English Grown Roses 30  varieties 2 year old plants at ALDI

English Grown Roses 30 varieties 2 year old plants at ALDI

Found 12th Feb 2015
Instore from 19th

Take your pick from 30 varieties of bush, shrub and climbing roses with a great mix of colour and fragrance. 2-year-old, root-balled plants.
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sounds brilliant to me. I love rose bushes. heat added
out of the variety can anyone recommend which is the most fragrant? Thanks

out of the variety can anyone recommend which is the most fragrant? Thanks

my smell is poor, I can really smell the yellow citrus most. Arthur bell is very fragrant and climbing, but is hard to control and grows v tall!
good find op, heat added
99p store had rose Bushes, not sure which varieties
If its fragrance you want, you cant beat the Blue Moon variety

out of the variety can anyone recommend which is the most fragrant? Thanks

The Queen Elizabeth's I planted last year had a great fragrance to them, I put them in pots and sprinkled magnesium based Rose food on the soil every month or so which may have helped
Funnily enuf I was working on this ....
the numbers refer to the scent on a scale of 1 to 10

Arthur Bell Climber Floribunda 8 Climber Repeat Flowering
Arthur Bell Floribunda Floribunda 5 Bush Repeat Flowering Large, semi-double flowers, becoming cup-shaped when open. Bright yellow, fading to cream with age. Reliable
Blessings Hybrid Tea 7 Bush Continuous Flowering An outstanding bedding rose of soft coral-pink. Free flowering. Scented. Highly recommended. A profusion of pretty, salmon-pink blooms produced continuously on vigorous growth. A good bedding rose. Healthy, reliable and fragrant
Blue Moon Hybrid Tea 7 Bush Continuous Flowering An excellent rose of lilac, mauve. Upright and strong necked. Fragrant. Still the best of the 'blue' shades.
Casino 8 Climber Repeat Flowering Casino' is an ever-blooming climbing rose. It is a vigorous grower with dark-green, glossy leaves and dark stems. In summer and autumn, it produces large, fragrant, golden-yellow flowers One of the best yellow pillar roses or small climbers. Clusters of scented, globular, mid-yellow fully double flowers on strong stems. Glossy foliage.
Chinatown Floribunda 7 Bush Continuous Flowering A clear yellow with very attractive light green foliage. Excellent for hedging. Pleasing peach fragrance.A giant for the back of the border. Large, double, clear yellow flowers with a good fragrance. Very tough and healthy. 5ft.
Compassion 8 Climber Repeat Flowering A profusion of fully double, apricot-tinted, salmon-pink flowers from July to September and dark green leaves. This repeat-flowering climbing rose looks lovely displayed against a sunny wall. Best on fertile, moist, well-drained soil, it produce several flushes of beautifully shaped blooms, renowned for their superior scent.
Earnest H Morse Hybrid Tea 8 Bush Continuous Flowering Ernest H Morse A first class free flowering rose of bright red on a strong neck with plenty of foliage. Good scent. One of the best of the reds. Beautiful big high centered double flowers with 30 petals which are bright turkey red in colour, bound to make a statement in any gaden. The blooms carry a very instense fragrance and flower continuously. Growth is vigorous and foliage is dark green and healthy.
Ena Harkness climber? (Hybrid Tea) or climberStill one of the best fragrant reds but has a weak neck. Strongly scented. Very free flowering.
English Miss Floribunda 7 Bush Continuous Flowering Large sprays of light pink, camellia-shaped flowers with a strong sweet fragrance. Free-flowering, with healthy, bushy growth. Charming. 2.5 ft.
Fred Loads Floribunda 5 Bush Continuous Flowering Bright vermilion orange, almost single. Fragrant. Upright growth
Galway Bay 3 Climber Continuous Flowering (Modern Climber) Large, shapely, well formed flowers are salmon pink and fragrant. Free flowering for most of the summer. Quite vigorous for a continuous flowering rose
Golden Jubilee Hybrid Tea 6 Bush Continuous Flowering Large, shapely, clear bright yellow flowers. Heavily flushed red. Upright growth.
Lovers Meeting Hybrid Tea 3 Bush Continuous Flowering flowers throughout the summer months and produces fully double, vibrant orange flowers (with a slight fragrance)
Mischief Hybrid Tea 8 Bush Continuous Flowering Beautiful very fragrant rose, double coral-salmon flowers (hybrid tea family) on a strong and healthy bush, flowers are produced all summer long
Pascali Hybrid Tea 5 Bush Continuous Flowering A shapely, free flowering, creamy-white, borne on strong stems amid attractive foliage.Beautifully formed creamy white blooms of perfect Hybrid Tea form. It forms an attractive bush and is particularly healthy. A good variety for the garden and for cutting.
Pauls Scarlet 3 Climber vigorous, climbing rose smothered with clusters of cup-shaped, slightly scented, double, bright red flowers in summer.
Peace Hybrid Tea 2 Bush Continuous Flowering Primrose yellow with soft pink shading. Sweetly scented. Healthy and vigorous with rich green glossy foliage
Perpetual Baron Baron Girod de l'Ain Hybrid Perpetual Bush Fine, large, dark crimson flowers. These have a lovely cupped shape at first, later opening wide. The petals are neatly edged with a thin band of white, giving a most pleasing effect. Richly fragrant. A broad, shapely, strong-growing shrub with fine, large, foliage. Can be rather prone to disease. It repeats quite well in good, fertile conditions. 4 x 4 ft.
Pink Favourite Hybrid Tea 3 Bush Continuous Flowering A large flowering Hybrid Tea rose. Slightly fragrant, high centred, deep pink flowers are produced throughout the summer and autumn. Excellent for bedding, exhibiting and as a cut flower. Attractive dark green, glossy foliage. Hardy. Good disease resistance. Grows to 75cm in height.
Pink Peace Hybrid Tea 2 Bush Continuous Flowering stunning pink bush rose. It has dark green glossy foliage and a abundance of attractive pink blooms through the summer months
Prima Ballerina Hybrid Tea 7 Vintage Bush Continuous Flowering A shapely and strong-necked pink. Very fragrant and healthy. A good all-rounder.A striking, rich, cherry -rose-pink hybrid tea that really stands out. The blooms start as long pointed buds and then open to form medium to large double flowers of exquisite form bearing an intense rose fragrance.
Queen Elizabeth Floribunda 5 Bush A tall clear pink, healthy and very reliable, makes an excellent hedge
Rosa Rugosa Rugosa 9 Shrub Continuous Flowering A vigorous thorny shrub with single pink scented flowers, with large globular rich red hips.One of the few Wild Roses that is naturally repeat flowering. Variable purple-rose coloured flowers, four inches across, with contrasting stamens. Strong Old Rose fragrance. Forms a large, vigorous, sturdy shrub with numerous thorns and attractive, rough-textured foliage. Extremely hardy and disease resistant. Later in the season the ripe hips appear on the plant at the same time as the flowers. The red, tomato shaped hips are an inch or more in diameter. 7 x 7ft.
Rosa rugosa Alba Rugosa 9 Shrub Continuous Flowering The late flowers contrast splendidly with the huge red hips. Bright green foliage, turn an attractive yellow in the autumn.A white form of the purple-pink ‘R. rugosa’. Long, slender buds open to large, single, flowers with a silky texture. These are quickly followed by exceptionally large, orange-red hips, which ripen with the last of the season’s blooms. It flowers continuously throughout the summer and there is a strong, very sweet fragrance. It forms a medium-sized shrub with vigorous spreading growth and plentiful glossy, rich green foliage. 6 x 6ft.
Rose Gaujard Hybrid Tea 3 Bush Continuous Flowering Flowers cherry-red, reverse pink and silvery white, double petals, high-centred to cupped. Slightly fragrant, leathery glossy foliage with bushy, vigorous growth.
Ruby Wedding Hybrid Tea 5 Bush Spring Flowering Shapely red flowers. Loosely arranged when fully open.
Rugosa Rubra Rugosa 9 Shrub Continuous Flowering Masses of fragrant, single, yellow-centred, purplish-red flowers from July to September, followed by attractive, tomato-shaped, red or orange-red rose-hips. This vigorous, repeat-flowering species rose is ideal for wilder areas of the garden. An excellent, informal, flowering hedge for an open, sunny site, the leathery, dark-green leaves turn butter-gold in autumn.
Schoolgirl 7 Climber Coppery-orange, fully double flowers opening loosely flat. Well scented. Foliage rather sparse.
Tuscany Superb Shrub 8 (Gallica) Large, semi-double blooms are deepest crimson purple. The petals have a velvet like texture and surround a coronet of prominent golden yellow stamens. Undeniably strongly scented. An erect, well foliated shrub which is deservedly well loved.
These roses are amazing for the price. I'd fill the whole garden if I had the space. Still one or two still in stores.
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