Epic Action Collection : Kingdom of Heaven, Tristan & Isolde, Braveheart (3 DVD box set) - £7.99 @ DVD.co.uk !

Epic Action Collection : Kingdom of Heaven, Tristan & Isolde, Braveheart (3 DVD box set) - £7.99 @ DVD.co.uk !

Found 15th Feb 2008
Kingdom Of Heaven: From Ridley Scott, the director of Gladiator and master of the modern epic, comes this spectacular saga of courage, passion and adventure. Amidst the pageantry and intrigue of medieval Jerusalem, Orlando Bloom plays Balian, a young blacksmith who, having lost everything, finds honour and redemption on a valiant quest. Against staggering odds, Balian battles overwhelming forces to save his people and fulfil his destiny as a true knight.

Tristan And Isolde: From executive producer Ridley Scott comes a sweeping, action-packed sage of epic battles, political intrigue and forbidden passion, set in a time when the lines between heroism and savagery were etched in fire and carved out with broadswords. After the fall of Rome, visionary warlord Marke seeks to unite the squabbling English tribes to form one strong nation and defeat the brutal Irish King Donnchadh. But when Lord Marke's greatest and most loyal knight, Tristan, falls in love with Isolde, a beautiful Irish woman, it threatens to destroy the fragile truce and ignite a war. In the spirit of Braveheart and A Knight's Tale, TRISTAN & ISOLDE is a rousing tale of trust and treachery that will leave you breathless!

Braveheart: Mel Gibson stars in and directs this sweeping saga about Scotland's brutal battle for independence in the 13th century. When William Wallace's (MEL GIBSON) wife is ravaged and murdered by English troops, his quest for revenge quickly turns into an impassioned fight for his country's freedom. Tales of Wallace's bravery inspire every commoner to take arms against the English and escalate their crusade into a full scale war. Braveheart is a rich, emotionally charged historic epic filled with passion, betrayal and courage. Its scope and pageantry make it a true achievement in filmmaking history.

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