Epson EH-TW7300 4K Enhanced Projector - White. Cheapest price!! £1449.99 @ Amazon prime

Epson EH-TW7300 4K Enhanced Projector - White. Cheapest price!! £1449.99 @ Amazon prime

£1,449.99Amazon Deals
Found 17th JulEdited by:"KatsudonVince"
Normally, it is around £1600 mark but this is the cheapest and best price i've found. Now on Prime day. Very good review on this machine.

  • High-performance home cinema 4K-enhanced, Full HD, UHD BD and HDR support
  • Smooth, fast-moving action Frame interpolation and detail enhancement
  • Watch a movie a day for 7 years with 35,000 hours lamp life in Eco mode
  • Fully motorised optics powered zoom, focus and lens shift.
  • Projection Distance Wide/Tele - 3 m - 6.3 m ( 100 inch screen). Focal

    Distance - 22.5 mm - 46.7 mm
  • Wide lens shift Vertical 96.3 Percent and horizontal 47.1 Percent
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It's the cheapest price it's ever been .
Cold??? It's cheapest price deal but cold????
I think this is cold because the math is wrong. Say a movie is ~2 hours. A movie a day would be 2x365=730 hours a year. In 7 years, it only makes 5110 hours. The variation is too much for cold-voters to handle. It's not even a margin of error. That's gross miscalculation. The actual number if years according to the data provided, within the margin of error would be 48 years. OP! Get your math right. You might get more plus votes.

That or if the price for a overly expensive stupid projector that was actually affordable or had more than a mere consolation 9% off.
KatsudonVince1 h, 0 m ago

Cold??? It's cheapest price deal but cold????

Because it's not a "real" 4K projector maybe? Honestly I'd recommend sticking with a decent 3D projector for a few years as proper 4K ones are still massively overpriced for what they are.
Excellent projector and excellent price. Voted hot
From Review of the best buy TW9300 projector (the next step up in the range from the TW7300) -…355

" If you don’t quite have the light controlled room and your walls and ceiling are white or similar then the TW7300 is the machine for you with all the strengths for such a room (the TW9300 would lose its black level advantage in such an environment so you are better off saving some cash). "

Very good quality projectors cost a lot, not all projectors are equal, you won't get the same performance or features out of a £500 projector as you will out of this one....
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