Enid Blyton Mysteries Collection - 15 Books RRP £74.85 only £14.99 + Free Delivery @ Red House

Enid Blyton Mysteries Collection - 15 Books RRP £74.85 only £14.99 + Free Delivery @ Red House

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Found 12th Oct 2009
Who is the mysterious robber that disappears from the scene of the crime without a trace? Who stole the money that the old man in Holly Lane had hidden so carefully, and where is it now? Who's responsible for the strange messages sent to Mr Goon? Who could have possibly set fire to Mr Hicks' cottage? And who stole the valuable picture from the art gallery? With burglaries, arson, missing animals and spiteful letters there are plenty of cases needing to be solved, but who could possibly help? Send in the Five Find-Outers - Fatty, Larry, Pip, Daisy and Bets and their dog Buster - a group of smart children turned young detectives. They'll soon be on the case to discover the truth behind all the mysterious goings-on. Will they find the missing Prince before it's too late? Will they ever uncover the mystery of the missing room in Milton House? Intriguing and exciting, this bumper collection of exciting books from the fabulous Enid Blyton will keep young mystery lovers engrossed for days.

Pages: Varies Size: 19.7cm x 12.9cm Format: Paperback Age Range: 7 to 9

The Mystery of the Invisible Thief
The Mystery of the Burnt Cottage
The Mystery of the Disappearing Cat
The Mystery of the Missing Man
The Mystery of the Banshee Towers
The Mystery of the Strange Messages
The Mystery of the Hidden House
The Mystery of the Spiteful Letters
The Mystery of the Vanished Prince
The Mystery of the Pantomine Cat
The Mystery of the Secret Room
The Mystery of Holly Lane
The Mystery of the Missing Necklace
The Mystery of the Strange Bundle
The Mystery of the Tally-Ho Cottage

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both my kids love these books and since i have bought 4 @ £4 each already this is a super deal and so have ordered the complete set.....HOT!
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