Energy Saving Bulbs 8p @ Tesco (in store)
Energy Saving Bulbs 8p @ Tesco (in store)

Energy Saving Bulbs 8p @ Tesco (in store)

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Saw @ Tesco York Askham Bar. Tesco Value. 15W equivalent to 75W conventional bulb. Bought a couple and must say the light is very decent.


Philips Energy Saver Stick Bulb - 11 Watt only 10p in Argos



The curly 15w ones in Tesco are very good they are 20p in my local store, much better than the value branded ones in terms of on time and light output.

Would advise people to grab these while you can as Browns stimulus money supporting the subsidy will nearly have run out expect the £2 light bulb soon.

Do these ones "warm up" quickly? We have some almost instant on ones around the house, but the GE branded things in the living room take a good few minutes before they get up to speed.

i'm not being funny but to be honest these light (i mean energy) saving bulbs are a bit of a farce for a start by the time they've actually lit up the room your going into, your on your way out again, best advice i can give if putting these all around the house is buy more lamps for each room so you can actually see.
On another issue though it has been known that some of these so called energy saving bulbs can cause skin conditions if close to the source.

I bought some of Tesco's 20p Energy bulbs last week and took them back, they took two seconds to flick on after turning on, and then one appeared to flicker the whole time, and were very slow a lighting up. Not recommended, the ones I bought from Poundland the week before were great though! instant full brightness and a very white light.

When I posted it more than 2 weeks ago it only had 68... now its hot with over 200 :-) you are lucky

My local Tesco had these further reduced to 2p for clearance.
I didn't get any because I now have enough from all the deals to last until something better comes along.

Luckily I bought a stash of proper light bulbs before they were made illegal by the EU. As somebody else said by the time they've come on properly you've probably left the room. They're also full of mercury so not "green" at all.

Full of mercury............yes almost enough to fit on the point of a pin!

Skin conditions, lead....

You dont eat them!
Plus I would imagine for any skin conditions to arise you would have to be about an inch away and be trying to get a tan with it.

Heat here!
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