ENERGY LIGHT BULBS 5 for 39P @ Sainsburys (Innstore)

ENERGY LIGHT BULBS 5 for 39P @ Sainsburys (Innstore)

Found 9th May 2009
went in local sbrys last nite and they had some phillips energy bayonet bulbs advertsised at 5 FOR 50P!!!

yes it is true cos I checked before i bought them. and to make it even more of a deal they scanned at 39P after VAT reduction..... we bought 20!! i know i know why do we need that many........ cos when i do a carboot guess wot i am gunna sell??? CREDIT CRUNCH and all that.

ps ... u can never have enuf light bulbs..........????


Any chance we could have some more cheap light bulb deals....?

cheapest so far
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