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i7 Pc 4gb Ram 500gb HDD  £401.95 @ Envizage
Found 29th Aug 2013Found 29th Aug 2013
INT1694 - Intel i7 3770 3rd Generation Ivy Bridge Desktop PC with 4GB RAM 500GB HDD DVDRW

While what your saying is true and I personly would not buy this pc as I like to build my own and only use very high end parts for most people this pc would give a massive upgrade at a relatively low cost.


Quick price up on Amazon you'd be looking at £391. It's the locked 3770 CPU = £228 ASRock B75 Pro3-M = £51.14 It has only 4GB of unbranded 1333Mhz Ram = £25 22x CD DVD drive = £12 Generic 500GB SATA 2 HDD = £30 Generic 500W PSU = £15 Similar LED case £30 Even thought the price isn't that bad, it's not a good combination. Anyone with any sense wouldn't put an i7 3770 with 1333Mhz memory and an unbranded PSU. You'd also get way better value out of a larger hard drive, but again if you going for i7 levels of performance you'd surely want an SSD.


Priced this pc on scan @£402 and this is built for you

INT0377 - Intel i7 2600 Quad Core Desktop PC with 8GB RAM, 2000gb HDD and DVDRW  envizage.com £448.95
Found 31st Jan 2013Found 31st Jan 2013
Been looking for a desktop with this sort of spec and this seems pretty cheap. Brand new custom built 2nd generation Sandy Bridge Intel i7 2600 quad core PC base unit (4 x 3.4Ghz… Read more
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What psu does the x51 use would it support three monitors?


Seems quite expensive as no dedicated graphics and no OS supplied,also very poor warranty, better off looking at Dell outlet, you can pick up an Alienware X51 for less than £580 delivered with Win 7,1.5 GB GTX 660 onsite warranty and higher spec / better build quality than this.


Doesn't sound that cheap to me with integrated graphics

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Cyclone Primus V2 HDMI MKV Media Player Enclosure Caddy for £36.35 inc post @ Envizage Solutions
Found 23rd Aug 2012Found 23rd Aug 2012
Item Description The latest addition to the Cyclone family - the Cyclone Primus, with HDMI and USB host functionality, now supporting high definition MKV / H264 / MP4 playback. Ju… Read more
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Bought one of these just over a year back. Great kit decent retailer. But has now gone faulty. Randomly crashes for no good reason. I'd pay the extra and go for WD live now. Although if you willing to take chance on build quality, its a good price


Would assume its a 3.5 inch drive as they are selling them with 2tb pre installed.


does anyone know if there is a limit to the size of sata drive these things hold


Have got enclosure mk 2 super item, plays anything I throw at it...


dirty cheating lieing retailer Envizage Solutions Ltd! Stole my money many years ago and always warn customers off them.

Gigabyte ECO600 Wireless Laser Mouse for only £17.99 from Amazon
Found 10th Aug 2012Found 10th Aug 2012
This is a brilliant deal on a 1600dpi wireless laser mouse from a respectable brand!!!

good thing about this mouse u can switch between dpi , a big help for gamers , 800dpi for aiming/sniping 1600dpi for the fast turns when u think u hear a zombie in dayz :3


Looking for a half decent wireless mouse as I can't deal with wires anymore as the way I hold and use the mouse causes my wrist to hurt with the Resistance of the wire, tried 101 things. Also my current mouse thwarted G500 doesn't suit my play style so need something a little smaller but not too small.


I have this exact version of the mouse (which is why I am promoting it) and I have had it for 6 months and it works fine so far!!!


Had the wired version of this mouse, M6900 and the scroll wheel began squeaking terribly after about a year. If this is the same mechanism, beware of this. Good price though so heated.


It is very comfortable to use

Envizage E-3393 Black Blue ATX Gaming PC Tower Case @ £21.84+ £5.95 post
Found 7th May 2012Found 7th May 2012
Item Description Key Features Case Type Midi Tower Chassis Model E-3393 Side Window with fitted Airduct for better airflow Colour Black with Piano Black Shiny Fron… Read more
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you would if the rolls was the same price as the ford.


Mesh is best for airflow but on the downside its not best for dust. If you buy a good quality case you wont need mesh but this is a deal for a nice cheap case why cant some accept that. otherwise we should all post deals only for the top end stuff if someone posts a deal for a ford I don't reply with a Rolls is better.


surely to be here its got to be extra special, otherwise you might as well post every sub-£28 case you find, ebuyer has 30-odd: http://www.ebuyer.com/search?sort=pricelow&store=2&cat=23&filterpricebands=[0+TO+49.99]&limit=10&page=1 personally i've ordered this one which has mesh and more/bigger/quieter fans and a lot less plastic bling: http://www.ebuyer.com/product/239238


It gets hot because it is a bargain for a case and this is a bargains forum! I must be missing something with the argument about temperature in the case. 50 degrees Celsius is well within the spec of a cpu. You can get it lower but I wouldn't worry about it at all especially if that is under load. Some people overclock at those temperatures.


lol yeah, looks like one 120mm fan on the front (pretty useless place) which is mostly covered up, and maybe a noisy 80mm on the window? people need to go for mesh not windows. how does stuff like this get to 244 degrees, do submissions start at 250 heat or something?

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EXPIRED - i7 2700K 16GB 2TB 500W PC from Envizage for £521.90 inc del.
Found 27th Apr 2012Found 27th Apr 2012
First ever posting, so here goes! No O/S but best price I have found for a computer base unit of this spec: Intel Core-i7 2700K @3.50GHz 16GB DDR3 1333MHz RAM 2TB SATA 2 HDD 22x C… Read more

I'd swap the asrock board for a gigabyte or asus p68 for that money with usb3 and sata 6. I'd also just buy a case without PSU and put in a 650w + decent brand PSU to start with, oh and maybe a cheap freezer cooler instead of the stock retail one. You'll still not be much more than £500 if you play about with the best deals


Thanks for all the feedback. I had a look at the motherboard and worked out which one it probably was, so here is the break down that I have found that should exactly match the deal posted: EZ Cool Black Case with 500W PSU - £21.99 from BT Shop + £1.99 del Intel Core i7-2700K 3.5 GHz Quad Core Processor - £238.42 from Amazon free del Asrock H67M-GE Motherboard - £70.40 from shop4usb on Amazon free del Samsung SH-S223F/BEBE - £11.99 from Play.com free del Corsair 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1333MHz Memory Kit CL9 1.5V Qty 2 packs 16gb ram £65.72 - ebuyer free del 2TB Seagate Barracuda - £70.99 from https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/2tb-seagate-barracuda-70-99-delivered-ccl-1204358 free del Total: £481.50 Yup - much better price than the deal I posted, plus you'd have the fun of building it yourself, but comments about the quality of the components should also be duly noted. Ok, so for a first post, that was a fail :|


I wasn't advising he bought what I listed, far from it. I was showing the real price of the components. Why even buy the 2600k if you are not clocking it, so a P68 motherboard, 750 watt antec or better brand PSU and of course a decent CPU cooler if you do clock.


back in 1997 when I was about 15 I bought from wayne at envizage who sold me a reasonably priced amd system. He then when contacted told me I needed RDram to upgrade it and charged me a ton for what I found out when more informed was 1 extra gb of ddr regular ram. These people will rip you off if you don't know exactly what you're buying. I've been angry since 1997 that I was so stupid to listen to a conman.


Simple answer to your question is the best PSU you can afford in general a 550watt corsair, Antec, Coolermaster will be easily enough for a i7 and everything else in a fast PC including a high spec single card that takes 2x6 or 8pin plugs if your going crossfire or SLI the same applies just buy something like a 750watt or upwards you cant really go wrong if you buy a good brand and it doesn't matter if you spend £200 on a monster 1300watt PSU. You see PSU's for £30 saying 700watt but a 450watt Corsair or the like at around the same price will be more powerful and stable. The moral of the story is don't buy cheap PSU's they are the most important part of the setup and if unsure Google it before buying, sites like Hexus will tell you everything you need to know and if your unsure ask there's always someone who will advise you. I would never buy a prebuilt system as half the fun is picking the parts and assembling them and getting it all working then you have the warm glow knowing you did it yourself and bragging rights as most people still think building a custom PC is well beyond them and takes years of learning.

Razer Onza Tournament Controller XBOX 360/PC @ online £45.42 @ envizage
Found 5th Feb 2012Found 5th Feb 2012
Before you vote cold show me a cheaper price!!

These are dreadful, bought one a couple of weeks back and the mic input was horrific, nearly unusable. The buttons are quite nice once you get used to them but the sticks are rubbish, ended up getting a refund on it. If you want a fancy controller then the only way to go is a 'Scuf' but they're mega pricey, too rich for my blood, but they are very good, mainly as they're a modified official controller. You really do need to be a gaming geek to justify one though.


like i said, i admitted someone else found a cheaper price


its never a "hot" deal to buy overpriced tat, even if its £5 cheaper than some other places regardless of the quality of the item, its cheaper at pixmania so its definitely cold


its not about if its the cheapest anyway, its either hot or cold if its a good product at a good price, high price **** or low priced **** will still get a cold vote. price doesnt alone get a hot vote. and again its cold because they are **** and stop working (poor stick design).


Horrid deal, horrid attitude.

CIT S006B HTPC Case £22.46 Delivered at Envizage
Found 5th Feb 2012Found 5th Feb 2012
A good cheap htpc case. Would fit in well with black kit as its darker than the pic. Is made to be led down and comes with chrome feet. Blue strip can be turned off. Can take a sta… Read more
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Blue led strip connects to power light header, its off in my pic. Looks OK on but I'm not a fan of any case leds. There's a single led next to the reset button under the front flap which could be used as a hdd light, has the same 2pin header as the led strip. I don't use either though!


Thanks jacksonliam What are the options for changing the blue led light across the front to a different colour or turning it off, also where are the hdd and power led lights?


Kinda, I got this case over 6 months ago for a very similar price but never thought to post it :P


Thank you jacksonliam, you're a star!


Your lucky day! Front, Flap works quite well, doubt it would break easily. Front of case can be easily removed for fitting External 5.25"/3.5" drives and PSU. 80mm can attach to lid directly above cpu. big vent above pci slots. vent on left side, where I have placed 120mm fan. Inside, can see 120mm fan, PSU (back left) has internal power cable running from back right. PSU heat is directed through special vent out of front bottom of case. Fits that awesome scythe shuriken rev.b cooler. HDDs go in alcoves in right of case, there are 2 of them (one front, one back [pictured]). They have no cooling, doesn't seem to be a problem though, my WD drives don't get hot. They are a somewhat difficult to remove, have to remove the rear one to get the front one out. It is possible to remove the bottom of the case for screwing in drives underneath. Optical drive is front centre. Cut myself open trying to fit it with the dodgy 'screwless' fittings - but got there eventually. Could possibly fit another HDD below it, I havent tried. Overall it was fairly meh working with this case, not good, not bad. I think it looks nice for £24 quid. Also, I'd recommend that Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L to anyone, I have 6 of em in various PC's I 'look after' and they're all fantastic.

Intel i5 2500 Sandybridge Quad Core Desktop PC - 8GB RAM, 2TB HDD and 3 Year Warranty @ Envizage Solutions Ltd
Found 15th Dec 2011Found 15th Dec 2011
Hi, There's a thread for a slightly different Envizage base station which made me very tempted to go for one with a slightly different spec, also my PC unexpectedly packing up thi… Read more
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@John thanks, I'll check it out


@Barso thanks, just checked the offer and it's now over. Tried to build the same spec at a much higher cost.


check out these pre built machines, i mean it tells you what is actually in it, i mean theres ram and theres reliable ram, same with any components, your better off with a lower spec with more branded parts, that some 16gb rubbish, i mean i have a gaming pc, and 4gb is more than enough at the moment... http://www.****/value-systems?_s_icmp=wSLgUI8x check out the first budget one, remove the os and you have a great gaming pc, for 430ish :) not sure if link is showing but search scan value systems.


its the warrenty bit that bothers me, simply dodging their obligations under the SOGA, imagine paying £500 for a pc, it breaks after a month and u have to go thru the hassle of returning it and waiting on their appraisal etc.


I was in a similar position to you op not knowing what to get so I bought this : https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/dell-xps-8300-desktop-i7-2600-6gb-ram-1tb-6670-radeon-graphics-613-477-ish-dell-1078766 After Quidco tracked and paid the total was £469, so each to their own and the best of luck.

Intel i7 2600 Sandybridge Quad Core Desktop PC - 16GB RAM, 2TB HDD and 3 Year Warranty @ Envizage Solutions Ltd
Found 22nd Nov 2011Found 22nd Nov 2011
Saw the recent Dell XPS 8300 deal and thought I'd post this as an alternative to buying a Dell Computer especially if you don't need a full HD monitor etc. Btw if you know of a b… Read more

The Computer is not that bad, my friend bought this one and then bought a Nvidia GTX 560 and bigger powersupply and it works perfectly fine, obvs not at full optimal but motherboard is holding up and computer is lightning fast, but could get better spec for cheaper, he would not listen to me tho -.-


not bad, just spent the same amount on an i5 @ 4.6ghz recently.


Just got a reply from Envizage about the mobo and PSU; Motherboard: Asrock H67M-GE PSU: 500W (didn't give a manufacturer)


Lol I'm NOT AFFILIATED in any way to envizage. The only thing I'm after is a good deal.that's why I listed and asked for users to comment on BETTER deals than this cos this seems to me a good price for what you get. I don't build computers and I don't plan to start anytime soon either. I'm just looking for a good tower that I won't have to upgrade for a good few years and apart from graphics card this seems to tick all the boxes for me. People have been commenting that this doesn't have a good psu or motherboard but I wanna know what can I get instead of this, already built, with relatively little hassle on my part for roughly the same price? The only one so far is the dell 8300 but is that it? :)


Anyone else get the feeling Qaari is envizage? This worries me a little as any custom PC builder will list what brand the parts are, the memory brand isn't listed which is worrying also doesn't list how the memory comes I.E 2x 8GB or 4x4GB, no PSU brand or specs are listed, HDD brand not listed and motherboard brand not listed so you have no idea about upgrades and how future proof your machine is. The case looks really cheap and nasty as well. I specked the components on a well known PC competent seller (using only branded products and a better case) and the cost was £565 to your door so not really a mega deal. + as others have said the address seems to be a residential street not a proper business, they don't list a building number in their contact details which seems a big fishy also. Qaari I would definitely go elsewhere, may be slightly cheaper than one of the bigger players now but it will cost you more in the future. You only cry once when you buy quality, and this doesn't scream quality in anyway.

Envizage Pisces 47 White 3 Bay ATX Case with 450W PSU £19.81 @ envizage
Found 15th Sep 2011Found 15th Sep 2011
Item Description Specification Material ABS/SECC Motherboard Size ATX Expansion Slots 7 Drives Bays 4 * 7 Expansion Interface 2 X USB, 2 X Microphone, 1 X Earphone Casing Fan Space… Read more

Its a cheap case & PSU ... warm. I remember biuying loads of cheap case/PSUs build PCs years back, but nowadays we have £110 nettops and netbooks...


Hello 1997


Sorry cold from me too. The specs are just too weak, I can't find anything specific about the case online. Drives Bays 4 * 7 =28 drive bays!!!!! woooot! Measurement 2.02" ??? huh ??? Does it even have USB 2.0 ports? It's just not clear.... As the other posters have stated there are plenty of tried and tested options in this price bracket. Shima


It'll fit well into the design scheme of my laboratory.


Cold for the reasons mentioned above, sorry.

Cyclone 2Tb MKV, LAN, HDMI, MP4 Media Player £109.90 @ Envizage
Found 16th Jul 2011Found 16th Jul 2011
2 Tb Drive, 1080p, Network Media Playback, Built in Bit Torrent , Plays almost anything you throw at it. Sumvision Cyclone 2000gb (2tb) MKV UPnP Media Center Sumvision Cyclone 200… Read more
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This is how I got a 3DTV, HTPC, AV Receiver, HD Desire & new Laptop :-)


It's seems boring the wife to death with technical specs is the way forward... she actually demanded I buy one just to shut me up. Feel free to use this technique yourselves. Purchased the Wifi version for an extra £10.. cheers op great deal


Sounds great cheers.... now could you please advise how to persuade my misses. She's far from convinced. Maybe add a few chick flicks to the film collection


Yes, The spec says " It sports a samba server and a UPnP implementation" and "Built-in Torrent Client, combined with NAS features provides an ideal setup for digital media acquisition". So you should be able to use it as NAS and stream music, videos and pictures to other DLNA devices. For sure this does many things more than what the HD2 Mini does like torrent, nas,dlna e.t.c. That being said i had bad experiences with old gen of realtek players of not playing certain codecs. Even with the HD2 mini i have issues with GMC headers ( certain .X264 - not consistent) but far less than the previous gen players and sigma based chipsets. I have tried popcorn hour too.. As far as i know there are no players out there which can play all formats unless you build a HTPC, but the best i could find was HD2 mini back in March. Now there are a few more players having the latest Realtek's chipset which i have not tried, but all players irrespective of their external appearance use the same buggy Realtek kernel for playing stuffs. Amazon says this was first listed on 11 Dec 2009, which means it was surely running the old chipset. The HD2 mini was introduced in 2011 Feb and was the first player in the market to have the latest chipset. So if you are looking for outright compatibility the HD2 mini gets my vote or if you are looking at a all in one player you will have to sideline with this.


Ordered and heat added thanks

Envizage AMD Athlon II X4 Quad Core Desktop PC 2GB RAM, 500GB HD - £214.90 Delivered @ Envizage Solutions Ltd
Found 12th Apr 2011Found 12th Apr 2011
£203.95 Plus add £10.95 delivery. No Operating System. Brand new custom built AMD Athlon II X4 Quad Core 640 PC base unit (4 x 3.0Ghz Cores) complete with onboard NVidea GeForce… Read more

Considering ordering this one or another one but tried to call them directly to see if it comes with a power supply but no one answers the phone, judging from the eBay feedback they seem legit though.


Ordered one over a week ago, I'm sure they aren't dodgy but their customer service sucks. I've been calling for days and no-one ever answers the phone. I appreciate it's been a bank holiday weekend so I'm in no rush to get it but technically it should have been here by now. All I want is the tracking number for citylink so I don't miss delivery. Not impressed.


the one I mentioned above has Windows Xp and the same spec, but it was an auction, so prices vary


Just bought one form the ebay seller mentioned above for £180 delivered - identical spec as the item number listed It has Windows Xp installed - i only want it for web browsing and downloading - will 2Gb RAM be enough do you think? I will possibly ask how much they charge to upgrade it to 4Gb, but how much would it cost for an extra 2Gb DDR3 RAM to do it myself? Whats Nvidia? Thanks


Anyone used envizage for an actual pc like this

Media Player With 2TB Hard Drive, LAN, Samba (NAS), 1080p, Network Media Playback, Built in Bit Torrent - £117 + £6.95 Postage @ Envizage Solutions Ltd
Found 29th Mar 2011Found 29th Mar 2011
COMES COMPLETE WITH A 2000GB (2TB) DISK FITTED *** Sumvision Cyclone 2000gb (2tb) MKV UPnP Media Center Sumvision Cyclone 2000gb (2tb) MKV 1080p Media Center, a new generation of … Read more
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Now down to £103.95: Here


Sure. Your wait may be a few months though, till I learn to make a pie chart.lol


No problem, just pointing out the options. I'll hold off ordering until your update. I expect an in-depth review with test results, benchmarks and some pie charts, I always like pie charts in my reports. ;)


I did look into it but some people seem to be having problem formatting the samsung drive for some reason. Also the difference wasnt great. I am getting it today, so should update you in a few days.


I've been contemplating this for a while now, seems you can buy the bare enclosure, i.e. with no HDD from they're ebay shop (which will give a little cashback from the usual sources too) for about £62 delivered and then just order a 2TB samsung drive from amazon for £60 or less if you can find it (ebuyer/scan). If I could get some info on how well it can perform as a NAS drive I think I'd go for it. It should go well with my £30 open box asus homeplug kit I got from amazon last month.

AMD 640 3.0 Quad Core CPU 4GB DDR3 Motherboard Bundle £157.90 Delivered  @Envizage!
Found 12th Jan 2011Found 12th Jan 2011
Upgrade your current PC with this superb bundle comprising Biostar N68S3 motherboard with AMD Quad Core 640 3.0Ghz CPU and 4GB Ultra Fast DDR3 1333Mhz RAM. These items come fully … Read more

I built a computer for my brother's 16th a month ago with this processor... the processor cost about £75 retail and the motherboard about £40 (for a full-sized ATX, not an mATX). 4GB of RAM cost £30... so not much of a bundle discount going by what I paid separately on Ebuyer and Dabs...

Cyclone Primus HDMI MKV Media Player Enclosure Caddy Media Centre 1080P plays MKV, Divx, DVD VOB, Mpeg, Divx HD, M2TS, MP3, AAC, AC3, DTS, Music, Pictures etc £36.85 + p&p
Found 1st Dec 2010Found 1st Dec 2010
The Sumvision Cyclone Primus Media Player Enclosure allows you to play videos, MP3s and view images through your TV by just adding a 3.5inch SATA Hard Drive (No Hard Drive Included… Read more
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Did anyone have an answer for this? I'm having the same problems; when I wire it up to my mac it comes up as read only. Any advice would be much appreciated! Cheers Jo


firmware v1.01 fix DTS Passthrough and AC3 pass through is released now, get it here - http://www.sumvision.com.cn/firmware.aspx


How does this comprare to the Cyclone MKV2? bought 2 from MicroDirect one as present for brother the other form myself as present from wife:) . Broken meant sent back ( £9.00 with royal mail!!!) out of stock and so got a credit note but no sighnes of them coming back in stock. Looking at the 2 TB version. Is the Primus as good, better or worse and should I hang out for the MKV2 to get back in stock. Only play avi's, a few other formats and music via the TV Appreciate any advice Thanks Andrew


How does this comprare to the Cyclone MKV2? bought 2 from MicroDirect one as present for brother the other form myself as present from wife:) . Broken meant sent back ( £9.00 with royal mail!!!) out of stock and so got a credit note but no sighnes of them coming back in stock. Looking at the 2 TB version. Is the Primus as good, better or worse and should I hang out for the MKV2 to get back in stock. Only play avi's, a few other formats and music via the TV Appreciate any advice Thanks Andrew


If your using the coax for your audio output instead of the HDMi cable, make sure you change the audio output settings in the setup menu, sound should work fine

Enlarge Image AMD Phenom II X4 945 Quad Core Desktop Computer PC with 4GB RAM, 500gb HDD, DVD £357.95 @  Envizage Solutions Ltd
Found 13th Jan 2010Found 13th Jan 2010
Brand new custom built AMD Phenom II X4 Quad Core 945 PC base unit (4 x 3.0Ghz Cores) complete with integrated ATI Radeon HD 4200 graphics card, 4GB of DDR2 800Mhz Memory, 22x CD &… Read more
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why? let me think of a reason or 2 no branding, ie seagate drive, asus mainboard, also the component cost of this machine is prob sub £300 making it £60 for 10mins assembly work, also as stated dodgy warrenty practice.


People dont like the warranty offer, and the vat i failed to add, also no OS! guess its hard to find the perfect deal?


I'm mildly surprised this is cold?


gonna vote cold on any company that openly tries to flout consumer protection laws by use of "Warranties", that should be made illegal in my opinion..


anyone ever heard of them? im thinking of getting a quote for them to build me a barebones to go with my play ram.