Epson GT-1500 Scanner with ADF £131.57 Delivered PCWorld Business
Epson GT-1500 Scanner with ADF £131.57 Delivered PCWorld Business

Epson GT-1500 Scanner with ADF £131.57 Delivered PCWorld Business

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GT-1500 is a business scanner, as opposed to one intended for the home or for graphics professionals. It's designed for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and archival, converting paper for digital storage. Usually about £250 but Epson have a reduced price deal on at the moment and surprisingly the cheapest place I could find is PCWorld Business!

A well reviewed scanner that for Windows & Mac at a good discount. I realise that it's appeal is limited to business users so probably won't get voted very hot but I thought I'd share it for people who it will be useful.

Make sure you select the 2-3 day delivery option to get this price.

Update: try microwarehouse.co.uk/cat…230 for a slightly lower price of £129.08


Really useful find. My Fujitsu is starting to wear out after nearly 10 years use, and this looks like a bargain price. Check whether Windows 7 drivers are available.

Is it a double sided document scanner?

£129..08 from ]here .

Obviously that's only a couple of quid saved which is nothing massive relatively speaking; all depends on which retailer you prefer, and is still part of the same Epson offer highlighted by OP.

Duplex scanning is manual; scan one side of a load, then turn it all over and scan again. The software then sorts out page numbers and what goes where. Not automatic, but better than nothing.

Ace deal at this price. Very useful for Evernote. If you don't know what Evernote is, then you really should check it out. It'll give you a reason for wanting one of these and your very own paperless environment.

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Thanks for the tip. Microwarehouse are the same company as PCW so it is kind of odd that they are cheaper.

Nice one - been looking for one of these.

I notice there's a great variation in price on the net for the 3 year extended warranty. It can be had for as little as £20 when searching for the manuf. part ECPGRP25 via google shopping (although I've not heard of any of the companies at this price range!)

Looking for one of these to archive my horde of files


Is it a double sided document scanner?

I think they'd mention it if it were.

It's not a double sided scanner, but I've read that the software takes care of that. Scan all docs through which does one side of all of them, then flip the whole lot over and scan the other side. The software puts the pages back together apparently.

What's the difference in this and having an all-in-one like this?

ebuyer.com/pro…105 - That has printer, scanner, screen and wireless.
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