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EON Boiler install - 0% interest for 1,2,3 years
Posted 23rd JanPosted 23rd Jan
EON Boiler install - 0% interest for 1,2,3 years
Free evaluation on boiler installs Our no upfront payment finance option allows you to spread the cost of your new boiler and installation over a period between one, two or three… Read more
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Honestly, switchover was painless and really quick. Not had any issues since I joined in Nov. Only con really is they make you pay your first bill upfront.


Cannot comment on the customer service side which is all what this company is really. It uses contractors to fit meters and we all know that they at paid per meter , let that settle in. Also they don't do smart meters just a buy and sell company.


What are bulb like?


I switched from EON a few months ago to bulb and saved £400/yr. This might be a cheap deal, but dam EON rips you off on energy. Have a look on uSwitch today and see if you can get a better deal. If you find bulb is the cheapest too, send me a PM - can forward you my link for friends for £50 when you switch.


Hi please can you let me know details of fitting engineer you used for installing your boiler?

E.ON Amazon Prime Saver - switch to this tariff and free prime for 1 year.
Posted 20th Aug 2018Posted 20th Aug 2018
You will need to compare price to your current tariff. 12 month contract. If you already have prime. They extend it for a year.
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Just wanted to point out that these comparison sites are all well and good, but these large figures they quote you saving are often compared to your supplier's base rate that you'd be switched to once your tariff expires. In reality, you should be comparing the standing charge + kWh rates to your current tariff to see if you actually will save anything.


Just started switch from eon to edf. Currently pay eon £89 per month ends in 2 weeks. Eon wanted £117 per month. Edf fix 1 year £94 per month. No brainer. Shame eon would not sharpen their pencil.


WHY DONT PEOPLE (a village/community/district? ) get a gas powered generator to supply their own electricity ... not only that if you keep it running you could get a feed-in tariff from your supplier. Gas is so much cheaper as an energy source than electric .. even if you lose about 50% in conversion you're still quids in, gas about 3p kwh leccy about 14p kwh ,, hoi ! peter jones I've got an idea ,,,,, ?


Here - https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/utilities/you-switch-gas-electricity/ I recently switched from Eon to Pure Planet - a new online only suppler It has only one tariff - Gas Standing charge £8.50/month 2.594p/kWh Electric Standing charge £8.50/month 11.897p/kWh (no economy 7 rate) Dual Fuel discount £30/year Exit fee = Zero all prices include VAT EoN just couldn't match anything like this. Switching took 10 days and I reckon I'll save about 25% against EoN standard rates.


I'm currently tied in to Eon until Feb 19. Just done a quick comparison and the Prime Saver tariff is 450 a year more expensive (shock)

FREE Odeon / Vue tickets for a year with Eon cinema bundle tariff.
Posted 10th Oct 2017Posted 10th Oct 2017
FREE Odeon / Vue tickets for a year with Eon cinema bundle tariff.
Just seen this on Facebook so credit to them- The ts and cs seem to be the usual gumph and don't reveal much about the actual cinema deal, but apparently it's 2 tickets a month f… Read more

I agree. EON and their contemporaries in the big six are blood-sucking stalwarts of the energy industry. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE. Go for an independent, British-based energy company that is not primarily concerned with fleecing their customer base and lining their shareholder's pockets.


£290 a year more expensive, ouch! Thanks anyway op


Just compared my existing fixed rate with Eon, this works out about £120 a year more expensive. However if you do go to the cinema every month then may save you a small amount. More of a gimmick however i think and i'd much prefer a lower tariff than a freebie with a more expensive tariff.


hope you are kidding :(


Cold for me did a check on there web site and that tariff is a lot more expensive. So just check and compare there tariffs. Yes I am an e.on customer so I am not anti e.on

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Want free insulation fitted worth £775? Eon opens scheme to any eligible households - and you don't have to be a customer to apply
Posted 28th Aug 2017Posted 28th Aug 2017
Want free insulation fitted worth £775? Eon opens scheme to any eligible households - and you don't have to be a customer to apply
Under these rules, you need to be receiving one of the following in order to apply for free insulation: - Income-related employment and support allowance - Income-based jobseeke… Read more
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I didn't say it did.


Doesn't apply to a single person without children.


Doesn't have to be a larger family. The 18k you refer to is actually without children.




Or 42 hours a week on minimum wage. Potentially in a job that is zero hour contract or minimum guarantees hours so that the employer has to make little to no pension contribution. A single parent who works any number of hours in a week to support themselves deserves some help. Anyone who is trying to help themselves should be offered help in heating their home. It's a benefit to them, their families and the environment. At the end of the day anyone who is entitled to benefit and sees this 'deal' is trying to make the little they have go further so surely that deserves some positive reward. They're not at bargain booze or dealers corner spending it on cheap drink and crack. Not all benefit claimers are how they appear to be being portrayed by the mass media.

EON offering 0% apr on boilers and fitting for four years. No deposit needed
Posted 10th Aug 2017Posted 10th Aug 2017
EON offering 0% apr on boilers and fitting for four years. No deposit needed
From mse Energy giant E.on has become the first major energy supplier to offer 0% finance deals on boilers – available even if you aren't one of its customers. The firm will now… Read more

My mates a gas safe plummer and fitted me a Worcester for 1200 ..properly


And anyone who takes a £1000 boiler and charges £300 to fit is either far too cheap or not doing it right. You can guarantee the system Isnt being flushed and a full commission isnt being done. It'll bite you in the ass when things go wrong.


Well you were robbed...


Moved my boiler from kitchen to garage and replaced old boiler with combi (Worcester bosch) also put trvs on all radiators. £4500. 7 year warranty as fitted by Bosch approved installer.


In order to select nearest first, go to the top right where it says sort, the default is best match, hover over this and select nearest first from the drop down menu. If for the sake of example we assume that you live in near Birmingham, you will find companies that will fit a Worcester Greenstar 30i Combi Boiler for less than £1300. Obviously if you want to move the boiler or add any extras, the price will go up. I would suggest that you add a Magnaclean filter if one is not already fitted, that should add about £120. One last suggestion, if you’ve got a hot water tank, keep it. It is so much more pleasant to live with than a combi, especially when there is more than one person in the house.

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upto £140 credit towards your electic bill EON Customers - Warm Home Discount
Posted 30th Aug 2014Posted 30th Aug 2014
EON Customers Warm Home Discount i have been getting this for the last 3 years, if you get working tax credits,child tax etc We’re serious about helping our customers reduce th… Read more

Sorry duck but its also for working people who work part time.. Don't be so judgemental as you don't know peoples situations. I'm a single mother I work part time but still get help because my daughters dad provides nothing! Maybe try to be a better person in the new year with more educational views


Quality of life. Scroungers. ... Would you call a soldier with ptsd a scrounger?? What about an elderly person with pneumonia? ? How about a child with cancer? ? The papers and news targets the poor and most vulnerable and makes everyone call them scroungers if you claim any benefits. And most people's standard of living is LOW. So please think before you label everyone with the word scroungers.


[quote=djctu] EON Customers Warm Home Discount i have been getting this for the last 3 years, if you get working tax credits,child tax etc We’re serious about helping our customers reduce their energy bills, particularly those who are in fuel poverty. One of the ways we can do this is through the Warm Home Discount Scheme, where we’re able to offer eligible customers a discount on their winter electricity bills. If you receive income based benefits and someone in your household is vulnerable, you might be eligible. If you would like to apply for this year's discount please fill in our online application form. [/quote ]


I get this cause I cant work and having worked all my life. Its now needed, I have become disabled and I am confined to the house mostly.Not everyone is a scrounger.


government should ban energy companies from promotions such as vouchers, supermarket points and take the cost saved of the energy bills. They did it some years ago with the petrol companies.

Pink Fluffy Table Lamp and Stars Table Lamp £5 each @ e-on
Posted 24th Sep 2012Posted 24th Sep 2012
Pink Fluffy Table Lamp and Stars Table Lamp £5 each @ e-on
Pink Fluffy Table Lamp £5 https://www.eonshop.co.uk/ProductDetails.aspx?ProductCode=PFTLAMPPACK&Category=EnergySavingLighting Stars Table Lamp £5 https://www.eonshop.co.… Read more

Thanks. Ordered!


cool and yes joe i was thinking that - flaming heat :D


Looks flammable... HEAT!


Hot from me!

24 hour Mechanical Timer  was £7 now  £3.50 @ e.on
Posted 24th Sep 2012Posted 24th Sep 2012
24 hour Mechanical Timer was £7 now £3.50 @ e.on
Automatically switches your appliances on The convenience of a manual override – switch things on without adjusting the timer settings LED indicator, showing when the power… Read more

I saw some in Ipswich B&Q today for £1.50. Don't know if available in other stores.




:( I wanted the TV power down plug but I'm no longer an E.on customer. Can anyone recommend something else for the same price available to all?


I would not recommend the tv switch, I have one and my tv started playing up. Would not turn on properly but after no using it for a few months it turns on first time, everytime. The power led on the tv would just flash for a minute and not actually power up the screen.


24 hour Mechanical Timer[image missing]https://www.eonshop.co.uk/ProductDetails.aspx?ProductCode=1100023&Category=PowerSavingAppliancesTV PowerDown[image missing]https://www.eonshop.co.uk/ProductDetails.aspx?ProductCode=1100024&Category=PowerSavingAppliances

Philips Imageo LED Rechargeable Candle Lights £8.50 delivered @ Eon
Posted 24th Sep 2012Posted 24th Sep 2012
Philips Imageo LED Rechargeable Candle Lights £8.50 delivered @ Eon
amazing price for these cheapest so far currently £20 on amazon

Hi did anyone actaully recieve these? I have just loooked at my bank and seen that eon have refunded my money :( verysad as these were a cracking prezzie?


got two of the four packs i ordered so better than nothing i guess


Yes, it's really down to what the default status of when the contract is accepted. I'm not sure that this is on despatch - after all if this is the default then there would be no need for companies to write and quote T&Cs saying this and for the citizens advice site to say about the order receipt email explaining when acceptance takes place.... I'm no expert and clearly it's a grey area. Whatever happens, EON should update their website/emails etc to be clearer with T&Cs as most web sellers do.....


I may be wrong, but I thought unless a company specificaly stated that their email was formation of a contract then it reverted to the default status - contract formed on despatch of goods. As ShaunnyBwoy has commented from the link you posted this seems the norm?


Scratch that. I've found this: Doesn't look positive.

Magic Light – Gilbert the Bassett - £7 @ EON shop
Posted 24th Sep 2012Posted 24th Sep 2012
Magic Light – Gilbert the Bassett - £7 @ EON shop
Another fantastic energy saving light from eon. Gilbert is every child's best friend as he looks great,easy to use and is a low energy LED light. ALL THIS AT A FANTASTIC PRICE MY K… Read more
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Looks fantastic. Its battery operated I assume? If so perfect as kids need night lightbut very few sockets in their room which would make this ideal.


looks lovely. ordered thank you




invalid link

Solar Powered Shed Light £6.00 @ E-ON Shop
Posted 24th Sep 2012Posted 24th Sep 2012
Solar Powered Shed Light £6.00 @ E-ON Shop
Great item at a fantastic price the cheapest i could find and requires no electrical instulation. and a bonus of free delivery.
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Good find Thanks op.


Got mine and the light is great! Well worth £6.


Has anyone received theirs yet?


Order Cheers for that, worth a try


Free returns if they are rubbish :)

Free Cavity Wall/Loft Insulation from E.on + maybe eligable for £100 Cheque
Posted 12th Sep 2012Posted 12th Sep 2012
Free Cavity Wall/Loft Insulation from E.on + maybe eligable for £100 Cheque
I just saw the free insulation post from British gas that WoolyM posted earlier and thought this may be better for some people who have benefits too. The insulation is free like t… Read more
Free E.On Showersave
Posted 22nd Jun 2012Posted 22nd Jun 2012
Free E.On Showersave
E.On are offering their ShowerSave attachment for free, not even any delivery charges. The offer is limited to one per household. I have just ordered one but I have not yet recei… Read more

Thanks ordered one for my shower (already have on in main bathroom) and have high water pressure so no impact noticed. Cheers OP


Got one fitted look at the bigger picture they will save you money. Also temperature is regulated been using one for a few years now. If you have poor water pressure don't bother or an electric shower don't bother but in the instructions tells you this. If you are on water meter get one.


have to agree, wouldn't waste your time with it


Don't bother, these things are rubbish! Severely reduce shower performance!


Link doesn't work

E-on TV PowerDown  £3 delivered
Posted 1st Mar 2012Posted 1st Mar 2012
E-on TV PowerDown £3 delivered
E.ON has a limited number of TV PowerDowns for only £3 each, saving you £15 off the retail price Key Features: - Auto-calibration system will only switch your boxes on/off when ap… Read more

Already acknowledged, see post #3 above. Useful contributions here though, both pro and con. It would seem, as with so many other aspects of life, that this would seem to be an answer for some but not for others. Like ourdevonfamily, I don't have to; because in my case it is once on/once off. The latter to date has been more correctly Standby, as with the other attendant devices. From now on, with the exception of the cable box, standby will mean Off!


I use my tv now and agian at weekends, as I work away in the week. The PS3 chargers are for the remotes and the move remotes, normal devices people would have. Also I don't much care for monitorining the reduction in my bills, why have them on stanby when they're not being use for 5 -14 days?


spammed as dupe https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/tv-powerdown-energy-saving-plug-for-3-delivered-rrp-18-from-e-1152138


So the people who have these, have you noticed a genuine reduction in your leccy bill? As for people who are turning 7 hi-tech gadgets off with one of these, think how many times you must turn your telly on and off in a day, thats a surge your devices are not designed to take. OurDevonFamily - You really must be wasting a lot of electricity everytime you turn your TV on, why when you turn on your TV are you booting up a hard drive or a selection of consoles? Surely it'd be cheaper to have them off and plug in when needed. Two PS3 chargers will use a good bit of juice for a start.


The point isn't turning the tv off... it's the other things, mine turns off a 6 gang socket with, PS3, Wii, two PS3 control chargers, external hard drive and DVD recorder. The sky box is in the always on socket, so in all it turns off 7 items, which would otherwise be on standby or on.

TV PowerDown Energy Saving Plug for £3 Delivered (RRP £18) from e-on
Posted 24th Feb 2012Posted 24th Feb 2012
TV PowerDown Energy Saving Plug for £3 Delivered (RRP £18) from e-on
Cheaper than you can find it on Amazon and will save you money on your bills. Eliminating standby use in our homes is not always easy. That little red light on your television and… Read more
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Jeez, sounds like you've spent a bit too much time Googling this. Relax - you'll live longer. (_;)


Tell that to the polar bears.


These will never recoup the energy they cost to make or the other resources, let alone the money. This is environment theatre. In fact, environment porn. Does more damage than it saves. Luckily it doesn't matter, because the whole global warming panic is a fraud, designed by fake "scientists" to extract grant money from governments and supported by politicians who see opportunities to seize more control and to tax.


EDIT: Sorry scouser, I deleted that post and updated as I see the adapter has a 'Permanent On' socket for Sky. Thanks for the link mate. Which 'Amazon' one are you referring to in the OP? Remember also that the adapter itself uses electricity (approximately 0.5 watts). Many new TVs will use approximately 0.2 watts in Standby. So this unit will (when used with a newer type TV), actually use more power than you would if you'd simply left the TV on standby. However, if you're using the adapter to supply an electrical extension that will supply a number of other electrical items then obviously the 0.5 watts of the adapter will be less than the combined watts of ALL the appliances/devices etc. It has a 'Permanent On' socket for Sky etc as Sky comes out of Standby mode to record pre-timed events and the adapter requires an input (via your TV remote, Sky remote, DVD remote etc), in order to turn it on so if the Sky box is waking to record a pre-timed event, there will be no such remote activation.


http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/offer-listing/B0075LK778/ref=sr_1_3_olp?ie=UTF8&qid=1330084366&sr=8-3&condition=new £5.70 including p&p

EON TV PowerDown £3 @ Eon Shop
Posted 14th Jan 2012Posted 14th Jan 2012
EON TV PowerDown £3 @ Eon Shop
liminating standby use in our homes is not always easy. That little red light on your television and home entertainment additions such as surround sound amplifiers, DVD Players and… Read more

Home cinema systems and other stuff in and around the TV generally means most people will have more than one set of wall sockets or if you happen to have a socket in an inaccessible location then this sort of thing is quite handy.


My arms aint that long.


People really struggle that much to hit the power button that there's actually a product that's been created to address this? Mind = blown. Seriously.


We have one of these and while an easy way to turn off about 10 different bits by our TV it really isnt worth the 3quid as it can be a pain to turn on sometimes.


burn calories instead... get off your ^rse and switch the tv off at the mains...

Free Cavity Wall Insulation for people over 70 and if you're in receipt of one of the qualifying benefits plus £100 cheque if on State Pension Credit or Child Tax Credit with EON (don't have to be a customer)
Posted 9th Jan 2012Posted 9th Jan 2012
Free Cavity Wall Insulation for people over 70 and if you're in receipt of one of the qualifying benefits plus £100 cheque if on State Pension Credit or Child Tax Credit with EON (don't have to be a customer)
Cavity wall and loft insulation could save you up to £390* a year on your heating bills. If you're on one of the benefits listed below or over 70 years old, you might even qualif… Read more
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More help for the so called poor? Should be the people in full time work that get the help instead of scrounging ****


You wont get damp unless there is a flow of water to be absorbed by the insulation


Not gonna risk damp and other problems to save a few quid.


Lol, sorry, yes. Thought it didn't look right in the title..:)....Thanks for that, corrected now...;)..


you mean cheque right?

EON: TV Powerdown (Turns off extra equipment when TV is off) £3.00 inc Delivery
Posted 1st Jan 2012Posted 1st Jan 2012
EON are selling the TV Powerdown socket for £3.00 including delivery again! I've had one for a while, and it's fine - it turns off any additional home entertainment devices when y… Read more

Woops that didn't make sense...


You didn't mention what kind f devices you are talking about, cause the stand-by power consumption differs a lot! Your "power reader" should be called watt-meter, and read something, mine does this even for a phone charger. Lot's of people seem to think stand-by power use is negligible, but it is not, and do not forget that it adds up as we are talking about at least 3 devices. Here are some real life measurements I took from some of my devices: 1. 32" LCD TV LG 32LH5000: 17W 2. 42" Plasma Panasonic TX-P42G20E: between 26 and 40W, it takes 26W even if you press the OFF buton in the back of the TV ! 3. 32" LCD TV Samsung LC32C530: 16W


Normally a red LED


Where did you get that idea?


evidence to show what? oO

Eco Friendly Table Lamps for EON customers only - £4 @ Eon Shop
Posted 21st Dec 2011Posted 21st Dec 2011
Eco Friendly Table Lamps for EON customers only - £4 @ Eon Shop
Just received an email from EON saying that they are giving away eco friendly table lamps but i think its only limited to eon customers.
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Lamp £6 off Pink Fluffy table lamp & Stars table lamp so lamp is £4 with the 'lamp' code! :|


i think ive missed something here...


To buy this lamp at our exclusive price of £4, please enter promotion code "lamp" at the checkout.


Lamp oO :D


So what's the promotion code then???

TV PowerDown Intelliplug £3 @ eon shop
Posted 28th Jun 2011Posted 28th Jun 2011
TV PowerDown Intelliplug £3 @ eon shop
1 per household. Eliminating standby use in our homes is not always easy. That little red light on your television and home entertainment additions such as surround sound amplifie… Read more
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This deal has been revived it seems, I have just bought one for £3.00 inc P&P. Go to the E on online shop to find them. I think they are a good deal, cheaper there than on e-bay!!. A question too, If I turn off the freeview boxes & Sky boxes everynight how do I find out when they are due an update to the software that generally happens overnight( but not theyt often) ?


Cheers also. Should be hotter than this. £3.00 price tag includes delivery.




0.5 watts? uses more than my TV in standby cant see how that will save me anything? Most TVs only use max of 2 watts on standby most now are 0.2 watt Its only sky+ box,s that seem to use lot on stand by But it may be worth having if you have AV amps ect but some of these savings on these devices are exaggerated


They were referring to the original price of £18 and not £3

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