Energy Saving Lightbulbs - 25p each at Sainsburys

Energy Saving Lightbulbs - 25p each at Sainsburys

Found 4th Apr 2008
Buy 4 for £1 - offer on until 24th June 2008

Reduce your lighting bill by 80%.
Lasts up to 6 times longer than ordinary bulbs.

chose from:
Osram Energy Saver Duluxstar 11w Bayonet Cap - equivalent to 60W ordinary bulb.
Osram Energy Saver Duluxstar 8w Bayonet Cap - equivalent to 40W ordinary bulb
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Great deal
Just come back from Sainsburys in Beaconsfield. They're still charging £2+ each there (as they have for all the E-S-L deals I've seen posted) is this restricted to some regions only?
as it's on their main webpage I should think it applies nationally.

If they are overcharging in store, the trick is to buy them - say 8 of them - pay for them, then ring up cust services on 0800 63 62 62 and complain you've been overcharged. bingo - you'll end up with them for 25p each, plus whatever discretionary compensation they award you.
can't say fairer than that !!
tesco 1p each? still on?
Need to get some NOW!!!
these bulbs aren't hot ... they're coooollll ...
this deal is as hot as touching a regular bulb:thumbsup:
I got 4 of these the other day, 25p is a great price.
Pass, already got myself a lifetime supply of the Tesco 1 pence energy saving lightbulbs

1p deal at my local tesco is looooooooong gone and they hardly had any stock anyway. There were none at my local tesco available at this price just an empty (small) space on the shelf.....

This is a great price without the governement grants these still retail at £2 - £3 each.....

I made the mistake of only getting 6 last time the offers were on. I have used 4 already. I wont make the same mistake this time !
Picked some up from Morrissons @ half price earlier. Worked out at around 24p per bulb I think!
Morrissons have the Philips version for 3 for £1
I picked up some Philips a while back very cheap at Netto, if they last as long as claimed I'm OK for the next 20 years... :-D

Still hot though. :thumbsup:

1p deal at my local tesco is looooooooong gone and they hardly had any … 1p deal at my local tesco is looooooooong gone and they hardly had any stock anyway.

Same with my nearest branch. Picked about about a 6 x 75w equivalents one day. Few days later came back saw they only had 60w equivalents and didn't think they would be bright enough. Day later I decided to get them anyway, went back and they had all gone
thanks for the nice comments, heat and rep, guys.
much appreciated !
Went back into my local branch again today, had a quick look in the bulb section and saw about a dozen screw and bayonet types back in stock. There were no big signs up advertising it unlike last time. I didn't buy anymore but this might be worth noting for other people around the country so they can check in their branches. Maybe Tesco are doing one final (smallish) push with this 1p scheme (or my branch had some buried under some boxes and didn't find them until now).
Sainsburys ones are £2.09 each or 4 for £1 but no screw fittings in my local sainsburys
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