Energy Drink @ Home Bargains 10p

Energy Drink @ Home Bargains 10p

Found 9th Oct 2012
Went into my local Home Bargains at Preston and saw this, not sure if local or national.

Cheap mixer for Vodka?
Or a quick pick me up perhaps

Photo of receipt for proof:…pg/
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Got some of this yesterday - it's minging. Tastes like cough medicine and smells like it too.
Yeah picked up some from Preston this week. It's flat, and rank. But it's 10p, so hot.
Woah I wouldn't be going anywhere near that.Some things just look grim from the outside and this is one of em.
Cold from me as well. Bought 2 bottles to give it a try, and immediately threw the second in the bin. Absolutely revolting - even if it is 10p
Tasted alright to me, just like leaving a can of redbull open and waiting for it to go flat.

Bottles are tiny though, may as well buy the 25-30p can of fake redbull.
saw these today and at 10p gave it a try. ok its no redbull but it is still great for the price. tastes fine and goes down a treat unlike redbull which leaves me sick after a few cans. would definitely buy more
is this blue rat?
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