Energizer Batteries AAA, AA, C and D 2 pack or £3 or 4 pack for £5 @ Tesco

Energizer Batteries AAA, AA, C and D 2 pack or £3 or 4 pack for £5 @ Tesco

Found 15th Nov 2009
Just went out to get some batteries and found this deal. Basically 1 pack (4x AAA, 4x AA, 2x C or 2x D) is around £2.89. But as above, two pack for £3 and 4 pack for £5. Great savings. Even cheaper than Duracell which is BOGOF in Tesco as well. Bargain in my opinion. Time to stock up for Christmas!


"Time to stock up for Christmas!"

Indeed it is - time to stock up on some rechargeables, and save a lot of money in a very short time. OK, C & D cells are not quite as available, but as they are dearer in the first place, the economies build up even sooner!

Disposables, whatever price you are paying are an absolute waste of money, as well as a waste of resources and an environmental disaster.

Get Hybrio/Eneloop/Instants ("New Technology") ones out of first choice as they are JUST like having disposables, and get rid of ALL the moans and groans that unwilling users of rechargeables come up with.

As we were discussing on another thread ( hotukdeals.com/ite…-ba ) just a couple of days ago, It is hard (no, ridiculous!) to believe that now people will spend time trying to defend using disposables, when there are ZERO arguments for them, and the only benefit they have is to line the pockets of retailers and manufacturers!

Keep on using them if you want, but personally I would not be bragging about how poor a bargain hunter I was, in public, in a Bargain orientated forum! :-(

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I agree. Which is why I've only bought C and D size. There is of course adaptors for AA to size C and D, but they don't last anywhere as long as these disposable ones. I have about 30 AA rechargables lying around myself.

Still, it's a bargain.
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