Enjoy a good Clint Eastwood movie - check these deals out - from £13.95!!
Enjoy a good Clint Eastwood movie - check these deals out - from £13.95!!

Enjoy a good Clint Eastwood movie - check these deals out - from £13.95!!

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WOW! These are amazing prices - read on and see.

There are 2 boxsets available in this collection - "Clint Eastwood - The Legend". Each has five discs and contains 5 - 6 Clint movies. The RRp on these is £50, but dvd.co.uk have each one for £13.95 each including delivery. This is an absolutely bargain price, as the first one retails for £31 at the next cheapest online store, and the second collection retails for £36 cheapest price! The "Go to deal" button will take you to dvd.co.uk to see the cheap prices on this collection.

These would make a great gift for a Clint Eastwod fan - dare I say it, but maybe think of getting these and putting them away for Christmas...!

Clint Eastwood The Legend 1: Featuring: 'Where Eagles Dare', 'City Heat', 'Heartbreak Ridge', 'Pink Cadillac' and 'White Hunter, Black Heart'.

Clint Eastwood The Legend 2: Featuring: 'Tightrope', 'Rookie', 'Honky Tonk Man', 'Firefox' and 'Perfect World'.


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[SIZE=3][COLOR=darkred]Clint Eastwood The Legend 1:[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[COLOR=darkred]'Where Eagles Dare'[/COLOR] - Scorned by reviewers when it came out, Where Eagles Dare has acquired a cult following over the years for its unashamed and highly concentrated dose of commando death-dealing to legions of Nazi machine-gun fodder. In 1968 Clint Eastwood was just getting used to the notion that he might be a world-class movie star; Richard Burton, whose image had been shaped equally by classical theatre and his headline-making romance with Elizabeth Taylor, was eager to try his hand at the action genre. Author Alistair MacLean's novel The Guns of Navarone had inspired the film that started the 1960s vogue for World War II military capers, so he was prevailed upon to write the screenplay (his first). The central location, an impregnable Alpine stronghold locked in ice and snow, is surpassing cool, but the plot and action are ultra-mechanical, and the switcheroo gamesmanship of just who is the undercover double (triple?) agent on the mission becomes aggressively silly

[COLOR=darkred][IMG-float=right]dvd.co.uk/sho…asp?id=D028423&type=JPG[/IMG-float]'City Heat'[/COLOR] - Kansas City in the 1930s: Private investigator Mike Murphy's partner is brutally slayed, when he tries to blackmail a mobster with his secret accounting records. Lieutenant Speer and his ex-colleague Mike Murphy team up again to fight the mob, although they can't stand each other: while Speer is taciturn, Murphy is a prattler.

[COLOR=darkred]'Heartbreak Ridge'[/COLOR] - Clint Eastwood takes a revisionist approach to his tough-guy persona once again in HEARTBREAK RIDGE. As he had done in TIGHTROPE and PALE RIDER, and as he would do even more memorably in UNFORGIVEN, Eastwood probes beneath the surface of his prototypical character, a man who feels most at ease amid violence. HEARTBREAK RIDGE is a deft blend of service comedy, action film, and, most surprisingly, a genuine adult love story, as Sergeant Highway tries, with touching earnestness, to win back the affections of his ex-wife (Marsha Mason), after his devotion to the corps has kept them apart for too many lonely years. Meanwhile, he has to whip his inexperienced, undisciplined troops into shape.

[COLOR=darkred]'Pink Cadillac'[/COLOR] - Skip tracer Tommy Nowak is tracking Lou Ann McGuinn for a bail bondsman in California. Lou Ann is also being chased by her husband Roy McGuinn and his birth right/neo-nazi friends for taking their counterfeit money. Nowak eventually captures Lou Ann in Reno, but agrees to stop at her sisters on the way back to see her baby. There she finds her husband and his whacked out friend. A struggle begins and Roy takes off with her baby. Now it's up to Tommy to get the baby back.

[COLOR=darkred]'White Hunter, Black Heart'[/COLOR] - The world famous movie director John Huston has gone to Africa to make his next movie. He is an obstinate, contrary director who'd rather hunt elephants than takes care of his crew or movie. He has become obsessed with one particular elephant and cares for nothing else.

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[SIZE=3][COLOR=darkred]Clint Eastwood The Legend 2:[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[COLOR=darkred]'Tightrope'[/COLOR] - Wes Block (Eastwood) is a detective who's put on the case of a serial killer. His victims are young and pretty women, which he rapes and murders. The murders are getting personal when the killer chooses victims who are acquaintances of Block. Even his daughters are threatened.

[COLOR=darkred][img-float=right]dvd.co.uk/sho…asp?id=D028424&type=JPG[/img-float]'Rookie'[/COLOR] -
Nick Pulovski is a cop, who is presently assigned to the auto theft division and who for the most part of his career has not done anything worthwhile. But when he discovers that a man named Strom is the brains behind a major car theft and chop shop ring, he sees this as his opportunity to do something. After his partner is killed, the case is then transfered to homicide, so he is taken off the case. And he is assigned a new partner, David Ackerman. a cop who has just recently been promoted to detective. But Pulovski feeling as if Strom is his decides to continue pursuing him but Ackerman who tries to play by the rules is not sure what to do, and he is also a little afraid cause of a childhood incident.

[COLOR=darkred]'Honky Tonk Man'[/COLOR] - One of Clint Eastwood's mid-1980s experiments in change of pace, this melancholy attempt at comedy confirmed something Clint already had shown in Paint Your Wagon: he's not a very good singer. In Honkytonk Man, which he also directed, he plays a has-been who never was, a would-be country singer who dreams of performing at the Grand Ol' Opry. As he works his way to Nashville with his nephew in tow (played by Eastwood's son, Kyle), he also battles with tuberculosis in a movie more interested in creating soggy handkerchiefs than musical credibility. What little there is of the latter is provided by real-life music stars such as Marty Robbins (who didn't live to see this movie released).

[COLOR=darkred]'Firefox'[/COLOR] - Back in the days when the Ruskies were known as the USSR, they invented a supersonic attack plane MiG-31 (Firefox) with the ability to respond to thought. They had it and wee wanted it. So we decided to sneak in and take it. The only problem was that to operate it you had to have Ruskie thoughts as it could tell the difference. Out only hope was retired pilot Mitchell Gant (Clint Eastwood) but still a tuffy. His mission is to sneak into the USSR and pilfer the plane. Little did we know there is a second plane and a tuffy Ruskie pilot, so the chase is on. To add to the tension Mitchell was a Vietnam prisoner and suffers under stress. Will he succeed or be shot out of the sky? The story was probably inspired but the Soviet defection to Japan in the 70's when we pulled their advanced MiG apart to fined that while we moved on to electronic controls that they were still using wire and hydraulics. How ever when we realized it was immured to Electro-magnetic-pulse we had to take a sober look.

[COLOR=darkred]'Perfect World'[/COLOR] - This curiously overlooked drama from Clint Eastwood, released just after his Oscar triumph with Unforgiven, concerns a prisoner (Kevin Costner) on the run with a kidnapped young boy as protection and the Texas Ranger (Eastwood) and federal agent (Laura Dern) on his tail. Eastwood manages a number of nice touches--the boy's innocence is nicely contrasted with Costner's soft-spoken desperado by the Casper Halloween costume he wears and the law-enforcement officials look vaguely foolish, travelling around the countryside with a high-tech camper in tow. Eastwood gives a grizzled performance that, despite its seen-it-all surface, still feels fresh after all these years, and he coaxes surprisingly sensitive work out of Costner. But it's the sheer, modest scale of this piece that makes it so disarming--no planet lies in jeopardy, there are no cosmic make-or-break consequences here, just committed people doing their job and a well-meaning bad guy hoping things don't get too out of hand while he prevents them from doing so.

Great find emma.:thumbsup:
Don't forget 5% cashback through Quidco.;-)

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Thanks bazr!!! These are definitely a good price. I got my great uncle something similar for Christmas last year - he enjoyed it a lot.


Great deal emma, got these for my dad a while back ... well worth it! :-D[COLOR=#666704] http://hotukdeals.com/images/vote-hot.gif ++[/COLOR]

I like some of these But my favourites are in the wrong boxes lol

Good price for all though


GR8 find - but if U wish, hold fire as they will come around again, I'm sure.
Bought these 2 boxsets some 4 months ago for around £11.50 each online.
I'm yet to open the boxes, like so many of my on going collection.

PS Emma - still awaiting The Prisoner to arrive from yre previous post.
Regards to all.

Legend 1 can be got for £7.20 as posted here:]http//ww…18:)
Looks like eggman's advice was sound.8)
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