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Automatic TV Power Down - £3 @ EON Shop
Found 14th May 2011Found 14th May 2011
Automatic TV Power Down - £3 @ EON Shop
E.ON has a limited number of TV PowerDowns available for £3 each - saving you £15 off the retail price * Automatically switches off all the home entert… Read more
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i just bought one of this product but mine is acting funny that whenever i switched off my tv into standby, they all cut off within 20 secs which great but it takes ages b4 they could be back on which is why i dont understand, does anyone has similar problem as me? or hw long do i have 2 wait before i switch the tv back on, plz assist, tanx


Mine finally arrived today and realised its not quite gonna do the job i need it too :( (Atleast it was only £3).


I've just spent an evening trying to set it up, without success. Grr. Let's see how good the manufacturers customer support is.


I have just called them and ordered one, wouldn't let me order one online


You didn't get them for free, you and everyone else pays for them on their electricity bills. "The government’s Cert requires suppliers with more than 50,000 customers – currently only British Gas, EDF, E.on, Npower, Scottish & Southern and Scottish Power – to help customers install energy-saving measures, such as insulation. Read more: http://www.metro.co.uk/news/818964-free-low-energy-light-bulbs-cost-homeowners-an-average-of-45#ixzz1MZFvQGXy" Eon are forced to supply crap like this and we are forced to pay for it.

Free E.On TV Powerdown Plug - £3 Delivered @ E.On Shop
Found 16th Mar 2011Found 16th Mar 2011
Free E.On TV Powerdown Plug - £3 Delivered @ E.On Shop
This powerdown plug will switch off multiple pieces of equipment when you switch off the main one - the TV. The £3 is for delivery. You don't have to be a customer of E.On. I use … Read more
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Nice copy from MSE!!! ;)


These are great I have two of them


ok but Where's 'here'


i got one free from here


npower give these out for free

Free E ON Shower Save @ E ON Shop
Found 9th Feb 2011Found 9th Feb 2011
Free E ON Shower Save @ E ON Shop
Eon Showersave device # Creates a constant flow rate of 7.6 litres per minute # Less water used, means less energy used to heat the water up # Easy to fit between your shower and … Read more



in coventry, theres a group called 'tap into savings' and they'll give you a mira eco showerhead for free. but thats only for power showers.


are the "carbon credits" redeemable in say nectar points lol


Thanks for that! Was actualy thinking how this would work on electric showers as the flow rate ideally should not change as this would cause the heating element to over heat damage it.


This deal again? ...really?

Free ShowerSave adaptor.
Found 4th Oct 2010Found 4th Oct 2010
Free ShowerSave adaptor.
This a small adaptor that fits between your water supply and shower hose. It is supposed to reduce water usage and save £40 per year. I'm afraid I have no way to confirm if this is… Read more

Also keeping in mind that majority of people have no use for the water save products due to them being to older style devices. Still for the few that have older fitting things like this are good. Shame as you posted that the company's try to give away for incentives that are negated due to practices.


How this works is eon receive co2 credits for the more of these they can throw out at punters.Of course making and transporting them produces more co2 and wastes resources as most of them aren't installed.This is also why supermarkets have racks and racks of low wattage bulbs for 10p ,they get them free from the leccy companies who receive a credit for swamping the country with these. Such much for the environment,it's all cynical stuff in business.


still waiting for one to be delivered


and loose the power from your shower!!!

Free Eon Showersave
Found 26th Sep 2010Found 26th Sep 2010
Free Eon Showersave
Don't think you need to be an Eon customer Want to save money and still be able to have an enjoyable shower? The E.ON ShowerSave could save you up to £40* a year on your utility… Read more

Is this the equivalent of using your thumb to reduce the pressure as well? Hmmm... Next they may hand out a free plastic bucket to hold your water. State of the art bathtub. Put your water it and use a jug to wash.


was thinking that myself :)


No sense of humour me thinks!


'It uses unique state-of-the-art flow regulator technology' OR you could just not turn the taps on full........which is essentially what this device does - slows the flow through a smaller hole. 'il use it on the bath it will save me a fortune lol' It won't save you a single penny if you fill the bath up to the same level as you did without, it doesn't make water cheaper - it just uses less in showers, only because less water comes out though, and the powerful shower you had will be reduced to a light rain!


il use it on the bath it will save me a fortune lol

E on Free energy fit meter (for existing customers)
Found 25th Aug 2010Found 25th Aug 2010
E on Free energy fit meter (for existing customers)
This was posted a three months ago by musicrab but offer has been extended so thought make people aware who may have missed it first time around! Energy Fit Starter Pack is avail… Read more
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Received it today! :o)


got this now. it has appliance settings.. how do i get that then?


Yet people on meters pay more for their leccy, so seems a strange idea!


i applied for this and was turned down, rang and asked why was told you have a pre pay meter so you can work it out off that ,BUT you can have the meter removed and pay by direct debit,asked to speak to manager who told me the same and that basically it was to get people back on to direct debit. Tossers.


I was also one of those applied approximately same time as you and fortunately got mine in couple of days.. installed it and it is nice little gadget. Makes you more aware of the consumption and you can control the same as you can see difference not only in the usage terms in the *money* terms which has greater impact on you starting to manage the usage immediately. Worth having... so i hope everyone waiting gets them sooner than later.

Desktop or TV PowerDowns for E.ON customers - £3 each only
Found 24th Aug 2010Found 24th Aug 2010
Desktop or TV PowerDowns for E.ON customers - £3 each only
A head up for E.ON customers. E.ON are having a 10:10 Summer Sale for customers and have reduced their Desktop and TV PowerDowns from £15/£16 respectively to £3 each only. Deliver… Read more

yeah my parents had something similar done a while back if i remember correctly.


Just to add, they will be laying 200mm of insulation in the loft and blowing some sort of polystyrene type beads into the walls. No idea if beads are good or bad, but apparently my extension has zero insulation at present so it'll help! The cost is £640ish but will all be covered by a grant.


Thanks :)


+1. My local Sainsburys had an instore promotion on these a few months back, fill in a coupon on the spot and get one handed out free.


My flatmate lost his job, so as he now gets housing benefit he can claim to have my house insulated. It doesn't matter who owns the property it seems, as long as one person living there gets benefits of some sort (almost any IIRC). There are also grants available even if you don't claim benefits, not sure how much though. Can't remember who I applied through, may have been these: http://www.cheapinsulation.co.uk/

Wind Up LED Waterproof Torch £4.90 delivered @ Eon shop
Found 6th Aug 2010Found 6th Aug 2010
Wind Up LED Waterproof Torch £4.90 delivered @ Eon shop
£4.90EON Deals
This handy wind-up torch is ideal for camping, car and emergency use as it requires no batteries and is waterproof up to 5 metres. It has 3 super-bright LED lights and a 320 degree… Read more

Looks good. I get a price of £7. Am I missing something?


Are you winding us up? X)

25 % Online Discount with E.ON SaveOnline 2
Found 5th Jul 2010Found 5th Jul 2010
25 % Online Discount with E.ON SaveOnline 2
Save an additional 17% over and above the standard E.ON dual fuel discount. E.ON SaveOnline 2 - available for new and existing customers. Manage your account online and we'll pas… Read more
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signed up to SaveOnline 3 fixed price until november 2011, would this be better?


Thats just fixed for some time;after that prices will goes up.Old trick...


I just looked, i and the discounts shown are different:- * Manage your account online * No more paper bills * 24/7 access to your account * Tesco Clubcard points Gas Discounts * 6.00 % Direct Debit Discount * 2.00 % Dual Fuel Direct Debit Discount * 18.40 % Online Discount Electricity Discounts * 6.00 % Direct Debit Discount * 2.00 % Dual Fuel Direct Debit Discount * 18.40 % Online Discount This is the same as i currently get with E.ON FixOnline 8, the difference between these 2 tariffs are that on the one shown in this post you get clubcard points, whereas the FixOnline 8 is price fixed until 1st july 2011. So it comes down to do you want guarantees that prices are going to go up until 1st JKuly 2011, or get clubcard pints now, that's the choice. Hope that helps somebody


yes you do get clubpoints with this offer , i'm with them on the fixonline v4 , rang today to see how much i would save over the year and was told it would be £86 , but this plan isnt fixed and with prices set to go up yet again i decided to stick with my fixed plan even though i dont get clubcard points with it


Do you get clubcard points on this?

Free HeatPlant - Ground source heat pump that uses renewable energy
Found 2nd Jun 2010Found 2nd Jun 2010
Free HeatPlant - Ground source heat pump that uses renewable energy
From e-On site HeatPlant is our ground source heat pump that uses renewable energy. This renewable energy is taken from under your garden and converted using an electricity suppl… Read more
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agreed, anyone who isnt shouldnt qualify either


yeh typical - maybe we should all go on the dole gravy train


It's easy : "At least one member of your household should be on a qualifying benefit" So pop along to your local dole office, wait for someone who doesn't look too grubby but still desperate for somewhere nice to live and invite them to rent out one of your rooms for a bargain price for a limited duration. Then when the thing is installed, you've got someone at home to let the installers in and out. (Assuming the installers don't arrive before about lunchtime) After a month or so "sorry I need the room for my amateur basket weaving, can you move out please". You win both on getting a free heating system and the rent from the lodger. The only other thing you might have to do would be cut off your gas supply somehow. Maybe not paying the bill for a few months would get you cut off, so you could then claim your heating wasn't gas powered. :) DISCLAIMER : Don't do this. Seriously it does say other people could get up to 40% off, which if you're in the market for a new heating system is still pretty cheap. I spent nearly 7K getting British Gas to replace my old boiler. (I probably should have got a divorce lawyer instead ;) )


No, not more efficient. GSHPs have a relatively constant COP (coefficient of performance) whereas airsource heatpumps have a COP that declines with air temperature. GSHPs are far more efficient at heating/cooling than air-source (since the ground is at a pretty constant temp once you get down a metre or so) and GSHPs are quieter and have a longer life than air source pumps since they are not outside exposed to the elements.


Really/ that doen't seem fair either.

Claim yours FREE Showersave or a FREE Save a Flush
Found 24th May 2010Found 24th May 2010
Claim yours FREE Showersave or a FREE Save a Flush
Just recieved this email from E.ON and ordered my "save a flush" just click and choose your water provider, it will then take you to the form to claim your free product, you can on… Read more
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completely free and still available for anyone who didnt order theirs


but water costs nowt if you are not on a meter, I leave my bath tap running at all times.


Use half a brick to save a flush, no need for either of these items for most people.


:-D lol I hadn't realised :oops:


you could get the save a flush instead, its free give it a try

e-On - ShowerSave
Found 24th May 2010Found 24th May 2010
e-On - ShowerSave
From their site This month's offer is a free E.ON ShowerSave*. It's available to customers signed up to 10:10 and could save you up to £40** per year on your utility bills. E.O… Read more
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Again? .... seriously?


which is my point about them being useless. Just hope the taxpayer / homeowner doesnt indirectly have to pay for all these 'saving' devices utility companies are being forced to provide by the government.


mine gone into bin straight when i saw it lol


dont waste your time. useless device.


I got 1 from last offer. it took them a month to send. all it does you can do by open half tap . so it don't really save water. Instead it takes longer to have shower

E.ON Free Energy Monitor to customers
Found 20th May 2010Found 20th May 2010
E.ON Free Energy Monitor to customers
Saw an ad on tv for this today and think its quite a good deal if you are an E.ON customer. To qualify for the Energy Fit Starter Pack which includes the monitor, all you need to … Read more

Strange, I did search for eon and nothing came up. Nevermind, at least its published :-)


hi daylight - best way to search is top left - just under SUBMIT - put name of company in spam duplicates already posted ]https://www.hotukdeals.com/all/freebies/new?merchant_search=eon&mf=9461

Free EON Energy Monitor to new or existing customers
Found 16th May 2010Found 16th May 2010
Free EON Energy Monitor to new or existing customers
Saw this advertised and as an EON customer just registered for my free monitor Go to the website click on the energy fit link on the left which will take you to a page to login o… Read more

:w00t: ADVANCED SEARCH and search for 'eon' first result :roll:


It is ]here and currently less than three days old but, quite understandably got duplicated; it didn't show up on my search.


can't remember seeing one by E-on before - dupe ??:?


I have managed to order one-heat added-I am also an existing customer


Thanks! Sounds good to me. I've done it, all went very smoothly. Can't see where the dupe comes in. Heat added. P.S. I did it as an existing customer by the way.

EON Free Energy Monitor (existing customers)
Found 14th May 2010Found 14th May 2010
EON Free Energy Monitor (existing customers)
Energy Fit Starter Pack is available free. The pack contains an Energy Monitor worth around £45, a booklet full of handy energy saving tips and a CD that has software on to help yo… Read more

Well it's our tax money actually, they get tax breaks by offering environmental incentives to customers.


I'm now busy re-building my Win 7 64 bit computer and it would be useful to find some different, non-E.ON, software I can use (particularly one which does NOT require me to install Microsoft SQL Server 2005). Any recommendations gratefully received.


just had an email from them, ordered about 5 weeks ago, they are saying it could be up to 12 weeks total till i get mine, they have ran out etc etc ... :-(


Thanks for this. Mine arrived last week and got £40 on ebay for it. Nice to get something back from the rip-off utility companies :)


Thanks for your response, Mike T. Actually I discovered that the individual appliance monitors are ]not going to be available until July.But this is what they will look like![image missing]Yeah, I'm afraid ]I'm geeky (but my meter has no reflective bits) so maybe I'll save up and get myself ]a meter with a pulse one of these days!And, for anyone interested, I think ]this manual is a bit easier to read than the one E-ON send in the post.

Free Eon showersave from your water company.... save £45 per year!!!
Found 21st Mar 2010Found 21st Mar 2010
Free Eon showersave from your water company.... save £45 per year!!!
NOT SUITABLE for electric showers or those with multiple jets Just select your water company from the list Anglian Water South Staffs Water South West Water Northumbrian Water Se… Read more

these are not suitable for power showers or electric ones. You were lucky you didnt blow your pump motor.


true enough if you only take cold showers :w00t:


mccrick is dead right. it is just a useless device that just limits the flow from the shower so does the same as turning the power down. another taxpayer funded con imho. I expect an MP is on the board of this company.


Beware of this device once installed, its an absolute ****** to get off. I installed and found the power of our non electric shower just dropped off too much so decided to remove it. The bottom half seems to have spot welded itself to the tap. In the end I have taken the top half and used a screwdriver and hammer to remove the inner workings and then had to fit it back. Afterwards, I have read on another forum that the same can be achieved just by fitting different washers.


It's true that those with meters will save money and that they reduce shower strength substantially. But heating bills are also reduced as a result. And of course there's the environmental impact for those that care. Also if you haven't got a power shower and do have an adjustable spray head, then it's not as obvious when on the hardest spray setting.

EON  Plug-in Timers Only £1 With Delivery!!
Found 14th Dec 2009Found 14th Dec 2009
EON Plug-in Timers Only £1 With Delivery!!
First one so be nice =] Just got a letter through the post about economy7 stuff, further down you can get a plug-in timer for £1 (Limited to 5 per household) So i put 5 in my baske… Read more

they arrived about a week ago, nice quality, got them hooked up to table lamps.


same here, card charged, waiting delivery, no heard from them....


cheers, I'm a big fan of sayno to 0870 - rang some number on there and the girl at the end found the 0800 number for the shop for me - I tell them my phone is blocked for 0845 numbers, wish I could block it actually:- had to use one via 18185 yesterday because ACER repairs despatch have no normal number aledgedly Grrrrrrr. Not that it matters much now because DHL have stolen my PC. Oh god I'm rambling this is what buying at Comet does to you...


My 1 turned up about 1 week after ordering.


Just noticed the 0800 number, rep left and thanks

Free TV Powerdown for first 8000 ***E.ON Customers Only
Found 11th Dec 2009Found 11th Dec 2009
Free TV Powerdown for first 8000 ***E.ON Customers Only
Sign up to E.ON's www.eongreatsaves.com and if you are one of the first 8000 E.ON customers to join, you will receive a free TV Powerdown plug, just make sure you tick the box when… Read more
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Cool Cheers


For the money I saved switching from eon I could no doubt buy a few dozen of these but hey something for free is great deal.


Got it the last time i signed in....heat added


Can't imagine they have EVERY EON customer's email address, or that most of them read it and bother! Anyhow, I fancy my chances and the site seems ok anyway, so I didn't mind trying my luck.:thumbsup:


this got emailed to every EON customer last night so would fully expect the 8000 to have gone by now.

Pink Fluffi and Stars table lamps together with an Intelligent Mains Panel for just £10 including delivery for EON Customers who have signed up to 1010 campaign
Found 10th Dec 2009Found 10th Dec 2009
Pink Fluffi and Stars table lamps together with an Intelligent Mains Panel for just £10 including delivery for EON Customers who have signed up to 1010 campaign
We're committed to helping you achieve your 10:10 target and have come up with some energy saving tips and exclusive offers to help you do just that. Brighten up your home this … Read more

Decided to give them a ring, apparently they had 500 available and they went within a few hours! T*****s :whistling:


Need to buy as a bundle here but as pointed out, are out of stock.:x[image missing]]https://www.eonshop.co.uk/ProductDetails.aspx?ProductCode=10%2010%20December%20Offer&Category=LatestProductMight be worth checking to see if comes back in stock but for time being I will expire.


bummer:oops:, only got the email this morning promoting the offer lol


mains panel says oos?


[image missing] ]https://www.eonshop.co.uk/ProductDetails.aspx?ProductCode=STLAMPPACK&Category=EnergySavingLamps

E.ON Festive bundle £10
Found 9th Dec 2009Found 9th Dec 2009
E.ON Festive bundle £10
Must be E.ON Customer and already signed up to the 10:10 challenge. If not sign up and take advantage Details, Brighten up your home this winter We've got a cracking offer this… Read more

Don't waste your time - all gone; Offer was good but the execution of it was appalling.

E.ON Customers Switch & Fix & Save Extra for Free (again!)
Found 21st Sep 2009Found 21st Sep 2009
E.ON Customers Switch & Fix & Save Extra for Free (again!)
I recently submitted similar deal when I switched to a cheaper tariff, but I've just switched again to fix my tariff until December next year with an even greater discount (12.60%)… Read more
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Well that means that there's more savings for me then, thanks. :thumbsup:


Agreed, otherwise the first 5 months would be super expensive compared to the other 7.


Thanks, just checked my last bill and they do appear to pro-rata, time to switch ...


My understanding was the high rate / low rate units are pro-ratad over each bill rather than first using all the expensive ones then the cheap ones - I think it is a way of clawing back the lack of standing charge.


If you switch from one E.ON tariff to another do they start counting the units from zero? i.e. assuming I have already used 900 kWhs and am now paying 9.9855p per kWh will it go back up to 22.6485p per kWh (based on the tariff below) Normal units up to 900 kWhs per year 22.6485 pence Normal units 9.9855 pence per kWh Would be good if not as there is an identical priced tariff with an extra 2.3% online discount and no tie in so no risk.

FREE TV POWER DOWN & DESKTOP SAVER for EON customers(15,000 OF EACH worth over £30- hurry)
Found 1st Sep 2009Found 1st Sep 2009
FREE TV POWER DOWN & DESKTOP SAVER for EON customers(15,000 OF EACH worth over £30- hurry)
ok, please don't poke me in the eye, but did a check and found nothing coming up. You need to be an Eon customer to qualify, and use IE or other browser, as I couldn't get it to w… Read more

I have just had tha latest flyer in from Homebase and they have a free coupon on the back page to claim one of these FREE next weekend so grab a flyer, fill it out and exchange for your free unit over the counter in your local Homebase.


Got one of these today. Seems like it won't work with the sleep function on the TV. You actually have to use the standby button. Which is disappointing.


Great deal - better than the bt standby saver as it is surge protected too - though for a tv one I would have liked to see coaxial protection and likewise phone protection for the pc one. If they do have that functionality then please mention it.


Received mine today :)


got mines today. Brill!!

E.ON Customers Switch & Save 4.9% Extra for Free (no tie-ins)
Found 13th Jul 2009Found 13th Jul 2009
E.ON Customers Switch & Save 4.9% Extra for Free (no tie-ins)
E.ON Energy have done it again! They have increased prices for existing customers but released a new lower tariff, so if you're an E.ON customer you need to call them on 0800 183 1… Read more
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Just rang up and saved £204 a year .Thats £17 a month THANKYOU.It took less than a minute


Winner :) One phonecall, took about 60 seconds - £68 saving per year. Many thanks!


Thanks. Switched last night from Scottish Power. It reckons £110 saving and £70 quidco on top... £15 per month can't be bad...


Registered online and switched to v14! Online it showed me 8% online discount. I was on the standard plan earlier. Thanks for posting! :-D


im the same did you ring and try move ?

E.on: Free cavity wall and/or loft insulation for homeowners, private tenants over 70, or anyone in receipt qualifying benefits or tax credits
Found 21st Dec 2008Found 21st Dec 2008
E.on: Free cavity wall and/or loft insulation for homeowners, private tenants over 70, or anyone in receipt qualifying benefits or tax credits
I think this was posted before but I can't find it now and it's worth a bump!... Free cavity wall and/or loft insulation is available to homeowners and private tenants over 70, or… Read more

Yawn zzzzzzzzzz


over 70 with a good pension scrote bags sponging off the state o forgot to say if you work hard, pay your taxes then you have to pay in full


Please do not tar everyone on benefits with the same brush. There are genuine cases out there. Yes by all means have a go at the ones who abuse the system & report them but always remember those that abuse the disabled spaces that do not have blue badges. ( is that you? ) We (myself, wife,daughter,dog ) get by on less than £850 a month. Not going into the ins & outs of it all but I was on £2500 a month at work till my accident, my wife was on £1500 a month till she had to become my carer. Now she gets £50.54 a week to look after me. We don't get a new car every 3 years, we don't get any extras ( oh sorry yes we do, £10 xmas bonus ) we don't get help with income support or our mortgage . ( we have had all the goverment section checked out to see what we can claim 3 times now & that is it, £850 a month ) So please do not come back and say to me we have it easy, it's actually a very hard struggle to make ends meet at the end of the month. We get by :santa:


The Eon scheme for those who qualify does cover the whole cost of the work. Yes you have to clear your loft but that's not a cost is it. It is 100% free for those who qualify - no money is paid by the homeowner.


Because they are not insured to. What if they broke a valuable???? What if the injure themselves. Move your own bl**dy rubbish!! Some People? I wonder if you realise what it is like to live 'On the breadline'? Makes me sick those that complain about the poor getting handouts. The word (Aptly at this time of year) SCROOGE comes to mind. Have you read the book? If so you would understand just how familiar your rant sounds. FWIW I just paid £175 to have my walls insulated in Nov. Not on benefits but OH retires next month. Could have waited but couldn't be bothered. Might get them to do the loft in January tho. Anyway Fub. Good post. Heat added.

Dusk to Dawn Teardrop Nightlights £5.99 DELIVERED @ Eon (with voucher code)
Found 19th Nov 2008Found 19th Nov 2008
Dusk to Dawn Teardrop Nightlights £5.99 DELIVERED @ Eon (with voucher code)
£5.99EON Deals
Normally £8.00 but £5.99 with the following code D1032 These nightlights not only provide stylish low energy lighting but they also automatically switch themselves on at dusk and … Read more
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That's great. I've ordered them. They look good but it's good to hear from someone who has them.


bought 2 of these from tescos for £2.99 each the other day (instore) really good.

Up to 40% off E.ON PowerDowns now only £8.97
Found 19th Nov 2008Found 19th Nov 2008
Up to 40% off E.ON PowerDowns now only £8.97
£8.97EON Deals
A clever computer multi plug which automatically switches off any equipment linked to your desktop computer, such as a printer, scanner, when you shut down (rrp £15.00) PowerDowns… Read more

I sent off for some free lightbulbs and got a voucher for a free one of these with my lightbulbs. THANKS!


These powerdowns are great. I have also used this computer powerdown for my TV i.e. switches off video and digibox when I put TV on standby. And I have used it for my HiFi i.e. when I switch off Amplifier it switches CD player etc off. This is a good price compared to how much they used to be but I think they need to be even cheaper for more people to use them and help reduce power wastage.


nice idea, like it.




its not fair - i pay taxes, i want free things :(

PowerDown intelligent plug for desktop computers £8.97 delivered @ E.ON
Found 17th Nov 2008Found 17th Nov 2008
PowerDown intelligent plug for desktop computers £8.97 delivered @ E.ON
£8.97EON Deals
Plug your computer lead into the main PowerDown socket and then plug any related peripherals into the side sockets. When you switch off your PC, the PowerDown senses this and will… Read more

[SIZE="7"]GET THIS PLUS 4X BULBS AND A SHOWERSMART FOR FREE[/SIZE] If you're aged 70+ or getting benefits such as: Income Support, Housing Benefit, Council Tax Benefit,(not including single occupancy reduction), Income-based Jobseeker's Allowance, Attendance Allowance, Disability Allowance, Industrial Injuries Disablement Pension (must include Constant Attendance Allowance) War Disablement Pension (must include Motability Supplement or Constant Attendance Allowance Pension Credit Child Tax Credit (where your income is up to and not exceeding £15,592) Working Tax Credit (where your income is up to and not exceeding £15,592) Go To: https://www.hotukdeals.com/item/278093/showthread.php?t=278093


these things are a curse, a bluddy liability. Those three plug designs are the cause of many electrical fires in the uk. Thankfully, they had all but disappeared, but now some eco fruitcake brings out an 'environmental' version. It wont help the environment when your nans causes an electrical fire and burns her house down. Stay away, these are dangerous.




Maybe because she's trying to warm up your finger? (relating to username, nothing rude)


Got mine from my mother-in-law. Best thing I ever got from my mother-in-law. The worst thing I ever got from my mother-in-law is on a one woman crusade to heat the planet. :x

Free Power down plug or energy saving lightbulbs In Kingston Upon Thames or Twickenham
Found 17th Jul 2008Found 17th Jul 2008
Free Power down plug or energy saving lightbulbs In Kingston Upon Thames or Twickenham
Just back from lunch in Kingston upon Thames and manage to get myself a couple of E-on energy saving power down plugs. http://www.eonenergy.com/At-Home/Going-Green/Energy-Saving-A… Read more
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Do these turn the power off to the actual computer ? other wise network connections will still have power?


Nice find - managed to get the plug a little while ago and find it very useful.

Free energy saving light bulbs and Power down plug if you claim benefits at e-on shop!
Found 16th Feb 2008Found 16th Feb 2008
If you claim one of the benefits below you can claim free energy saving light bulbs and a Power Down Plug (shut down other electrical items when you shut down a PC etc... IE your p… Read more

I am disabled I suffer with r homotopy arthritis in all my joints yes I am on dla and benefits


Have you ever played the world of warcraft, and run into bugged quests? and GM who don't to read any of your ticket? WELL look no https://www.wow-titans.com/ is where your search Ends!! with 100 % and more then 500 players on line. visit us today Thx wowking


received my pack for my dad who is a pensioner:)


Got mine this morning, 2 60W & 2 75W equivalent lamps, plus power down plug. Thanx again :-)


yep, looks good.

Powergen shop - Eco-Kettle only £25 inc. p+p
Found 27th Nov 2007Found 27th Nov 2007
Powergen shop - Eco-Kettle only £25 inc. p+p
The Energy Saving Kettle is a stylish electric jug kettle which has two water chambers. The main water chamber holds 1.5 litres of water which fills the boiling chamber by using a … Read more
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Is that why they call you mr fahrenheit? Can you travel at the speed of light? And would you like to make a supersonic man out of you? :whistling: :-D :oops:


Just to remind you all, the boiling point of water is 100 degrees ;-)


I don't doubt this is a good price, but I'd question the environmental credentials of this device. By my rough calculations I can see this kettle saving 1% of an individual's carbon footprint if they boil a full kettle four times a day to make a mug of tea. I'm not quite that mad on boiling water so I think mine will be a fraction of a percent. Financially, if this kettle lasted three years it'd probably pay for itself in my case. There is no mention of what carbon footprint and other environmental impacts this device has during its lifetime (design, manufacture, promotion, distribution and ultimate disposal). What are the company going to do with profits? Plant trees or buy company jets and fly round the world? Is it better just to hang on to my old kettle and (old fashioned idea) fix it if it goes wrong? I'm all for saving the world, but good intentions just won't hack it. I'd like to see the bottom line for this.


Brilliant! You won't be interested in this then. :p But perhaps the ladies at work who insist on filling the thing up to full for one cuppa might be....


My main driver in chossing a kettle is that it is easy to descale and clean. I can't tell with this but the description of a second chamber would bother me. Since any kettle filled to the correct level is highly efficient I would just mark the scale on the kettle with the water level needed to fill a teapot or a single mug of coffee. Simpler!

Powergen - Gold energy saving pack  - £56
Found 25th Nov 2007Found 25th Nov 2007
Powergen - Gold energy saving pack - £56
Why is this a good offer? I found an Electrisave meter on ebay for £40+P&P, the cheapest I could find for a new one and they are £60 from Powergen, but in this pack you also g… Read more

B&Q had the energy meters for £29.99 the other day


Hey there, Why be so hard on the person who posted this ? :oops: = it is a very good bargain compared with other sites and it is extremely good that this has been posted as it also shows a wide awareness of green issues. Well done to the poster for listing this- I have been looking for a cheaper one for ages :) . Let's be more encouraging to those who are concerned about our planet. :-D It seems from the forecasts that we need to start acting now, rather than when the gov. decides to fund free environmentally friendly devices. Voted hot!


but we're still dependant on our energy suppliers if we want a smart meter, the Govt haven't introduced any schemes for households to get these free yet.


How does this compare ? http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/6550361.stm


Powergen came round a couple of months ago and fitted us one of those meters for free. We had a letter in the post telling us about it, not sure if they just selected a few people to trial it or something.

Free Central Heating Care from Powergen If your moving House (In certain areas)
Found 23rd Oct 2007Found 23rd Oct 2007
Free Central Heating Care from Powergen If your moving House (In certain areas)
OK. this one maybe a bit hit and miss as it will only benefit a few people (so dont slate it to much!) Powergen are offering customers in certain areas their Central Heating Care … Read more

Im with Powergen, I actually think they are ok! Whats wrong with them? I only moved into my new place in June (first time buyer), I priced em up and Powergen seemed quite good, I opted for the Online Super Saver account. If anyone recommends I move can you explain why? Thanks guys


I just changed to british gas the other day got £60 quidco, next day they bumped it up to £80. Doh!


i am one of the mostly useless that work for them:oops: thats how I know about this offer. its not really common knowledge yet and wont be advertised.


Not wishing to rain on anyone's parade, but I'm with Powergen and they are the most useless bunch of (ahem) idiots I've ever had the misfortune to give money to. Moving away from them asap.


Cheers wolves, rep added as you have just saved me £80. I was on hold to Homeserve and flicking through here saw your post about British Gas.

£60 cashback for switching to Powergen
Found 12th Oct 2007Found 12th Oct 2007
£60 cashback for switching to Powergen
Been using Uswitch to find the cheapest supplier in my area which turns out to be Powergen. Had a quick scout on Quidco and it seems they are giving out £60 cashback for switching… Read more
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i think people are just getting anxious as quidco don't seem to be responding to anyone - they usually have conversations with people in the blogs maybe their all just on their hols


May be just isolated incidents then. If you have a look here there are over 200 comments of non payment, payments held back, etc. http://www.quidco.com/blog/?p=116#comments M:)


Just recieved a payment from Quidco and plenty of others over the past 12 months. No past problems with them, except with an eBay query I had.


Does anyone have a reasonable explanation as to why suppliers charge such different amounts depending on your area?


I don't even want to imagine the chaos that would ensue were we all to start doing that. But do let us know how you get on :)

Free online Energy Survey for your home !
Found 23rd Jun 2007Found 23rd Jun 2007
Free online Energy Survey for your home !
FREE Energy survey tailored to your home from Powergen.

powergen are awful, we've had a regular meter installed for over a year now and they keep saying theyre going to come around and see what we've got! when we switched to a pay as you go one a couple of years back for a while and they didnt update their records

Powergen Enery OnLine Extra Saver - new  online tariff for Gas / Electric
Found 21st Feb 2007Found 21st Feb 2007
Powergen Enery OnLine Extra Saver - new online tariff for Gas / Electric
Just to mention that from 9th Feb that Powergen Lauched a new online tariff, the Energy Online Extra Saver (dual fuel for Gas and Electricity). This replaces the Winter Saver tarif… Read more
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Excellent, glad to hear my post saved some peeps some moola:thumbsup:


[SIZE=2]Just checked and tracking £61 on Quidco :thumbsup: [/SIZE]


They said £75 saving yesterday for me from my old to this latest tariff. So I went to Uswitch and checked the price on my old tariff and this new one and I STILL save more by switching. So gone to Scottish power which reckons another £60 saving, plus quidco. One thing bothers me. If the prices go up your bill goes up (unless you're on a fixed or capped deal). Why is it when the price comes down its up to YOU, the customer, to actually find out the price has gone down (thanks to HotUKdeals!) and phone them up to get them to pass on the price reduction? :x


got myself a £30 saving. better than a kick in the mouth...LOL


It's probably down to the area you're in. Last time the savings were different depending on area, I seem to recall. I did think it was a bit strange. I might try ringing again, a bit later.

3 Free energy Saving light bulbs
LocalLocalFound 14th Jan 2007Found 14th Jan 2007
Our energy experts are always looking for great ways to save you energy and money. Low energy light bulbs are good energy savers and are ideal for those parts of your home where yo… Read more

Yes I think so


i am on ESA child benefit and DLA too can i get the bulbs free


Have you still got the free pack of 3 light bulbs


No it's expired, it was posted over 7 years ago


Please let me know, is this free offer still availabile. Thanks

Save an extra 5% with powergen - switch to 'energy online winter saver'
Found 2nd Dec 2006Found 2nd Dec 2006
Save an extra 5% with powergen - switch to 'energy online winter saver'
Just discovered this - if your gas&electric is with powergen, you can save an extra 5% by just phoning them up and asking to be put on 'energy online winter saver'. This has an… Read more

They now have a new one energy online extra saver which if you swap to will last until July the winter one only lasts until March, it's exactly the same amount of saving 16% overall but lasts a bit longer. I have just phoned and done this.


I must have missed this first time around. £185 saved for the year...now what to spend it on, what to spend it on :whistling:


Will you still get the annual discounts for being a dual fuel online customer, which i believe is around £60? Just phoned them and they said that I not loose my annual discount and have just saved another £63 by phoning....BRILLIANT POST, VOTED


Upgrade to this tarrif is not automatic despite already being a Powergen online customer :-( ! I've just called them and upgraded - the additional discount lasts until January 2008. :-D Thanks for the tip!


jUST LIKE IT SAYS ON THE TIN. a simple 2 minute phone call= £35.00 saving