Enslaved: Odyssey to the West £17.99 @ Amazon

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West £17.99 @ Amazon

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Cheapest around just now, wouldn't mind being proven wrong though

Edit: Forgot to mention this is just on 360, still £30+ on PS3


Best price for PS3 version if you don't buying mind second hand or have some games to trade in is £18 at CEX.
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Just didn't get this game and sold it on....might be tempted to give it a second chance once it gets nearer a tenner.

Is the normal price now. Wake me up when it's less than 15 quid.

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But thats the point of this site, the cheapest deal for it NOW

A midly entertaining game. Becomes repetitive quickly.

Agreed it becomes repetitive but for me it was a good game. Really enjoyed it. It would have been less enjoyable on normal difficulty but on hard it made it more enjoyable. Still got few bits to do to get all achievements. I wouldn't have said this was worth £30+ but at around £20 or less i would recommend it.

Nice price for a new release, very tempted...
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