Engineer Inc. pz-58 'screw removal' pliers, just £12 (Travis Perkins)

Engineer Inc. pz-58 'screw removal' pliers, just £12 (Travis Perkins)

Found 2nd Sep 2015
These usually sell for £17+ (I've never seen them the price this low in a UK merchant)

This is a Travis Perkins IN-STORE deal but I've just go back from our local Travis Perkins branch & the counter staff said there's good availability (they've about 600 branches nationwide, locate your nearest branch...…tor ).

The pz-58 look like combi pliers, BUT they have special jaws that bite/grip into screwheads that are Gnarled or Ruined ...the screw can then simply be twisted out - (the description says the pliers jaws can even grip & remove 'dome head' or even 'tamper proof' screws - impressive). These are made in Japan (where they are meant to be the best selling pliers), so they're good quality.

Edit: Just found the Manufacturer's product video...…oNA

Or this, a short 'high octane' version showing the pliers in action (warning: turn your sound down!)...…GSA
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Heat for the dinosaur shadow.
As an enthusiastic amateur tamperer these look perfect - will look forward to using them to fix some more stuff that isn't broken.
These are available from Amazon for £13.90 inc. delivery for folk that can't get to a Travis Perkins store.…ers
I've never had a problem just grabbing them with a mole wrench but interesting product none the less.
I'd be interested to know how good these are, I'm constantly coming across mixed metal installations.
sick of drilling and retapping.
Had a pair for years and they really do work. Wouldn't like to do without them now.
Just bagged me a pair of these earlier this morning at Travis Perkin's Walthamstow branch (they've a few left still). Thanks OP...these really are excellent ...very useful to have in my toolbox :-).
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