England Home Football Shirt £21 (maybe)?
Possible england home shirt for £21 instore

I was in debenhams today and noticed that on the england shirt rail there was a 30% off tag on both ends of the rail.

I didn't have time to ask a member of staff as I was running late.

it might be worth having a look if your in or near debenhams in the near future.

- dj_lloyde


I think that they're £14 online for children's sizes during their sale right now?


Just got one in large £15 also used a free p and p code as well

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bare in mind these are £30 in shops

cheers for all the cold voting's

could be the fact that they are possibly not £21?

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The thing that gets me about this place is everyone is so quick to criticise (I'm not aiming this at you swordjo)

I have said these shirts are possibly £21 as I dont want people to moan at me if they not £21, saw it in debenhams and thought I would share the info but people still wanna vote me cold.

no pleasing some people


could be the fact that they are possibly not £21?

That's right, if you go online they're £15 but sold out :x

They do have long sleeved for £17.50 though

Printed ones are still available online for £20. Terry, Lampard, Gerrard + Rooney.
If you want a XXXL Rooney shirt, I would be quick. Get it before the England kit man spots the BARGAIN and gets some spares for Wayne:whistling:

You should have asked whilst in there ;-)
Personall Ive got too many perfect condition England shirts so no more for me...I prefer retro anyways...but thx

Visited my local Debenhams today and can confirm that these are £15 (£20 with name on back) instore with many sizes available.

Wel we got a size 6-7 for my son for £14, so how that's 30% off £30 I don't know.

Rep added my friend, and well deserved!

just bought two adults size large for £15 each in Debenhams, Cambridge.
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