Energy Saving Lightbulbs only ** 1p ** Tesco Instore
Energy Saving Lightbulbs only  ** 1p ** Tesco Instore

Energy Saving Lightbulbs only ** 1p ** Tesco Instore

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Seen this on MSE and just managed to grab a few of them they are

SCREW CAP - LARGE (Normal Fitting)

9 Watt (40w) Stick
11 W (60w) Stick
20 W (100w) Stick

BAYONET CAP - LARGE (Normal Fitting)

9 Watt (40w) Stick
11 W (60w) Stick
20 W (100w) Stick


11 Watt (60w) Screw
11 Watt (60w) Bayonet

The Small Screws one and ones that looked like light blubs were normal price, these were normal price but scanned at 1p each


Edit- These are the TESCO make and all have 6 years on them


Thanks for the heads up Mr Hunter

Good shout..... Hot.
I thought the Morrisons ones were cheap, but this is a virtual givaway.

none on shelf but big cage full of them ready to go on shelf, 5;30 might have been abit too early! watford branch

great offer to get people going green i guess!

Just got some and they are 1p...

But felt a bit of a skank....kept checking whichones were cheap

Nice spot

Thanks for enlightening us - heat added.

PS if you look anything like your picture - stop looking - you have found your mister!!!

^^^^^ Smooth...

I just picked some up at my local tesco's. HOT price!

Is there a limit on how many you can have, I need to kit out two houses with these bulbs!

Original Poster

Not really but i would be quick and also try and take someone with you so you can get 20/30 each or something

Been into my local tesco today and there was 4 per person limit.....but the cashier was urging people to leave the store, put the bulbs in ur car and then come back in to get another 4. Voted hot !!

Limits might be down to individual stores.
I got over a hundred in two visits no problem.
You can only try.

its all about rebates from the government retailers have a target and by april what they have sold the govt will kcikback literally hundreds of thousands to retailers for selling them

All gone in my store, probably to the kind ones buying hundreds to sell on ebay. heat given nonetheless

These give so much less light than the regular ones. I put 2 x 20W(100W) in my not so big room and I don't find it bright enough

does anybody find these are never as good normal bulbs



does anybody find these are never as good normal bulbs

Yeah - I've got a 20W (100W) energy saver in my hallway - it takes a good ten minutes before the light is fully bright enough and even then it has that horrible fluorescent glare.

Still this is a great deal - heat added!

i dont see any real difference from normal bulbs to energy saving ones, i have 2 in my room and although they take a few mins to heat up they are good when they are. Im sure having them last a good 5+years and using less on the bill is worth that extra min wait.

think mine are 60w no idea though.

I use the Phillips brand energy bulbs (ones equvilent to 100w) and apart from first 30 seconds or so I find them as bright as normal lightbulbs and elec costs gone down £2 a week despite an energy rise since i swapped them over.

hot, hot hot!!!!!!!!! checkout fella could not believe his eyes! A million thanks.

Includes some GE branded bulbs and some Tesco Value ones as well as 'Tesco Energy Saving' branded ones

Some barcodes for the 1p ones, as a lot of stores still have SELs at full price, although the bulbs with these codes will scan at 1p:

Tesco Energy Saving:

9 Watt 5 051399 533438
20 Watt Bayonet Spiral 5051399533070
11 Watt Screw Spiral 5051399533117
11 Watt Bayonet Spiral 5051399533292
11 Watt Bayonet Stick 5051399533391

and GE Energy Saving Elegance

20 Watt Bayonet Spiral 0043168881234

and some more...

20 watt Tesco 5051399 53346
20 watt Tesco 5051399 779393
9 watt GE 0043168 405171
9 watt GE 0043168 706346
11 watt GE 0043168 132893
11 watt Tesco Value 5051140 009748

bought 6 of each type at 1p each, as 6 was the limit. voted hot

where can I get cheap ass small screw Energy Saving (SES) bulbs from?


They wernt on in my local tesco extra branch, and they didnt know what i was talking about. Mind you this was only an hour ago and the nightshift workers probably know nothing off it and they must have sold out. Oh well, next time.

By the time i get myself to tesco i bet they are all sold out. I've pretty much got them in most light fittings now anyway. Still a really good find so voted HOT :thumbsup:

Any1 else tried buying the GE 20w bulbs and can confirm they are 1p? These are very good and pretty much give full brightness on switching on.

I have just bought several in my local Tesco - SELs show normal prices.
One more bar code - Tesco Value energy saver 11w - 5051140010003.

they've still got them at the Barrow in Furness store, but limited to 4 per customer, just look for the big crowd in the foyer, I missed them as I walked in and had to ask - couldn't see them for people!!!
voted hot

they have 1p sign in Chesterfield with limit of 4 per customer

Not on offer in Tesco's Extra Thanet :-(

I have just been and boiught 30 of these the staff dont care how many you take at all and they are having a full pallet delivered tomorrow. Might go back as I had the last 8 spiral ones.

Fill your boots!


I went into my local Tesco today (Barrrow) they had a big cage full of them but only letting you have 4. I tried to take about 15 as I have the need for this many. Woman on the till got all rightous on me and wouldn't let me have them, started qouting the Tesco bulk buying policy, that you're only allowed to buy 10 of one thing. Never heard so much horse s**t in all my life. We've been in there and bought 35-40 of various items when we've been buying for kids birthday parties. Looks like they're definately not all singing from the same hymn sheet if some stores are telling you to fill your boots, whilst others are hawking over you like secret service agents. Tally wackers, all of em...........:whistling:

The advert in this mornings paper clearly states 4 per customer should be in all stores. Ipswich Extra had none left at lunchtime today though.

On the shelf it says 4 bulbs per transaction (not per customer), therefore you can swipe, pay, swipe, pay. I just went down there and they had loads on a crate next to the shelf, picked up 3 boxes (31p for 31 bulbs) to kit out mine and my parents with them. They all went through on the self-serve no probs! lol

Voted Hot!!!!


Plenty on the shelves at Aylesbury Tesco so I grabbed a dozen and scattered them amongst my big food shop at the checkout, no problems.

I was a bit surprised that several people browsed and picked normal-priced bulbs without even showing any interest in the 1p offers on the same shelf. Maybe a case of "looks too good to be true"...?

....or because they are rubbish, they flicker and won't dim. Was in Tesco earlier and saw these marked at 1p each so picked up 4 (Tesco Yarmouth, probably all gone now though as a crowd was gathering) but it seems saving the world comes at a cost (for lack of a better word) :whistling:

Very hot deal though and great find, you can't really go wrong for a penny I guess


....or because they are rubbish, they flicker and won't dim.

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