Enid Blyton Adult Fantastic 5 books £7.99 each +£2.99 del @ Firebox

Enid Blyton Adult Fantastic 5 books £7.99 each +£2.99 del @ Firebox

Found 23rd Oct 2017
Enid Blyton Fantastic 5 books for grown ups.

£7.99 @ Firebox.com

A great Spoof adult version of the much loved children's counterparts.

Titles include
Five at the Christmas party
Five on Brexit Island
Five escape Brexit Island
Five get Gran online
Five get on the property ladder
Five give up the booze
Five go Gluten free
Five go parenting
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Just to clarify for people as the title is a bit confusing at the moment the price is £7.99 EACH not £7.99 for the whole bundle shown in the picture


Ehm hate to say it but £7.99 is just the RRP so not quite sure how it's a deal...Amazon are selling a lot of them for £3.49 each plus delivery if you aren't a prime customer...but sure I've seen them somewhere else cheaper but cant remember where.

Must admit I did nearly vote hot when I read the title and looked at the picture as thought it was a bundle of them for £7.99 but when I clicked through on the get deal link found it was £7.99 per book unless I'm missing something

P.S. It's The Famous Five not fantastic five
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Saw these in Tesco, a few of the titles were 2 for £4
Very very misleading title and just not a deal! COLD
...and they are all way cheaper on Amazon!!!
expired, misleading.
£3.99 with free delivery at Book Depository. Also buy one get one half price in whsmith.
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