England Match Attax Starter/ Binder Half Price - £2.49 @ Tesco + 50 free packs of cards

England Match Attax Starter/ Binder Half Price - £2.49 @ Tesco + 50 free packs of cards

Found 13th Jul 2010
Tesco Cirencester is giving away 50 free packs of cards when you purchase the half price binder, packs usually sell at 50p each, just ask at customer services whilst stocks last. I purchased 2 lots
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no-im gonna go mad..bought it yesterday! no free packs..

which store please? warrington dont have
Original Poster
It was in Cirencester, as they have loads of cards in stock, store specific I think.
aww ok hes just decided to collect if you have any spares let me know i will buy off you?

warrington said they dont have def both branches
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They were for a friends son, I should of bought more!
you should...if you go back get me some and i will pay you for them?
How did you know the offer was on..Do's it say on the starter packs?
Nice one....

anyone found any other stores doing this?
just been to the Blackpool Marton store and they aren't doing it so look slike it is store specific. :-(
highly unlikely COLD!
Tried in Rotherham , Wath store. staff looked at me like I was mad !
well done to poster but cold from me to save folks wasting petrol.
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Cirencester still had loads this morning but its not advertised anywhere, you just have to ask at customer services.
Jenny i dont know if you got my pm as the flippin sites all over the place! let me know anyway? thanks!
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