Epson Perfection 3490 Photo Colour Scanner £54.49 Delivered!

Epson Perfection 3490 Photo Colour Scanner £54.49 Delivered!

Found 17th Jul 2006
I've been using an Epson Perfection for almost two years and highly recommend them for reliability, ease of use and excellent software alone. This scanner receives excellent reviews, not only on Amazon, but from other review sites also.

Epson Perfection 3490 Photo Colour Scanner Features: 3200 x 6400 dpi resolution, great for reprints and enlargements * 3.2 Dmax for amazing clarity and colour * One-touch colour restoration with Epson Easy Photo Fix * Four convenient buttons including: Scan, Copy, E-mail and PDF * Included film holder to scan slides and negatives * Powerful software package for photo and document scanning


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Now back down in price, not quite as low as original post, but at £55.40 only 90p more

Nice bit of kit Raymeister modfather general ! :thumbsup:

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It is I still have an older model, but can't recommend these enough. Reviews are great and Epson software, reliability excellent

Like the new avatar by the way!


I really like this ray ...very sleek Thanks
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