Energizer Classic Pack of 24 AA Batteries - £4.99 instore @ Robert Dyas

Energizer Classic Pack of 24 AA Batteries - £4.99 instore @ Robert Dyas

Found 17th Nov 2008Made hot 17th Nov 2008
Had a mail drop this morning and spotted this from Robert Dyas.
Seems great value for the brand of battery and they do last a long while.

These can be delivered but only get them if you buying something else as delivery is £4.95 !!


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Anyone who has Dale Winton as his forum avatar has absolutely no right to speak - keep quiet.

If anyone prefers smaller amount of these, Asda is selling a pack of four for a quid.

There are tonnes of them in Asda Hulme, Manchester.

Thanks OP, now i know what to spend my £5 off a £10 spend voucher on Thursday. Rob D gave me a voucher on Friday when I spent £4! This deal should help towards the Christmas Batteryfest!


you knew what you were doing when choosing to be good old dale!



mam boboy

mambo boy

mambob oy

mam bo bo y

and the list could go on.....well not for to much longer

And I thought I was doing well getting 18 AA and 18AAA (Duracell Plus) batteries for £5.99 each pack from Makro (C & C). :-(

Charlie Brown

Good deal been going for ages....£4.50 in my Robert Dyas too

i bought the pack roughly the same time last year.
it's quite cheap price, but **** quality.
bare in mind, it's not engergizer ultra or ultimate, so it's the worst energizer we are talking about now.

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