Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (XBox 360) Now Only £15.98 Delivered On Amazon

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (XBox 360) Now Only £15.98 Delivered On Amazon

Found 12th Jan 2011Made hot 12th Jan 2011
Zavvi have had this well-reviewed recent title at £17.95 for awhile now, which is the cheapest I'd seen it for online, but now Amazon UK have reduced it to the even lower price of £15.98 delivered.


Just started playing this today


£14.98 at gameplay but you might end up witha game/gameplay/gamestation 30 days stickered floor find disc.

its a great game, easy to pick up and play and looks superb!

gameplay any good? never shopped from them

any personal accounts of the game? does anybody recommend it?..

Very good game, about a third of the way through it and would recommend it to any fans of Uncharted, Tomb Raider, etc

Got this game 2 days ago from Gameplay.
Leeds based I think, so no delays associated with a Jersey company.
Used lots in past, free first class, tracked on topcashback for around 50p.
Only actually played an hour, was good. Made me go back to uncharted 2 though. hmmm.

Deal thread regarding Enslaved on both formats for £14.98 from Gameplay:

I have purchased a new copy of Borderlands GOTY (PS3) from Gameplay, it arrived promptly and met my expectations.

Happy gaming,

Finished this last night. Probably my favourite game of the last year. Really well written - I rarely finish games these days but really wanted to with this one. Highly recommended and a steal at this price.

Been this price for a while


gameplay any good? never shopped from them

Gameplay are the same company as Game. They are based in Basingstoke and their goods come from the same warehouse as the game.co.uk stuff.

Finished this the other day, pretty boring and repetitive after the first couple of chapters. No real challenge and a lack of original ideas, plus the characters are such cliches. Average game, worth playing through once and then getting rid of

Thanks for the advice everyone, very helpful.

I played this game over the Christmas holidays and I loved it - very beautiful and story-driven. The facial expressions are so realistic, and the voice work is top notch.

Gameplay was very fun, and although it was probably still 8 hours, it felt like I had zoomed through it because it was so engrossing. Definitely recommend, especially at this price! Heat!

Also, not to bring out a sequel would be almost criminal. Easily one of my favourite games of 2010.

If you're worried about Gameplay reliability - Zavvi.com have it at £17.95

Grab a 15% off voucher from rewardyourthirst.com/ (Refer 3 people - can be random email addresses)

Makes it £15.26 which granted is 28p dearer than Gameplay, but never had any bother myself from Zavvi...


gameplay any good? never shopped from them

I've shopped with gameplay for over 5 years now, and only once did they mess up on an order (a 2 for £20 offer on 2 new games, but what arrived were 2 pre-owned copies with the GAME purple 28-day return stickers on them). I was able to return them free of charge and get a full refund. No hassle.

So yeah, great place to order from, and usually pretty quick to deliver

Ordered my copy of this game from Gameplay on Wednesday night. It was despatched free by Parcel Force courier on Thursday and i recd it on Friday.

Gameplay is a lot more reliable than the likes of Zavvi or Play.
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