England's World Cup Magic Box (Limited Edition) 3 Dvds - £1 @ Poundland
England's World Cup Magic Box (Limited Edition) 3 Dvds - £1 @ Poundland

England's World Cup Magic Box (Limited Edition) 3 Dvds - £1 @ Poundland

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It's about £7 at alot of places. nice stocking filler aswell, I picked up one today.

England's World Cup Magic Box' is a special limited edition DVD box set featuring the following three discs:
Germany 1 England 5: One of England's most memorable performances ever. Shows the full match with the original BBC commentary.
England's Dream Ticket: The official story of England's dramatic qualification for World Cup 2002 finals.
The England Collection: Features portraits of 50 of England's greatest players from Bobby Charlton through to Michael Owen and includes a veriety of amazing goals, spectacular moments and much more...


An England world cup box? it must be magic if there is something inside it i guess.

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Why vote it cold, bloody hell it's a footy set with 3 disks for £1 oO

IMOP £1 is ripping us !!


Poundland = cheap, nasty tat. Always ice from me!

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not voted but seriously looks like possibly THE most uninteresting dvd ever created. Then again thats what i think of football in general. Boring players, boring game. is it just me or is it in the job description for every single person in football to speak in a monotone drone.
Edited by: "biagrin" 26th Nov 2010

Not just you, biagrin. Not only do I find it uninteresting, it's the absurdist notion, promoted by Sky and other media with a vested interest in marketing the sport to as many consumers as possible, that patriotism for one's country is in some way wrapped up with your support for eleven not terribly bright multi-millionare SUV owning blokes passing a ball round a bit of grass. Puts me right off.

I've had this set for years now. Only ever watched the 5-1 game from it, but it's well worth £1 just for that. Heat from me!
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