger is supplied complete with UK 3 Pin world-wide mains unit (240V) which is just the job when travelling (although a socket adapter may be needed) and also includes a 12V car (cigar) lead for charging in-car.
We promise that you ill not find a better price anywhere in the UK for this exceptional charger!!


I have one of these. Been using it for about 6 months. Have 3 sets of 4 batteries and we now seldom need to buy any because you can recharge them on demand. Great.

I seem to have got an addiction to buying things since finding these bargain forums and was tempted by the 15 minute charger. However, I have persuaded myself that I can stick with my new 1-2 hour charger having found this on an Aussie camera forum

"Regarding chargers, they are very important. Some baby your cells some absolutely cook them. Choose intelligent chargers with independant channels. They normally have 1 LED per charging slot. Choose chargers that can charge minimum a single cell at a time and not minimum of 2 cells. Charging 2 cells at a time causes imbalance charging and can strain the weaker cell. Look for 1-2 hour fast charger and not the super ambitious 15 minute chargers. These chargers will cook your cells. Ultra fast charging your cells increases the chemical degration rate. If you love those super ambitious chargers then better off buying the cheapest rechargeable.

On top of the specs above, look for a charger with trickle charge function. Trickle charging for a period of time ensures that your cells reaches full capacity because fast charging does not fully charge your cells. "

Original Poster

I agree that if you can afford it then buy a charger with all the bells and whistles, but they are not cheap ~£50. There are a number of 15min chargers that have good enough electronics that will not 'fry' your batteries as much as others and some do have a trickle-charge function, but you need to check that out before you buy if it's important to you.

I think for most people it's not a big deal that they get 3yrs out of a set of batteries. Seeing as a set of 4x2000+mAh rechargable batteries can cost about the same as a good set of high-power alkalines then it's no biggie to replace them after a year or two for the convenience of charging them quickly when you need them, swings and roundabouts!

Anyway, for most folk the 100% charge isn't that important as they usually leave batteries in their camera/whatever so they're slowly being drained anyway. I know, I do it myself! ;o)

PS 7dayshop also do sets of 4x2700mAh batteries in a little plastic case for £3.49, bought them myself and they work fine!

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