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Epson Perfection V39 photo scanner direct from Epson £12.94 delivered usually £89.99 @ Epson Shop
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Posted 3rd MayPosted 3rd May
Epson Perfection V39 photo scanner direct from Epson £12.94 delivered usually £89.99 @ Epson Shop
Like it says in the title. Seems a great deal as places like Amazon are asking £79. Some marketing blurb from Epson: Perfection V39 This easy-to-use, USB-powered scanner has … Read more

Arrived today.


I ordered 8, but looks like I'm only getting the first 3 :(


Seriously? You ordered 3 and they are coming?


Because you haven't posted enough deals (y) Seriously though, my first order for 3 is all good, second one for 5 not looking good.


Had mine cancelled today and money refunded

Moverio BT-300 - a true Augmented Reality - £599 @ Epson
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Posted 29th Sep 2018Posted 29th Sep 2018
Moverio BT-300 - a true Augmented Reality - £599 @ Epson
The Moverio BT-300 features Epson's cutting edge silicon-based OLED (organic light emitting diode) digital display technology, making the device the lightest binocular see-through … Read more
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Define reality 😏


What's that sonny?


Small minded is when soneone can’t understand sarcastic comments... (ninja)


Yeah, that’s a perfect comparison (skeptical) I bet you older than me grandad... (flirt)


Small minded. I am looking into implementing this at my work. Imagine being able to look at an object (asset) and have a breakdown of information about that asset right in front of you. Make, model, install year, fault history. Even the Possibility of showing instructions on how to repair the asset it it was to become faulty.

Ultra Realistic Lewis Hamilton F1 model kits. Free download @ Epson
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Posted 8th Jan 2018Posted 8th Jan 2018
Ultra Realistic Lewis Hamilton F1 model kits. Free download @ Epson
Credit to other deal on Yamaha bike kits,but this may appeal more to some as a fun freebie. These downloadable kits and instructions for both Nico rosbergs and Lewis Hamiltons c… Read more
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Does anyone still have the PDF? I can't find it on the website any more. Thanks!


Everyone avoids paying taxes in some form or other in the UK. Sold something online? Paid someone cash in hand? Then there is hiring an accountant to be more tax efficient, which is completely legal. I won't feel satisfied until they sort out the Amazon's, Starbucks's, non-doms, foreign takeovers of UK business and of course the big black hole that is foreign aid.


Can girls play with these too?


Abit of fun. Heat


Just something to print out and make thats slightly easier than printing out and making an f1 car

Free Printable Business/Home Templates from Epson
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Posted 27th Jul 2016Posted 27th Jul 2016
Free Printable Business/Home Templates from Epson
Choose from around 80 free templates for business or home needs. Some to keep the kids quiet too. I downloaded a few and they were in pdf format.
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​You might find what you want at this site.


thanks, i want a family tree one, like a tree where you fill in family names on leaves or birds, do you know where i could find a tamplate please

EPSON XP-520 ALL IN ONE PRINTER with cartridges and spare cartridges £51.48
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Posted 24th Jan 2015Posted 24th Jan 2015
EPSON XP-520 ALL IN ONE PRINTER with cartridges and spare cartridges £51.48
From PC World: Wireless Printer (mac air as well) with photocopy function. XP-520 Printer £79-99 (comes with cartridges and was £99-99) EPSON T2616 cartridges £31-49 (spare and wa… Read more



The Epson T2616 are £25.19 if you buy as a bundle so total is £105.18........but you have to click on the Epson multi pack link and pay £31.49 to qualify for the extra £30 cashback so total is £111.48. I can see a few getting caught out here when trying to claim the £30 for the inks.


Did this the other day.


Sell both sets of inks (the setup ones in the printer) + the EPSON T2616 on ebay and buy some compatibles. Printer could end up being almost free.

Epson free things to print - Christmas decorations and cards etc
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Posted 11th Dec 2014Posted 11th Dec 2014
Epson free things to print - Christmas decorations and cards etc
On the Epson website there are free templates you can download and print. They have all sorts of designs available including a Christmas Tree, Christmas cards, decorations and more… Read more

Very true both of you but great entertainment for the children.


Yeah this is really good of the printer companies. Please use your printer loads more than you usually do so you buy more ink!!


Nice - add some cheap ink and scissors and keep the kids busy! Also Canon creative park has some amazing papercraft stuff

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FREE 4  HOTEL STAY with selected printer purchase @ Epson
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Posted 7th Dec 2014Posted 7th Dec 2014
FREE 4 HOTEL STAY with selected printer purchase @ Epson
Treat yourself to a new printer, and we’ll treat you to a night in a four-star hotel. Why not stay for longer? If you purchase two Epson multipack inks at the same time as your pr… Read more

This doesn't look at all. Kearton Davies posted this as an issue on this customer action site - - if we get enough people posting on there, maybe we can encourage a fair response from Currys/PC World?


What a load of crap sent the paper work to them they have said they have not received it so no hotel, what a surprise,not happy, fobbed off probably no hotel deals just said it to get you to buy a printer. I won't let it drop.


I bought £30 of extra items on top of a £79.99 printer at PC World. Used a £10 off £100 code from o2 Priority and then paid with 2 Amex cards (£10 credit for £50 spend on each). Claim form sent to Epson. So - can be a good deal this.


Cold but just not for everyone I guess. Personally I appreciate this post - factor in the hotel and this is not too bad....depending on the price you can find a printer for of course.


gone cold but i needed a printer got home set it up and this came up o well

Double Cashback on select Epson Printers
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Posted 16th Jan 2014Posted 16th Jan 2014
Double Cashback on select Epson Printers
I just picked up an A3 Epson WorkForce WF-7515 for £127.50 which includes an additional full set of cartridges. I did it via where the overall cost was £187.50 b… Read more

Okay I just got mine!


Same here.its been nearly 30 days- no sign of the £20 cashback promised by Epson. Mmmm


Not sure how good all this cashback's been a month now and still nothing :/

BACK IN STOCK Epson laser printer over £100 saving Aculaser M2000D was £207.77 now £105.60 inc postage direct from Epson
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Posted 15th Nov 2013Posted 15th Nov 2013
BACK IN STOCK Epson laser printer over £100 saving Aculaser M2000D was £207.77 now £105.60 inc postage direct from Epson
Seems the hukders Have cleared them out The more stock now added so keep checking This is what is left in the clearance centre… Read more
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Well spotted


The printer appears to be back in stock


Ah must have been all snapped up, the one I had in my basket is now saying oos Edit Yup all gone, this is what's left in the clearance centre


Me too can you post if you find


i cant see an option to buy it ?

Epson LCD projectors -  Half price £200 @
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Posted 27th Mar 2013Posted 27th Mar 2013
Epson LCD projectors - Half price £200 @
Eight types of projector have been reduced in price. Mainly business projectors but I managed to get the last EH-TW600W (top for home cinemas) Good options for people who see the … Read more

Does anyone no if all projectors can rear project? for a window display? sorry if this seems daft but working a project and not to sure about projectors.. also can anyone recommend a good second hand projector cheap as possible looking at above 3000 lumen's? thanks..


Nothing left but a standard projector.


I think we are both talking from our own personal experience. Home cinema reviews are pretty favourable to good examples of either technology.


i know what the reviews say, i made a 2k error based on a review, go to a home cinema shop and ask for a comparison. as for infocus i had a 4805 and it lasted 8 years without a problem


Yep you were right missed a zero. It was the tw6000w.

Epson EH-TW480 + Kinect For £549 @ Epson
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Posted 9th Dec 2012Posted 9th Dec 2012
Epson EH-TW480 + Kinect For £549 @ Epson
Buy this projector and get Kinect for free, then sell the Projector on ebay and bag yourself a kinect for nothing!

and the extortionate ebay sellers tax!


Decent reviews on Amazon though, might need to go find one to look at. Thanks for the heads up.


or £451 del from France new on ebay also!! £441 on Amazon kinda makes this a rather expensive Kinect!!!


Considering this projector sells on ebay new for £470 good luck in trying this!!!

ENJOY UNLIMITED 2 FOR 1 DINING FOR A WHOLE YEAR (Purchase a qualifying Epson printer between 01/05/2012 and 31/07/2012)
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Posted 10th Jul 2012Posted 10th Jul 2012
ENJOY UNLIMITED 2 FOR 1 DINING FOR A WHOLE YEAR (Purchase a qualifying Epson printer between 01/05/2012 and 31/07/2012)
Purchase a qualifying Epson printer between 01/05/2012 and midnight 31/07/2012 and you can claim a free “Dine Out with Epson” diner’s card. The Epson diner’s card will entitle you… Read more

Trying to find a good photo quality printer (sub 100quid upto A4 or 10x8) and can't find any group reviews anywhere! Went thro 2yrs photo mag subscriptions = zip. Went thro every photo mag in WHSmits = zip. Astonishing considering the importance of a decent quality output to your finished files.


Fantastic just bought this printer and didn't know about this offer


I think I've got this problem, bcz I haven't used my printer for a while. and now the black ink is close to none, even though I've changed it a couple of months ago!


imiskeen is right that you do need to use any make of inkjet printer regularly, otherwise the ink will dry up on the head and clog the nozzles, and if you leave it long enough, the cleaning sponge, the vacuum tube and the heads ink intake ports as well. It is a particular problem with Epson pigment ink printers (Durabrite ink), as it waterproof once dried, making it very difficult to unblock if you let it dry out through lack of use. Needs something like ammonia solution to dissolve it.


My Epson SX535WD works fantastically, I think like any brand you will have good and bad printers

Free £50 iTunes voucher when you buy a Epson MG850-HD projector £649 @ Epson *Updated*
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Posted 9th Feb 2012Posted 9th Feb 2012
Free £50 iTunes voucher when you buy a Epson MG850-HD projector £649 @ Epson *Updated*
Hi all, Looks like a good deal on the Epson MG-850HD home cinema projector. Get a free £50 iTunes voucher, when you buy the projector. Great deal as the projector has a dock… Read more

you can get 1080p projectors for 50 quid or so more than this..


Thanks Odom... I've updated the price.


rrp is £600


Save yourself £95


Won't need it, heard rumours that next ipad/iphone/ipod will have a built-in projector :p

Epson Free  return flight when you purchase a printer (2  return flights if you buy 3 cartridges too )
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Posted 9th Nov 2011Posted 9th Nov 2011
Epson Free return flight when you purchase a printer (2 return flights if you buy 3 cartridges too )
Epson have a promotion on , if you buy a printer from the list below the give you a return flight to a number of european destinations, and if you buy a minimum of 3 cartridges wit… Read more

Still have to pay taxes and any supplements, only worth doing if you are replacing a printer otherwise get a cheap air fare and cheap printer from elsewhere.


On behalf of Epson UK I would like to respond: Epson endeavour to give the customer their first choice preference for both airport and flight time. Please see the link below for more information;jsessionid=4D009697912B21D844D946B55AC211C5.acc5-new


Pretty sure Scotland is only about 10% of the country. And I live in the South East, yet it isn't that much harder for me to get to Stansted/Gatwick/Luton than it would be for most Scottish people to get to Newcastle. As to the people moaning about it probably being on Ryanair - it's on Iberia, Air Berlin, TUI Fly, Airfrance, Lufthansa, Wizz, Alitalia, KLM, Swiss, Flybe, Easyjet, Aer Lingus, Germanwings, TAP, BA and Jet2. Not that Ryanair is remotely as bad as people like to make out - hence why it's highly profitable, the biggest international airline in the world, and Europe's 3rd biggest domestic airline. I personally cannot wait until they start their transatlantic services. Whether you like them or not, Ryanair has undoubtedly opened out Europe for millions of people who otherwise couldn't have afforded it. Hopefully they can do something similar across the Atlantic.


90% of the posts on this site are 'off topic', and are quite often the most informative


Keep the thread on topic please

Epson Stylus S22 Printer - £19.99 Delivered @ Epson
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Posted 1st Sep 2011Posted 1st Sep 2011
Epson Stylus S22 Printer - £19.99 Delivered @ Epson
spec: colour - ink-jet - Legal, A4 - 5760 dpi x 1440 dpi - up to 28 ppm (mono) / up to 15 ppm (colour) - capacity: 100 sheets - USB Not a bad price, set of 4 compatible cartridges… Read more
Max-Power There's a few shops that do it that price tbh I found the other day :)


link to the all in one?


i'd go for the all in one for £24.99...(SX130)


does this come with ink or have you got to buy them seperate


compatible ink cartridges are very cheap available for this model no need to spend that much cash on branded ones.

Epson Ink Buy One Get One Free (Monkey, Cheetah, Hummingbird) - £19.70 @ Epson
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Posted 5th Apr 2011Posted 5th Apr 2011
Epson Ink Buy One Get One Free (Monkey, Cheetah, Hummingbird) - £19.70 @ Epson
Just on epson's website and clicked on special offers it shows that if you buy 2 sets of the monkey inks it will be £34.16 but when you click on it and add to basket it comes up as… Read more
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Plenty of compatible inks for many Canon printers !?!? Bought £££ of them from 7dayshop for MX860s for instance - only problem there was the MX860s electronics went bad and Canon replaced with MX870 that didn't like the carts (still had loads left). Delighted to say 7dayshop refunded as they "supported everything they sold for 1yr". (Seems the 870s ROMs were tweaked and the cartridge makers have to play catch up, which all takes time to do and work through the supply chain.) As others have said IF you believe compatible carts wreck printers then just throw the printers away, its cheaper! A BETTER reason MIGHT be with say Photos that the quality/longevity of the dyes WILL matter if you intend to keep DIY printed photos for long periods of time and/or in light. (Personally I think it simplest to have retained photos printed photographically.) MKD


Ruddy canon... Why did I get a ruddy canon?!?


deal has expired now epson must of fixed the problem


Don't understand people paying more for a set of ink cartridges that the cost of the printer. Everyone states that cheap cartridges mash up the printers. OK let them, but it still works out cheaper to buy new printers every couple of months if they get trashed than keep to original cartridges


Not really, as they never give you full cartridges with a new printer anymore just part filled to get you going, so you will still need to buy ink for your new printer ...

Free 3 Year Extended Warranty On Epson Inket Printers @ Epson
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Posted 25th Feb 2011Posted 25th Feb 2011
Free 3 Year Extended Warranty On Epson Inket Printers @ Epson
Buy an Epson Stylus A4 inkjet printer (that's most of the printers they sell) together with an original Epson ink multipack and Epson will extend the warranty to 3 years. Offer ru… Read more

The supplied cartridges are full but it takes about 40% of the ink to prime the printer before first use, hence the first set only lasts 60% of subsequent ones.


As per posting:


How do you register as I recently bought and printer and a seperate cartridge set


I have some recollection that the set Epson used to include with various printers were "starter cartridges", ie not the regular capacity cartridges ones. Certainly Googling supports my recollection. BTW: Friend recently bought an Epson from, and when they finally condescended to deliver it (took 4 attempts!), she had their 3yr cover for just £9.xx which is about the cost of ONE genuine ink cartridge! a BX300F at c£40 + £10 for the 3yr cover. Great scanner/printer/copier + fax and take (eg) 7dayshop compatible T071x inks at £1.25/each or as low as 80p in quantity. MKD (Going strong with one Epson C46 printer from 6.5years ago and never bought Epson's inks - though have had to take it to bits various times to redo the ink waste pads & used 3rd party software to reset the protection counter 3 or 4 times.)


You only need to buy one set of originals. You could even sell these on and use compatibles from the outset (but keep the set supplied with the printer in case of warranty claim).

Epson SX515W Wireless All-In-One £79.99 + 8% Quidco (=£73.59)
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Posted 23rd Oct 2009Posted 23rd Oct 2009
Epson SX515W Wireless All-In-One £79.99 + 8% Quidco (=£73.59)
Also available for £79.99 from Amazon, Dixons and Currys but you can get 8% Quidco direct from Epson - bringing effective price down to £73.59

Yep it should work just fine - I hope so as I plan to do the same! Is your netgear a DG834 / DG835 ?


not sure of cheaper ones as i've been looking for 4 in 1 (fax, scan, print, copy) with wifi and those are around £120. Question for anyone with a network printer, I saw a network 4 in 1 printer with no wifi but has networking feature. if i connect its networking cable to my wireless netgear modem, does it means it works just like a wifi printer? thanks




Are there any cheaper options for a WiFi printer, I need one for the inlaws?


if you buy one of those wifi printer with fax ability, does the printer still needs to be plug into a telephone line? I'm asking this because i wonder if the fax ability can connect to the telephone service via wifi communicating with my adsl modem (which is connected to the telephone line anyway)?

Epson PictureMate 280 and additional ink pack + 50 sheets of photo paper + 8% quidco?
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Posted 4th Aug 2009Posted 4th Aug 2009
Epson PictureMate 280 and additional ink pack + 50 sheets of photo paper + 8% quidco?
The PictureMate 280 printer is the perfect solution for managing digital photos - it prints, edits and even stores your photos on a CD. With portable photo solution, anyone can enj… Read more

cheers rayman, realised as soon as it was too late! doh@me.


Thanks, the link is now going to the right landing page :)


sigh messed up the link :

Epson SX100 all-in-one printer, scanner and copier only £29.36
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Posted 2nd Jun 2009Posted 2nd Jun 2009
Epson SX100 all-in-one printer, scanner and copier only £29.36
Our newest team member is a compact, cost-friendly device that delivers great results. This is the all-in-one that prints, copies and scans. And with Epson's DURABrite Ultra indivi… Read more

Pretty much NO printer under £100 comes with a USB lead and they haven't for a couple of years.


John Lewis was good enough to use a 'next day' shipping service for free. Nice touch. Looks the biz, but doesn't come with an USB lead, which seems a bit odd. Can't really complain for £28 with free next day shipping though. Pete :-)


Ink cartidges on ebay are as low as £5.09 delivered for a full set of 4 cartridges. This is the buy-it-now price ( not an auction) And they contain 18-21ml of ink compared to the 7ml in Epson originals. Just search for T0715 cartridges. There are lots of sellers. Just make sure you get the latest chip ( V5 or V6) - most on ebay are these. They are even cheaper if you buy more than one set at once.


[url][/url] has the projet cartridges for £1.58 including VAT each. I have had a few problems with pro-jet in the past but they might have improved since them, try them and see for that price. If you can find them "jet tec" cartridges are the best aftermarket ink cartridges that money can buy, identical to genuine in every way except cost. see if you (google) can find them.


I would be very surprised that it could be mac-imcompatible. Epson is the standard printer for graphic designers and what is Mac good at? You've guessed it!