Epson SX115 £29.97 @ Asda
Epson SX115 £29.97 @ Asda

Epson SX115 £29.97 @ Asda

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I know this one has done the rounds on here a few times but I have never seen it as cheap as this. Was going to get mine from Comet today but I did my shopping at Asda first........good job!


would be good to put the price & asda in the title

Must be in-store only as I can't even see the printer on the website. Good price though.

For £10 more, you can get the SX415 from Comet with the 10PRINT voucher.

SX415 Here

Difference seems to memory card and LCD gubbins.
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Fantastic little printer at a great price, I paid £35 a few weeks a go at Tesco when it was on offer.
Look on EBay and you'll get 20 mixed inks for £20.
It has 3 coloured and 1 black cartridge.

Hot from me!

Just paid £31.49 on click and collect from Comet yesterday, having been in ASDA the day before looking to see if they had any printer deals on - they only seem to stock the one or two models of printers, so went with what was then the best choice price-wise!

It's still sat in it's box; though spose' it is only -£1.52 difference. Either way, a good bit of kit for under £30

Decent for te price

Currently £29.99 from Comet (with Reserve and Collection) and, with 10% off using the promotional code, "10PRINT" it comes to a total of £26.99.


Would this qualify as a better alternative?
From a local store search there is stock in my 3 nearest Comet stores.

If you're inclined to have a positive price difference you could return it and then reserve it again at the lower price.

Reserved one and going to pick it up later today, currently have a Lexmark X73 and, with its expensive (and hard to find at a good price) ink replacements it's on its last legs with the poor print quality.


Is the ink cheap for this printer?


Is the ink cheap for this printer?

Extremely cheap. As someone has already mentioned, check ebay for multipacks. Reviews do say that this printer drinks ink quite fast though but all the inkjet printers i have ever owned do so too. It's always wise to use fast draft quality or black&white when it's not essential to have best quality.

can you refill cartrides yourself ?

thanks wanted a new printer

You can get the ink cheap aswell off 7dayshop

Btw This don't come with a printer cable.

Brilliant price for a great printer!

I already bought this from Tesco at a higher price...Heat added

I have the sx415 which is about the same printer it do nice pics aswell, plus as my daughter like cooking she has been doing alot of printing on it and they come out nice aswell.

Do EITHER of the printers mentioned do cd/dvd printing ?

Is this offer still on, does anyone know?

Had a total nightmare with my SX115 its been back to the shop 3 times as every time i try to print the heads need cleaning, He said its due to crap printer paper! Kodak paper is what i used then said i had hammered the use of it! Hardley when i never got to use it as it always needed repairing or heads cleaning, was sick of it! have now found out its a faulty printer, he has none in stock to do a replacement so offered me a deal on a new photo printer for £80.00! (i dont print photos). BUT no thank you, if i had hamered it or even got any proper use out of it i would of been happy but iv decided to bin the printer write to Epson about all the hassle iv had with it & use a larger computer sales shop to buy a new one. Always loved my Epsons but this has really put me off, this faulty printer has cost me money & customers!
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