Energizer lithium 4xAAA batteries £2.23 (in-store) @ BestBuy

Energizer lithium 4xAAA batteries £2.23 (in-store) @ BestBuy

Found 29th Nov 2011
These batteries last up to 10x longer than a normal one, i use them in my camera all the time.

There was no price in BestBuy They are usually £4-6 so was very happy when they scanned at £2.23

The guy at the till said AA was the same price but I cannot confirm as I didn't buy any.
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Any AA ones?
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Tons of AA ones there, like I said I didn't check the price of them but the man on the till said they were the same price
Shame you can;t buy online
Good price for very good batteries, heat added, but if as you say you use them in your camera all the time, would you not be better buying some good quality LSD rechargeables?

It would work out much cheaper in the long term.
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